Saturday, December 29, 2012

In And Out

We are back from Arizona. It was a very quick trip...down one day, looked at properties the next day and home on the 3rd day. That is exactly how my hubby likes things to happen.

The good news is...We found the 'perfect' property. Silly me...forgot to take any pictures...but I guess it doesn't matter until we know if we get it or not. We also looked at another property that would definitely work for us, so if the 1st one doesn't happen, we will have the realtor work on that one for us. The realtor was worried that she didn't have enough properties for us to look at, the market is changing in AZ and the types of low-maintenance, horse-friendly, winter homes are in high demand and low supply. But once I told her I was going to be down there for extended stays for the next few months, she relaxed. It wasn't a do-or-die mission. Like I said, I knew the area I wanted to buy in, I just wanted to make sure that MH was good with that. And he is.

Remember me mentioning, good friends?...

Well, our beloved Mikey offered to let me park my trailer at her house. She has extra panels, so we can pop up pens for the horses and run an extension cord to my LQ for electricity. How cool is she? I love that lady. We did stop and visit Mikey and Mercy while we were in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, Mikey was dealing with a colic case at the time, so we didn't want to take up too much of her time.

As most of you probably already learned on facebook, Mikey ended up having to put the beloved Reba down. (heavy sigh) It is so hard to lose those good old horses and Reba was one of the best of the best. My heart and big hugs go out to the whole family.

There wasn't time to catch up with other friends in the area, but I'll have plenty of time for that after I get down there again. I'll be able to head to the opposite side of the valley to catch up with CutNJump and Nuzzling Muzzles. :-D

While we were at Mikey's, Mercy was riding ( big surprise there right? LOL) and practicing her roping skills, so Mikey and I got to talking about roping practices. I definitely want to work on my break-away roping while I am down there and from the sounds of it...there's a ton of places to practice. I'm very excited. One of my goals it to get competition worthy so I can start entering the Ladies Break-away at the semi-pro rodeos. Especially the All-Indian Rodeos. They give away some awesome All-Around prizes; $$, saddles, trailers...Yea...some good stuff, so even if I can't go in and lay down a 2 second run, if I can just catch a darned calf, I'm in the running for All-Around prizes. :-D . Eventually, I would like to get good enough to enter the mixed team-roping as well, but that is most likely not going to happen this year. When I was roping with my 1st husband, at best, I was adequate...definitely not good enough to compete. But it's something I enjoy...and I have the horses to do it...and if I have the opportunity to be around people who are willing to help me get better, I'm just going to practice, practice, practice.

Now it's time to get busy re-packing...MH and I heading to Wendover, NV for New Years Eve with some friends. I'm so excited. My hubby never likes to do anything on NYE...he calls it 'amateur night' and prefers to stay us getting to go somewhere and actually celebrate NYE is a big thing.

So, Happy New Year to everyone. May 2013 bring you good fortune...


Shirley said...

Sure hope you get the place you want- close to Mikey and Wade, I bet.
So glad you put that photo up for your header- love it!
It's pretty sad about Reba, she sure was a good horse for Mercy.

GunDiva said...

Poor Mikey :(

I'm glad you found some property down where it's warm :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It really is a small world when you blog. Another blogger from out of state was house hunting over the past few days for Arizona horse property too.

That's upsetting about Reba. I only have a Facebook account for my business, so I miss out on the news of those who rely on Facebook for personal communications.

I'm trying to get ready for a ride with all you girls. I rode today and it sucked. My horses are just trying everything they can to keep me off their backs. I'm tempted to just rent a stable horse and meet you in the mountains so that I can actually go more than a few yards without being bucked.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh yeah, and I meant to tell you I've been through Wendover a few times. Happy New Year.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Exciting times! SO sad about Reba, never easy is it. BTW I love the header shot! Happy New Year

Mikey said...

*Sqqquueeeeeaaalll* I am so excited!
Thanks for the kind words about Reba. She was a great old girl and I hated to lose her.
But Mercy is over the moon. She's got a letter for you telling you so :) I bet we'll all be breakaway roping here very shortly :)
Can't wait, Can't wait, Can't wait!!!

Crystal said...

Oh wow, sounds exciting and so much in such a short amount of time! Hope you find a place. I am still tryin to talk my husband into a place in Arizona (or and indoor arena ;)

Paint Girl said...

It was very sad to hear about Reba. She was such a good girl for Mercy!!
That is great you found a place in AZ!
Love your new header picture!! Very nice!

kestrel said...

It's so hard to lose a great horse. Much sympathy.
Wow, Arizona?! That's our goal, too. Some warmth for these old bones, and year round riding! Yes!