Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Been Hell...

...around here the last couple of days.

Megan has been fighting a severe flu/cold for a couple of weeks. It started in her head, moved to her lungs and settled in her tonsils. Two trips to the Urgent Care in the last week and I think we finally have her lined out. The poor kid had to deal with grossly enlarged tonsils for a week before the second doctor finally took my urging and prescribed a cortisone/steriod pack to get the swelling down and some antibiotics to get the infection out.

This would be the 3rd time in 4 years that Meg has had to deal with this tonsil thing, but the first time a doctor has taken documentation of it. Meg needs to have the documentation of repeated episodes if they are to determine if taking out her tonsils is the right thing to do in the future.

Thankfully, the cortizone/steroid pack had an almost immediate effect on Meg and this morning she didn't have any ear or throat pain and it didn't sound like she was talking through a tube.

The poor kid spent her entire Spring Break sick.

I'm also knee deep in working on Beretta. Sunday evening either her or Frosty managed to mess with the gate chain until they got that undone and they got together. Frosty is a mean SOB if he thinks he can bully someone and he sure did a number on Beretta. Both her knees are swollen, but her left knee is about the size of a soccer ball.

Now that the grass is coming, Frosty can't be turned out with the other geldings at night. I thought putting him in the big corral, so he had some room to move around was the nice thing to do. :(

I cold hosed her legs that night and rubbed External Rub on all 4. I don't think Frosty ever actually got ahold of Beretta as she has no bite marks on her, but I think she strained every muscle in her body ducking and diving trying to avoid him. I sure know the corners of the corrals were torn up. Guess it doesn't matter what he did or didn't do, the damage is done.

Thanks to 60+ mile an hour wind ALL DAY yesterday, there was nothing I could do to redoctor her. I spend this morning learning how to do a DMSO sweat and have her big knee wrapped and applied DMSO to her other knee and hind fetlocks to help take the inflammation and soreness out of them. I have always been a little scared to use DMSO, but doing a lot of reading on it this morning was definitely a learning experience. I just hate the fact that something really bad has to happen to learn new things.

Moon has had to be separated from everyone as well too. He mysteriously grew a set of testicles since Spring has shown up and has been raising hell with the other geldings. The problem really is, is that Moon likes to act like a bad-ass, but he don't have what it takes to back it up and gets his own butt handed to him. Sure don't need him getting hurt with the barrel racing season so close.

Now the wind is howling again and I sort of just want to crawl under the covers and not come out until the bad juju goes away.


Angie said...

Sorry to hear you've had so much bad luck.. Glad that Megan is feeling better. There's been a lot of yuck going around lately. I myself missed a whole wk of work in Jan. I hadn't missed that much work in about 16 yrs...take care :)

Unknown said...

Poor Berretta! I hope she feels better soon. Most of the horses named frosty I know are mean. Time to bringnhome somebody named sunshine. Lol

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear Megan is feeling better. Tonsils can be such a problem. I hope hers quit acting up so she doesn't have to have them removed.

Sounds like poor Baretta really did get the crap beat out of her. That really sucks. And Moon is asking for it too. What next??

Been some bad juju here too. Maybe it's in the air.

GunDiva said...

It was the supermoon. Screwed everyone up.

I hate using DMSO - I'm afraid I'll get it on me and have to smell like nasty garlic for days. I always double glove when I use it :) You can buy it in a roll-on like deoderant. I haven't used the roll-on yet, but I love the idea of not getting it all over me.

Give Meg a hug for me - I hope she starts feeling better soon.

kestrel said...

Tonsils out is a good thing! I used to have terrible infections, always run down, got rid of them and haven't had a problem since...knocking on wood!!!!

I've only had to use DMSO a few times, but it sure can be a godsend. Good luck with everything, we're getting a lot of wind here too and it makes humans and critters all cranky.

Shirley said...

Horseplay can be pretty destructive. Hope Beretta doesn't have anything lasting going on. Windy weather- I don't like it! Makes everything unpleasant.

ACountryCowgirl said...

Sorry to hear about all that, rough weeks going around for everyone. I am glad meg is gettin to feeling better. I hope beretta gets better quickly poor girl. Ya this wind stinks and it definetly doesn't help to try and doctor horses, Pringle and idiot with it. I hope and pray things get better quickly for you!!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Yikes!!! wind ,illness and random testosterone toxicity! Damn!!! gotta love horses! HOpe Meg continues to feel better, and you get the spring fever troops under control. Poor beautiful little Beretta,hope you can get her set to rights quickly too

Mrs. Mom said...

Make room under the covers woman- me and Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog is headed to join you for a bit. Hell all over lately.

I'll holla atcha tomorrow (I FRICKEN HOPE DAMMIT.)
Smooch baby Beretta from me too.

Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear Beretta got hurt! Injuries are such a pain to deal with, but gotta do it.
Hope Meg feels better soon too!! That is terrible she has been so sick.
Hopefully the weather clears up for you, no more wind, no more horse fights and no more sickness!!

cdncowgirl said...

Frick this bad juju is everywhere! Pie still coughing up a storm (although we may have a line on that now), I'm sicker n heck with the creeping crud and the weather here is craptastic.

Sorry to hear about Megs, hope the docs pay attention. Wonder why the other docs didn't document it?
And Beretta... shit that sucks. Hope she heals up well with no permanent damage.

Leah Fry said...

DMSO is a wonder drug. I was introduced to it early in my horse owner experience when Poco got a huge bruise from somewhere. I just put it on with a tongue depressor. Hope Beretta is better soon.

Crystal said...

sounds bad down there! Hope Berreta and Meg are feeling better. Crazy horses, always up to something!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Wow! Lots of hugs to Megan; glad she's feeling better. I was really jealous of all the ride time you were getting...but I promise I didn't wish for any bad karma. Spring just seems to make some horses go nuts. It's gotta get better soon!

Funder said...

Hugs! I hear you on the awful wind. I hope everything's better today :)