Monday, October 6, 2014

Sucker Punched

Weeellll...It finally happened.

Frosty bucked me off during a 'run'. At a freakin' semi-pro rodeo no less.


We didn't even make it around the first barrel. He ran up to the first barrel at his normal speed and the instant he felt me commit to the turn, he just drove his front feet into the ground, popping me about 2 feet out of the saddle, made a hogging jump and sent me sailing.

I'd be slightly embarrassed that he got me off that easily, except for the fact that while I know he doesn't look like he is doing much to the visual eye...That horse is so stinking powerful he's tough to stick. Just because he looks 'smooth', doesn't mean he isn't putting a lot of power into his blow-ups.

I was also completely unprepared for a sneak attack upon entry into a barrel turn. Frosty's m.o. has been to get humpy when he comes out of the turn. That is where he has to exert himself. Which leads me to believe that this blow-up was more about being a jerk than his previous attempts which I related to uncomfortableness, even pain issues he experienced.

I'm okay. Nothing seriously damaged. I'm sore as hell today. I landed on my right shoulder and rolled, but am actually sore on the left side of my neck, back and ribs. It's more from the wrenching he gave me than the landing. Got a healthy fist-sized bruise on the inside of my left thigh too from coming down on the saddle horn before he ejected me on the next jump.

You can all probably imagine how livid I am right now.

I'm pretty understanding of all of my horse's quirks.

THIS is not something I tolerate.

Sucker punching the rider is not the sign of a horse that is in pain. It's the sign of a petulant mind. I fully believe Frosty knew exactly what he was doing. I have been prepared for him on the backside of every turn, every run since the time he blew up with me last spring. He may not have 'planned' this, but he felt the exact moment I placed my trust in him and took advantage of it.

I say that with quit a bit of certainty. Frosty's demeanor from the moment they handed him back to me at the gate has been one of, 'Oh crap, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry'. I don't think he anticipated that he would get me off and now he is (rightfully) terrified of the consequences.

Hell is just getting warmed up for a certain buckskin horse...and he knows it!!


IanH said...

Happy you're OK. That's what sort of happened to me on my hard packed driveway. The toss was feet over head and a landing on hard packed gravel. My back was pock marked from the gravel and very bruised. It knocked the wind out of me and knocked me out for a few minutes. It helped the decision to sell the acreage and move back into town. :-{

Cut-N-Jump said...

Glad you're ok.

Horses don't exactly plan ahead, but it sounds like he certainly took advantage of the situation. That is a punk ass move if ever there was one.

Crystal said...

Oh no Bad Frosty he is in for a workout, Im thinking that wont happen again. Glad you are OK though.

Shirley said...

ooooh bad Frosty!Dirty rotten scoundrel!
Life as he knew it is over, I'm sure.
Glad you aren't too badly hurt as in nothing broken; and you are one tough lady that a certain buckskin horse is gonna be reeeeealy sorry that he pissed off.

C-ingspots said...

You know those times in life when you'd reeeeaalllly like a do-over? I'm thinking that's right where Frosty is right about now...
glad you're madder than hurt though!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Oooh Frosty! you is in DEEEP SH*T!!!!