Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Big Dork

Another Finals over. I only ran Spooks because he was the only one in the standings.

I was tied with another girl for 4th in the 4D but I had won more money, so that slot was sewn up, but I was only a few points away from moving up to the 3rd hole, so my goal was to just let Spooks make the same run he has been making all along and hopefully pick up the needed points to move up another peg.

Of all the gosh-darned days for Spooks to decide to be a barrel horse. (Harrumph)...Silly horse ran a 3D time today. Took 7/10th's off his normal times in this arena.

He just made an effortless run and turned the barrels a lot quicker than he has been.

I dunno...

I knew I shouldn't have trimmed his feet.


Now who on earth would think that a barrel racer would come out of the arena thinking...'I wished he hadn't gone so fast!' ???

I knew he had a pretty good run put together and purposely slowed him down and he still ran too fast. (giggles again over the thought of any barrel horse running too fast.)

Oh well, Spooks earned his 4th place headstall...
It was a fun day...beautiful weather and great people. Spooks has had a great year...considering I just started hauling him a couple of months ago and only did because of Moon's back problems. I thought this would probably be Spooks' last run of the year, but come to find out, he is still near the top in points at that little play-day series I started him out on early this year. There's two more of those play-days in the series, so I guess we will go to those and see if he can't pick up the High-Point Buckle for the year.

I thought October would be a slow month and then we would pretty much done, but it's actually looking pretty busy all the way into November. If my plans stay on track, I could be busy with horse-stuff all winter.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Well, if you gotta have a problem, that's a good one to have!


Crystal said...

haha too funny, trying to slow him down. Well might as well finish up and get a buckle off your non barrel horse ;)

fernvalley01 said...

congrat! Go you and Spooks

Shirley said...

Good for Spooks. He's going to have an awesome year next year. 3D all the way!

Anonymous said...


Mikey said...

Spooks is turning out to be quite the barrel horse. Congratulations, that's a nice headstall. Can't wait to see what you guys do next!

cdncowgirl said...

Congrats on your placing :)

You know he may not be a 1D horse but if he's going to clean up in the other d's you might as well run him ;)

re your comment on my blog, if you want to haul all the way up here for an Ed clinic you have a place to stay for you & your pony. And after you're here you don't have to trailer, just ride next door lol

Check the dates Ed had this year. Unless someone quits hosting his clinic those dates are "theirs". Kim Q was on a wait list for dates for FIVE YEARS before Ed called her and said he had a spot.

Danielle Michelle said...

E-trade baby rocks. Yes - I laughed.

Yeah for the 3D! Go Spooks! He has a cheer section now you know!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Ya, I know. LOL. Spooks is exactly the kind of horse that the divisional barrel races were started for. He's just a good, solid citizen that makes competing fun.

It may not be the 'prestige' of being a 1D horse, but the 3 and 4D horses win just as good as prizes at year-end and Spooks has certainly held his own as far as consistently winning money.

I think the girls that have solid 3 and 4D horses that usually win are worried about him. LOL. I had a couple of them ask me if I was going to haul Spooks next year. I said I didn't know, I have a few other horses coming up that may have a more high-end potential than him, but it's kind of nice having a horse that I can take and not have to wonder about how the run is going to go. I can just go make a run and enjoy the moment.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Taking Spooks along and having a back up horse to do the run on is not a bad idea. Horses that allow you to do the job and fix YOUR mistakes are GOLDEN! Once You are fixed, then you can get on the other horse and work on Them.

Love the headstall. Just enough bling without being gaudy!

ACountryCowgirl said...

Don't know why I think it ate my comment:) YAY Spooks!! I love that horse:) Miss ya!

in2paints said...

Congratulations on a great run, even if he was too fast! LOL That headstall is beautiful!