Friday, August 3, 2012


I was up in the Rifle rodeo slack this afternoon and don't have much to report except that, Moon was not himself during warm-up and ran very slow in his competition run. A full second off of the fast times. Poor guy. He put together a good enough run. He just didn't wasn't firing.

The last time he felt like this was a few weeks back when our air was filled with smoke from fires all around. That time his run in Hotchkiss was a good one as well, it just lacked speed.

No smoke to blame breathing problems on this time, but it was hot and the humidity has been very high...Not 'Georgia' humidity by any means...but it's monsoon season here, so it's quite muggy and sticky. I think the problem was because the slack was run in the middle of the afternoon, when the air is the worst.

I am always conscientious of Moon's breathing. I know his respiratory system is not the greatest...but I take great pains to keep it as peak as I can. It's more about providing proper supplementation than it is about his conditioning program. But even that only goes so far. Today just wasn't our day.

I suspect there are drug therapies...and I even seem to remember hearing/reading something about Charmayne James having to give Scamper some sort of breathing treatments before his runs after he suffered a respiratory illness. Right now, I guess I am just going to have to be more careful about the times of day that I run him until the humidity passes.

We are up in Salida evening performance. Hoping all will be back to normal.


Crystal said...

an eventing? performance. Hope you get a video ;)

I worked at a jumper barn and there was a horse there who had an asthma medicine (like puffer) and he got it twice a day when we travelled, he seemed fine at home. He seemed to like it afterwards he was always ready to go. It was so long ago I dont remember what it was though.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

LMAO...Evening perf....Eventing might be a bit over Moon's head. I'll fix that typo. (giggle)

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Good luck! hope it goes well, and Moons breathing eases

kestrel said...

Mark Todd used to have to put Charisma in a steam tent with eucalyptis leaves brewing because the horse had a sinus infection problem.

My old Morgan used to suffer horribly in smoky or dusty conditions, had a serious case of heaves. We gave him meds for it, can't remember the name of it though!

RuckusButt said...

We have a few horses at our that suffer during parts of the summmer too. Some are on meds but I think they still take it easy during the worst heat/humidity. Hope he's feeling like hisself soon!