Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just Keep Trucking

Not a lot of excitement around here....

I have just had my head down and kept slogging along and ta-da!! Things have all worked out. Pretty much everything is cleaned up, repaired, put away or ready to go to AZ. I even got around to fixing the neighbor's road. They had some pretty big holes going on and I had told my neighbor that he was welcome to take whatever pit run fill dirt he needed to repair it...Then I found out he had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, had surgery and couldn't do much. So I bucketed fill dirt out in the bobcat, filled holes, leveled them the best I could and then drug their road to 'fluff' up their gravel. They are such nice people, it was the least I could do for them before taking off for AZ. They keep a pretty good eye on the house for us as well. They are always aware of the horses and/or the traffic coming in/going out. We have a couple neighbors on the other side of us that keep an eye on things as well. It's nice to have neighbors that care. We are lucky to have that at both the CO house and the AZ house and feel very fortunate.

The next 2 weeks are going to be a whirlwind. I'm heading to Arizona with a flatbed load of panels and tons of odds and ends that I gathered up/accumulated specifically for the AZ place.

Even though I decided to buy pen panels in AZ, I still needed to get my round pen down there. Since the weather got crappy and I haven't been riding anyway...I decided to make the trip before we head to Vegas for our annual NFR trip.

It's a relief. This way, I will have pens already set up for when I start hauling horses to AZ. The house will be dusted off and I'll be ready to rock and roll as soon as I get there.

A couple of days in AZ and then I'll rush home, finish a few things up and get packed for VEGAS!!!

I was having a few mixed feelings about our NFR trip this year. By no means am I bored with going...That would just be ridiculous....

But going to the NFR is usually the catalyst to get me pumped up for next year and after we get home from that trip, I am more than willing to slog riding time in the cold and snow to get horses ready for the early events.

Knowing that I'm going to have events to go to all winter, I'm already pumped and ready to get rolling. I want to be in AZ NOW!!!

However, now that it is actually almost NFR time, I'm as excited as usual. Another little extra excitement comes from the fact that Brittney Pozzi will be running my neighbor's horse at the NFR this year. In case you haven't seen the reports, Duke, Pozzi's palomino gelding suffered a partial tear in a front foot so he is out. Pozzi and Sammi Bessert (whose husband, Bob is also my vet and they live right next door to me) are friends and traveling partners, so Pozzi is quite familiar with Terrible Tommy Twist (Tommy) and she will be riding Tommy at the NFR. Look for Pozzi and Tommy on Thursday night (Round 1)!!! Pozzi will be running her other back-up horse on Friday and then decide which of the two is working the best for her. Since Pozzi won a Mile-Hi barrel race in Colorado Springs her first trip out with Tommy, I do believe we will see him several times during the NFR.

Run Tommy Run!!!

We'll get back from Vegas, I'll get my paperwork in order on the horses and then it's off to AZ with the first load. To be immediately followed by a trip back to CO for the 2nd load. It doesn't look like I will have a driver for the little rig, so I'll just pull my dividers and I can easily fit the last 5 in the LQ and get everyone down there in 2 trips. Sure makes a person appreciate having smaller horses for once. LOL.

Sure wished I would have 'moved' down there before the weather changed though. The horses weren't all that haired up until this last couple of weeks. Next year, MH and I are definitely going for the November 1st 'move' date. LOL. I wished MH could go with me now. The poor guy has had 2...TWO days off in the month of November and one of those days was Thanksgiving. That regular rotation had better come through quick!!! My beloved needs some time off.  Myself though?...I aching to get back to work. I'm jonezing to get to riding and competing again. And not just barrel racing this year. :-) .... Nope...This year I've got lots of stuff planned. I've got horses that can go any direction and I am going to have fun with that. Bring it on...I'm ready to rock and roll!!


Laura said...

Sounds like a good plan with lots of fun stuff coming up for the winter - I am totally jealous! ;-) In a good way, of course!

NFR sounds neat - it is on my bucket list for sure.

I'm sure each year heading to AZ will get easier as you get all of your gear sorted out and stuff will stay down there.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures this winter!

Shirley said...

Not sure I could handle Vegas, this country girl doesn't do glitz and busy-ness too well. I hope they have live streaming of the rodeos on the internet.
It'll be interesting to see what you're up to next year.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds awesome! Very cool about your neighbors horse. Next year my friend, I will see you in Vegas! Actually right after we see you in Edmonton right?

Cut-N-Jump said...

I don't envy you and all the driving. Done enough of that when hubby was hauling.

Leave it to you to have a ton of stuff planned. Girl do you ever slow down? LOL!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Yep...The CFR is definitely on the list for next year!!!

Right now, I wished my horses were here. They got slammed with snow and single digit temps. :-(

I get to go back to that on Friday. Yuck!!

Crystal said...

I will make it to the NFR one day, but I got so many things I wanna do! And so jealous about warm temps, oh to have summer all year would be wonderful!