Monday, May 4, 2015

Not Having Much Luck Lately

Wow... Seems I can't win for losing lately. I was supposed to take mares to SD a week ago. My animal caretaker was out of town and MH insisted on going to AZ to get his bikes, so no one around to do chores...

Wouldn't you know...Frenchie came into heat right when I would have been delivering her to the stallion. So I missed getting her bred for an early April baby. I couldn't leave later in the week because I had already missed Frenchie's ovulation and I knew the gray mare would be coming into heat immediately following Frenchie.

I was going to schedule an ultrasound for Miss on Friday, but the farmer called and said he wanted to fertilize and plant the field on Saturday morning instead of Monday I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get irrigation pipe bought and laid out.

I thought I would have all weekend to do that. :-/. I didn't have enough time to get the assembly completed, I just had to get it all laid out so the farmer would know where to crease the field.

So I scheduled Miss's ultrasound for Monday, hoping she would just be coming into heat.

Oh no...No such luck. She had just ovulated when the vet checked her. So I missed getting her bred this time around too.

So neither mare is bred for early April foals. (insert LOTS of cuss words!!!).

Add in the typical water woes of first irrigation, on a new field...

The fact that I haven't had time to ride a single horse in WEEKS...

And I am thoroughly irritated at the moment.


Since Miss and Frenchie are ovulating within days of each other and most likely I will be delivering Frenchie to SD right before she comes into heat the next time, it looks like I will have to drop Miss off at the vet's and leave her there while I am gone, so that I don't miss getting her bred next time around too. I guess mid-April babies aren't so terrible late for this area. Later than I would like, so I'm just praying that both mares settle immediately.

That is going to leave a gap in my foaling season though. Cindy D. and I did a little horse trading (giggles) and she delivered Miss Sassy to Firewater Fooler for breeding last month. Sassy will stay in AZ through the summer and then come to live in CO. I am so very excited. Obviously, I love that stud and Sassy's breeding is his prime nick. So fingers are crossed (again)...this time, I'm hoping for a palomino filly. :-D.


Shirley said...

If it ain't one thing it's another..... I really am happy that you got Sassy bred, she's a nice mare.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

very frustrating! they all seem to come around the same day here too,and usually when I have a million other things going on.I breed for later foals just because I cant deal with foaling and calving at the same time (small mind ,narrow focus or something lol)