Thursday, August 11, 2011

Almost There ??

It would seem that Moon is almost 'all better'. I have not ridden him since last week. Ponied him a lightly every other day and keep checking for soreness along his spine. One time I will get no reaction, the next time I would. A little massage with some Sore-No-More and he comes right out of it.

I have kept him up all of this time in a big pen and just let him loose to graze in the yard. The chiro didn't want him traipsing around the pasture until the inflammation was out of that muscle. I did respect the chiro's wish for me NOT to use DMSO on him, for one simple reason (that made sense to me)...The heat from the DMSO would relax the muscles and increase the circulation to that area, promoting healing...however, if Moon's vertebrae didn't want to stay in, the relaxed muscle would allow it to pop out.

Okay then.

However, Moon is not a horse that particularly likes to be penned up for very long. After a week...he was getting pretty antsy...even though I eased up on his feed a little bit, got him a little exercise and gave him the opportunity to graze on the luscious, but useless yard grass. So the other night, I finally had to let him out in the pasture...alone. He did nothing more than wander around and graze. He's not much for 'playing', even if the other horses are out. I was more worried about the mean-ass taking after someone and re-injuring himself being a jerk than being a spaz.

It's safe to say that Moon is a very unhappy camper. He was thriving in competition mode, probably the happiest I have ever seen him and this lay-off is pissing him right the heck off. He's as ornery as I have ever seen him. Crabby toward me and flat out mean as heck to anything else that gets near him.

This morning, I thought I would take him over to L's and put a light ride on him.

No dice. I got reaction when I stroked that muscle. It seems to be very localized and it didn't take long for me to massage the tenderness out, but I decided not to ride...just yet.

I do think that we are beyond the possibility of the vertebrae popping back out and so this evening, I hosed him down and applied DMSO to his loin and hips.

There is a barrel race this weekend, but I will not be taking Moon. I don't think he is 100% yet and what I am really gearing toward is a big race in UT in a couple of weeks. There is no time for set-backs by insisting on competing.

I thought I would give him time to heal naturally, so did not schedule a G3-electromagnetic therapy for him this last week. Since he is taking longer to heal than I anticipated...I most likely will have a treatment done to him this coming week and see if that does not get him back on track. If for no other reason than to be able to get him back into working mode, even if that does not mean I can compete on him until the big race. Hopefully that will improve his disposition.


cdncowgirl said...

Sounds like Moon is a true competitor... happiest when he's out doing his job. Hope he gets 100% in time to kick the competition's ass! :)

Danielle Michelle said...

Oh crap! What happened? I've had lousy internet and have been scheduling 3 and 4 posts at a time all summer and am just now catching up on my blogging back.

My roping horse has that problem. He can't stand being penned either. I DSMO it, turn him out and work him lightly. It seems to help. In fact, the less he's used the more of a flare up I get - heat and circulation issue? Chiro said what I'm doing is working and the pad I use doesn't put pressure ont he spot so keep it up.

Good luck - I'm all for following you guy instinct with physical set backs. You're the one with the horse day after day. Vets and chiros give great advice but one size doesn't always fit all.

Shirley said...

Can you give Moon a toy to beat up while he's "incarcerated"? A big ball or a plastic jug hanging from a rope?
Here's hoping all your good care of him will get him right in time for the big competition.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I was just discussing upcoming competitions for my little guy last night with another blogger. Seems they are 'stacked' every month on the same weekend. GAH!

The problem with the muscles, the chiro's, cold water hosing, heat/DMSO and massaging- you want the inflamation and soreness to go away, the muscle to relax enough to let things pop into place, then you need the muscle to strengthen up and hold them all there. So relaxing the muscles has it's merits, the heat (DMSO) therapy has its merits, the hosing has its merits (keeping inflamation down) and the massage and chiro have their merits all along with working or not working the horse. Getting it all together as it should be- that can be a real bitch sometimes!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I understand how he feels ! I get owly when I am hurtin and not allowed to do my thing.Glad he seems to be mending

Crystal said...

Poor moon. Hope he heals up quickly and can get back to doing what he wants most.