Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Build Another One

With Moon's future a bit of a question mark....although, I do have a good feeling about a positive outcome...I had to take a look around and think to myself...What do I have that can replace him?

Of course there is always Frosty. I have high hopes for the big, buckskin dummy (JK...I don't really think Frosty is dumb ;-). I know there is a fair amount of speed lurking in that big yellow just seems to be a bit more difficult than I thought it was going to be to get him to embrace it.

Spooks is a non-contender. Bless his goofy heart.

Bugs, the little sorrel horse probably won't be around long enough. He's trucking along and is a good boy, but due to the hay situation, I will have to reduce numbers around here this winter and some of these horses will have to go home to S.D. for the winter. What comes back next spring is always open for debate. I never really know who I'll end up throwing in the trailer. ;-)

Shooter? Welllll...Lets just say life played an evil trick on me. Shooter is not barrel horse potential. He may be Moon's 1/2 brother (same dam), but I got the fastest of the fast and the slowest of the slow in those two. Crazy huh?

Beretta is too young still.

That leaves...
When did the ugly duckling turn into a swan?


Alright big boy...Your ticket has just been punched. Time to start building you into my next competitive horse!

Happy 4th of July!!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Well he sure looks like a good strong boy! Gonna be fun to watch you guys tear up a few arenas!

Unknown said...

Very handsome & just my flavor. The next chapter begins.

kestrel said...

Oooohhhh, he is a handsome one!

Anonymous said...

Wow, he sure has beefed up! LOL, your saddle looks tiny up there.

cdncowgirl said...

Holy crap, I know you aren't a shorty... look at that saddle on him, how tall is he?!

Just last night I was wondering who you'll take to the clinic next month. I was thinking it would be Frosty but maybe its Jet?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Uuhhh...He's right at 16.2HH. He's much, MUCH bigger than I like, but he finally grew into that head. LOL

He won't be anywhere ready to go to the clinic Cdn, so the plan is still to take Frosty. But hopefully I can hit one of Ed's clinics early next spring with Jet.

Paint Girl said...

Holy cow that Jet is one BIG guy!! Super big! But I likey him!! He is just my type!! Can't wait to see how this big boy does for you!!

Crystal said...

Well he is looking good and hope he works out! Sure is fun to find out how they turn out.