Monday, December 8, 2014

Demolition Is My Middle Name

Since there is nothing new and exciting on the pony front...

Well, one little thing...

I got a run in on Frosty this week and danged if he didn't almost cut in front of the 1st barrel. I was like, 'Alright...WTH is the problem here?', so I took him back in for a time only after the race and got it figured out. I want to get so frustrated with myself because I simply cannot seem to just feel and correct 'issues' that arise during a run, but this is what is great about little jackpots...Go right back in and find the problem.

Probably my biggest weakness in competition is remembering to use the outside rein to keep my horse's body straight all the way to the pocket and this is what the problem was (and probably has been these last few runs). It's annoying, because I don't have that problem during practice any speed.

I think this is a fairly common problem for barrel racers. You can practice perfect all you want, but until you figure out how to take that same mentality into the competition pen...You are going to revert right back to old habits.

On the drive home, I was still thinking about it and I realized why I ride differently during practice and during competition. When I'm practicing...I think linear. As in...No matter how fast I am asking a horse to make a practice run, I am always thinking, I might just stop them before the barrel. So my focus is on running my horse straight to the rate spot. If they rate and shape correctly, I let them make the turn. If they don't...I stop them. It's completely natural for me to ride two-handed when I am thinking, 'I want this horse to run, with a straight body, from Point A to Point B.

That mentality sort of disappears at a competition. I know I am not going to stop my horse before the barrel, so I just drop the outside rein and let them run to the pocket on their own. That's all well and good, if they are doing it right, but almost any horse will eventually start anticipating the turn and start leaning and shaping too soon and pretty soon they are ducking.

I worked really hard to think 'linear' on that 2nd barrel with Moon, not that it did much good with him, but it's Frosty's best turn, so the thought process works. I just need to remember to think linear to the 1st barrel with Frosty now.

I was supposed to be able to work cattle the next day...And I was so excited. I cannot wait to see what Little John does on cattle. Shooter should be pretty good too. No idea what Jet will do. LOL.

But it rained all day that day and after that I got busy doing the demo a few projects around here.

We have a bee problem. I killed one small swarm that camped outside my side door and thought I just had a few residual survivors buzzing around after that. Nope!! Apparently, there is a swarm under the house too. :-(

I was already planning on tearing off this ugly ass and useless plastic skirting. The house needs to be re-leveled (settling is a problem in this caliche clay) and I have had a damn mouse under the house that has been driving me crazy. Every night this last week, I could hear that little sucker chewing on the flooring. Uugghhh!!

So the skirting is getting ripped off and I need to get appropriately suited up so I can crawl under the house and spray the bee swarm. Since almost all wild bees in Arizona are Africanized, this means these are some aggressive little shits and they need to DIE!!! Suiting up means, pants with sweats over them, boots, a hoodie, with a long coat over it, gloves...and duck taping ankles and wrists and then donning the hubby's full face motorcycle helmet...And two cans of long distance Wasp spray. I will look ridiculous, but I don't care. Africanized Bees KILL people when they decide to attack in swarm mode.

Giving the cat access to the underneath of the house seems to have taken care of the mouse problem. LOL

And the re-levelers are scheduled to come and do their thing. Oddly enough, both MH and I do know how to level a trailer house. LOL. But it's a miserable job crawling around under these things...So we are more than willing to pay someone else to do it. :-)

I found a $7 table at GoodWill and refinished the top of it. I needed one for my craft room, for my sewing machine.

And then I finally broke down and started ripping up the interior of my Living Quarters. Ugghh!! I have been wanting to redo the interior since we bought it, but wasn't sure how much work it would be. Then I wasn't sure what all I wanted to do and then I wasn't sure what color scheme I wanted to go with and the years slipped by...but I have slowly been accumulating 'stuff' to redo it with...Some hardwood flooring that matches the cabinets, a roll of beautiful southwestern material and finally I found some padded wallpaper I liked. When I put everything together, the colors all work...So I decided to just get started.

Just in time to leave for Vegas for the annual NFR trip. LOL....That's me...The queen of demo and walk away. It drives my hubby nuts...but e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y. I DO get back around and finish my projects. These few may have to sit for a few days, but will have to get finished up relatively quick, so no 'I'll get back to it one of these days' this time. :-)


Shirley said...

Maybe that's what's going on at the NFR and all those barrels down? I liked the arial view they showed, some of the horses (round 5) were turning in to the barrel with their head let alone their shoulder. It'll be great to read your take on the barrels after you go to the NFR.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Shirley-Man, that 3rd barrel was tough in round 5....and as the days go on, that's the one that gets harder and harder for those girls to ride by. You can see almost every girl that hit it (and the ones that just skimmed by), get popped forward by their horse, riiiigggghhhhttt at the barrel. That is caused by those horses just braking a little on their front-ends. It could be anticipation setting in, but I almost wondered if there wasn't a sticky spot in the ground that showed up after the first few runs because for the most part, they all looked 'right' running into the barrel and then 'eerrch' and they all tagged the barrel in the same spot, one right after another.

Madeline C. said...

Eeewwww bees... Cause of most trail accidents in my opinion.

fernvalley01 said...

Scary bees! Be careful! Have fun in Vegas!

Crystal said...

Yuck bees, good luck!
I cant wait to see the living quarters done, I am the same I start lots of stuff and takes me a while but I do eventually finish it.
Now that I been barrel racing some, lol I can totally understand what you are talking about! Its so cool! And I just wanna watch people and take apart their runs its just crazy.