Sunday, November 9, 2014

Settled In For The Winter

AAhhhhhh....Back in Arizona!!

I was only 2 days late getting here. LOL

I don't know what the heck it is with my luck these days, but I sure seem to go through bouts of 'everything I touch....breaks!' right about the time I am trying to get everything done up so I can leave.

It was so ridiculous this time, even MH had to laugh. He's actually gotten to the point where he feels sorry for me when the 'breakzies' set in.

I swear, I have no idea why this has started happening to me these last couple of years, but I tend to think of it as 'a someone is looking out for me' kind of thing. You know, like I just wasn't meant to leave right at that time for a specific reason. More than once, I have gotten left later than usual for some seemingly stupid reason and come across a wreck that apparently happened around the time that I should have been going through this specific area. So now, when everything seems to go to shit all at once, for no apparent reason, I try very hard not to get too stressed or force it.

The good thing is, I actually left the house and the yard all cleaned up for winter. Irrigation lines drained, hoses unhooked, drained and coiled up, everything is mowed and the horse pens are clean. MH will do the fall burning and winter can commence whenever it wishes.

I had to do a little re-arranging of the waters for the horses that will be left. I thought I would see if I could turn Moon in with the mares so there would only need to be one tank heater set up this winter, but that didn't work out. Moon gathered up Beretta, Belle and Frenchie and then put the run on my poor gray mare. Poor Miss! She just got settled in and comfortable with the 3 mares...

And she didn't understand why Moon was running her off.

He is such a dick!!!

Miss had obviously never been turned out with a herd of horses before and it took her awhile to get comfortable having all of that space to move around in, but once she did, she is so obviously happy with her new life...and then all of the sudden there is this jerk of a dun horse chasing her away from her girlfriends. She was so upset.

It's kind of weird because Moon hated Beretta when she was a youngster. He even went through the hot rope once just to try to kill her.  But he is totally in love with Belle. And Belle is in love with Moon. So I thought about putting Belle with Moon for the winter, but when I did that, Beretta and Belle both had a fit because they were separated. So I put Moon with Belle AND Beretta and put Miss and Frenchie together. Frenchie does not like Moon. He can't put the run on her, but she keeps a healthy distance from him. Maybe she is embarrassed that her uncle is such a dick!! LOL. That arrangement seemed to be okay, but then I noticed that Beretta seemed aggravated that Belle was always with Moon. Beretta was wringing her tail and taking charges at Moon. Which, if she wasn't carrying a baby it wouldn't have mattered, but I cannot risk her getting riled up so much that she might lose her foal, so, in the end...

All of the mares are together again and Moon is all alone. The mares are happy again and Moon is just going to have to settle for love across a hot rope. LOL.

Flashy got moved to the neighbor's and now has 5 acres to roam around in with friends. I'm hoping that getting out helps bring him out of the dumpy look he has going on now. Poor, little guy. He just looks horrible. He's got twice as much hair as the filly he is with and has a huge belly on him (in spite of being wormed twice now). He looks like a shetland pony, not a high-end future race horse. I really think it is from lack of exercise, because even Arrow (the filly he is with) was starting to get a big belly on her. I don't like seeing my babies go through an ugly stage, but I don't worry about it. He's got good feed and plenty of it. Now he has room to run and play. I'm betting that by the time I see him again next spring, he will have come out of this stage. It doesn't help that the filly he is with is a very tall, leggy, elegant looking filly. Flash is not destined to be a tall horse and he has twice as much bone as the filly, so looking at her and then looking at him just makes him seem dumpier than ordinary.

Now, it's time to get to work on my four boys again. I'm so excited. This is going to be a fun, fun winter!!


Shirley said...

Oh Moon. You earned your solitude.
Funny how herd dynamics can make things easy or tough on the owner!

fernvalley01 said...

Moon and Johnny seem to have some similarities! tried to put my new mare in with him and the girls and oh holy hell! that wasn't going to work! He had her ready to go over a fence, swapped Annie out and put her and the new girl in with Stryker (old man ) and Harley, and have a nice "zen " group. As for Johnny? well he was insisting on going in with :that Richie mare" and her group. LOL little A$$hole bit off more than he could chew with the big momma mare! He is now duly chastised and while he is the only gelding in with 5 mares, he is much more mellow and has grasped the concept after having his own a$$ handed to him that he is not actually king of the world ! Wanna send Moon up to meet Richie? lol
Glad you got safely to AZ,I will now commence being very jealous !

SamCowgirl658 said...

Arizona for the winter sounds fantastic! Being stuck up here in Ohio all winter every year is just awful. I can't wait until I am able to move South!