Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hold Over

Hold Over, that would be the horse we came up with off of Buddy's partial tattoo and matching markings.

He was born Feb. 12, 1996, Sired by One In a Mil, out of Arizona Native. He has 20 starts and is a race winner. Bred by Triple AAA Ranch, Glendale AZ.

Now, that being said...It's still a little bit of a guess. What I thought was a 'Z' ended up being a 2 and the actual letter that begins his tattoo is mostly illegible, even with a blacklight. What I thought was a 6 was actually a 0, so what we did was match the 2150 (partial tattoo, missing the year born letter and the last number) to a description of the markings of a horse in the appropriate age bracket. Actually Hold Over is the ONLY horse that came up within a 10 year age bracket (15-25)...but the markings listed exactly match Buddy's.

Out of curiosity, I located a number for and called the owner of Triple AAA Ranch...and what a nice guy. He expressed, what sounded to be, genuine sorrow to hear that one of the horses he bred for ended up in such a bad way and he thanked me for taking Buddy in and giving him a good home. He did not remember 'Hold Over' and said that probably meant that the horse was sold as a youngster and raced by someone else. He encouraged me to contact the Jockey Club again and request more information on the horse. Such as; last recorded owner and his race records to see when the last time he was raced was and who raced him-owner, trainer, etc. So hopefully I'll have more information on him soon. :-)


Crystal said...

Cool! Im glad you found out stuff about him, keep searching its always interesting what you can find out. Too bad the ranch owner did not remember him woulda been neat to talk to someone who raced him

Paint Girl said...

That will be awesome if you can get all his info! Sounds like you are on the right track!

Cindy D. said...

Two things made me smile about this post.

1. That I am not the only one who researches prior ownership.

2. That the breeder actually cared.

3. That you have given him a wonderful home. Probably better than he has ever had.

Oh wait, that isn't 2 that's 3. Oops