Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Was Bound To Happen

As you probably all suspected from the lack of a Whoo-Hoo post, we didn't do any good at the Walden rodeo. We hit 2nd barrel. :(

I don't really know what happened. Moon just set up on me and ran right into it. I kinda figured this was going to happen again at some point...but as good at this run started and as free as Moon felt as he was running across from 1st to 2nd...I was really not prepared for him to set up at all.

I don't really think Moon meant to set up that hard (he came to an almost complete standstill after whacking the barrel with his shoulder) either. I swear he looked embarrassed afterward. Bu the fact of the matter is...I have been barely eeking by that barrel and have had to ride as hard as absolutely possible to make that happen.

Of course, one of my first worries was that his stifle was bothering him again and that is why he set up so hard, but I did a 20 minute trot test on him the very next day and he didn't seem to be having any trouble maintaining his trot for that long...

I alternate trot days with hill work days and that seems to be doing the trick to keeping his stifle strong...

Or as strong as it's ever going to be. I don't bother riding him when we go to the desert...I ride Frosty and pony Moon. There is one hill in particular that is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!! for just the kind of work Moon needs. It's a long, slow incline almost a mile long. I paid particular attention to his stride as we were climbing the hill today and although I can occasionally see a mis-stride (which very well could be from the terrain), he looks pretty solid.

I talked to the vet and told him I thought a month was too long between Adequan shots and he told me that if necessary, I could up his shot to every 2 weeks. We'll see how that works...but I am thinking that this fall I may look into having Moon's stifle examined further to see if it is a stretched tendon or an actual problem with the joint. The tendon would be a fairly simple fix...from the sounds of it...but I will have to do a little research and reading.

In the meantime, Moon is going to have to learn to float by that 2nd barrel a little bit better. He wants to work it too hard and it would be a lot easier on both of us if he would just relax a little. I opted out of running him at the Tuesday rodeo and plan on just working on his conditioning and letting him rest up for the upcoming weekend run. I have every intention of entering another CPRA rodeo that is close-by over the 4th...And I missed the entry. (Dumb-ass me!!)...I got busy with rounding up some hay, so I spent the afternoon running back and forth getting loads of that and it wasn't until late in the evening that I remembered entries had been that afternoon. (Ugghhh!!!) I am waiting to hear back if they will allow a late entry to run in slack or not.

I guess, if I missed out...I missed out. At least I have another 3 months worth of hay stocked up. And the way this year is going...that's a big deal. I probably don't need to explain what a dry, miserable year it's been here in Colorado so far. All of the fires are on the other side of the state, but we are suffering the same kind of dry, hot, windy weather as they are and it's just not good. A little rain sure would go a long way at this point in time. :(


cdncowgirl said...

Aw that's crappy... but you can't win 'em all.
I'm sure Ed showed you or someone in your clinic a drill he likes to do, where you circle your barrel and move your horse in and out.
(He usually calls out "clock" positions like 9 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 12!)

Brought Lefta home from the trainer today. She needed a lot of her basics and regular stuff touched up so she's really green on the barrels, but man she hunts that 2nd and 3rd barrel. That exercise is one I'll need with her!

Shirley said...

I'm sure you'll figure out a way to make second barrel better, and I sure wish we could share our rain with you. Hay's ready to cut here- has been for a while- but way too wet, we need a couple of hot dry weeks; one to dry the land so the tractors don't bog down and one to get the hay up.

Crystal said...

I sure wish I could send you some of our rain. Seems like its never perfect anywhere, too dry there and too wet here.

Too bad about knockin the barrel down, but thats gonna happen and hoping its not somethin serious with his stifle.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Now that you mention it, I do remember those Cdn. I have kind of avoided spending time on the barrel pattern with Moon so as to protect his stifle...but we are definitely going to have to spend some time building some softness and suppleness in the approach and around the barrels. Moon isn't going to like it much, but it's definitely become a necessity.

You know who Moon reminds me of when he is running? That buckskin horse of Carlee Pierce's, Rare Dillon. That horse is not all. He runs really straight into the barrels and then just kind of rolls back. Those horses are tough to ride because once they set into the barrel...there is not much you can do with them. Timing and placement is everything.

Of course, that doesn't mean I shouldn't work with Moon to increase his flexibility and suppleness. That always helps and I particularly need to work with him on reducing his 'rate' on the 2nd barrel a little bit.

I will be attending another EW clinic in August. I was planning on taking Frosty, but may have to just see how things are going with Moon.

Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your run. Hopefully things will get better and you guys will be out kickin' some butt again!
I also wish I could send you some of my rain, or all of it. I know there are so many states that need it and here I complain about having nothing but rain. But when all it does is rain, it gets a little (Ok, very) frustrating.
That's great that you have a bunch of hay for awhile. I am hoping it starts to dry out so we can get 1st cutting soon. If not will have to wait a few weeks longer to stock up.

cdncowgirl said...

Oh, just thought of this... what about calling Ed and talking through Moon's 2nd barrel on the phone?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I might have to do that, if things start to get wonky again. Ed is so good that way. At the moment, I think we just kind of 'messed up' that run, which happens. In the past, when Moon hit 2nd barrel it was like he was more out of control and a bit frantic...this time it just felt like an 'oops'.

Laura said...

Too bad about that run... I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out in due time.

Hopefully all of the West/mid-west gets some rain soon... We are dry here, but not desperately so yet.

kestrel said...

Since Moon was embarrassed, he sounds like he's starting to think about what he's doing, instead of just being Mr. Rocket Man. You two are gonna do great! Sadly, a messup is the only way to get to the next step...
Yay for hay, it's a scary year with all the whacked out weather.