Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Here!!

It's here, it's here!!! (so excited)....

Cool weather!!!

And r.a.i.n!!!!....Like, it's been raining ALL DAY at my house.

LOVE IT!!! The hubby and I finished up the yard work just in the nick of time.

I spend the morning scheduling appointments for the ponies. Wednesday I'll haul a load to Gunnison for chiropractic work with Dr. K. and Friday those same 4 will get their teeth done. Next week I'll get shoes put back on some of them and schedule a couple of vet examinations.

So here's the scoop on everyone;

Moon is not clocking like he was. It may have been the heat, but I want Dr. K to give him a thorough going over to make sure he's all aligned. Then his teeth will get done and I'm changing up his feed/supplement program a bit. As much as I hate to admit it...Moon is at an age where he would probably benefit from a Senior feed....but I'll talk feed changes in a different post.

After being in Arizona, Frosty is no longer fat, but he is incredibly tender on his feet. His feet actually look great...but I don't think this horse is ever going to have a thick shoes are a must for him. He is also going to get a thorough work over from Dr. K, get his teeth done and then it's back to the barrel pen for him. Frosty is either going to kick it up a notch this time or he's going down the road. He's a gorgeous horse and has some nice qualities...but if he can't perform in the arena for me...He's gonna need a new owner.

Bugs-Another one who is going to get a full chiro work over, teeth done and then get his front feet x-rayed. I've been talking to the vet and the only way we are going to know what is going on is to have x-rays to look at. Then we'll determine what and/or if he needs anything done different with his shoeing. Then it's time to finish getting him in shape and start running barrels on him. I actually think Bugs has the ability to be really good, if we can get those front feet right. I've got my fingers crossed we figure it out this round...I like the little horse.

The Big Bay is going in to the vet to have his right hock x-rayed. He has been so much better since Dr. K worked him over. Mentally and physically. His front leg is almost completely straight again and his hind leg has straightened out a lot...except I still think that one hock looks weird and there seems to be a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up on that leg. I'm thinking he is probably going to have to have the outside of his hocks injected. But we'll see what the vet says and go from there. Right now he doesn't need shoes, I've got his feet looking good. He'll get his teeth done soon and then depending on what the vet comes up with on that hock...I'm going to go to riding him. I can ride him with a foot rope and he doesn't blow up. I've got a couple of friends lined up that said they would help me by ponying me out in the desert with him. If I can get the horse where I don't believe there is a pain issue involved...I'm just going to ride the heck out of him and see what happens. He'll get broke eventually...right? LOL

Buddy the TB is going to Dr. K and then getting his teeth done. It's going to take more than one appointment with Dr. K to get this horse structurally correct again...he is a mess. Poor guy. I was unable to keep shoes on him because he just travels so awkwardly that every time I turned him out to pasture he literally threw the left front off. Since I haven't been riding him...I just pulled his shoes and have been working on his feet myself. It's just going to take time to get them right, but his heels are ever so slowly starting to come back under him and pretty soon the toe will too. I just keep working on him every couple of weeks, peeling out a little of the sole, leveling his heels and taking a little toe off. I still keep running into shallow abscesses and blood spots...which gross me out to no end...but progress is being made. I could have probably packed a lot more weight onto Buddy by now, but I was 1/2 afraid that if I fattened him up too much, too fast, his poor feet wouldn't be able to support him. But he IS gaining weight. Once I have Dr. K's assessment I'll have a better understanding of what kind of conditioning program Buddy needs to start re-building balanced muscle on him and then I'll take him to have shoes put back on, up his concentrated feed and start a light conditioning program.

Very shortly I'll be heading back to SD, returning Rip (Megan's blue roan) to the ranch and picking up my 3 ladies, Frenchy, Beretta and Belle. Of course, Frenchy won't be doing much except being loved on until after she has her baby, but Beretta and Belle will be started under saddle this fall. I really only plan on riding Beretta lightly and of course Belle is just a 2y/o, so she won't be getting rode hard either. I do want her riding decently before winter sets in and then I can just let her hang out for the winter and hit her again next spring. Hopefully her and Frenchy get a long because they will be the only 2 left here this winter. Everybody else will be going to AZ with me again. Whoever works out, stays...Whoever doesn't...Isn't going to be hanging around my place. :-/. I'm at the point where I have to draw the line in the sand. Moon needs back-up and if I can't make at least one out of the bunch I've got...They are going to have to go to make room for one that can. To put it brutally honest...I've got 3 horses now that are not and never will be for sale. The rest of this bunch...had better shape up!! LOL.


ellie k said...

Bless your wonderful husband, he really loves you and maybe loves the horses a little.

Cindy D. said...

Wow, lots getting done at your place. :-)

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like a plan

Crystal said...

Wow you really have a plan in mind! I gotta get going on that, kinda thinking something but not as specific as yours