Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Season Is This Again?

Let me preface this by saying...

I Am NOT Complaining!!

For those of you suffering an unusually harsh winter...I'm sorry!

That's what we had here last winter.

At the moment...I think Nature is a little confused, cause it feels way more like Spring around here than Christmas time.
It rained for 4 days straight...Had me pretty nervous. If the weather had turned cold, I would probably had to clean out the local stores' supply of horse blankets. Luckily though, the temps stayed in the 50' night even!

'Would you please shut up and feed us?'

Speaking of feeding...I've been doing a lot of reading/researching on nutrition again and found some great articles and information. I'll pop up a post before Christmas with all of the links attached. Then if anyone is bored over the weekend...they have something to read.


Terry said...

I just rode over to wish you and all your gorgeous critters a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year you have ever had !
Our weather has been like a roller coaster ride here in central Texas .
A very strange ride it has been .
Looking forward to all the awesome information you have found to share with us .
Thank you so much :)
Take care now .
Until next time
Happy Trails

sue said...

well. warm weather or not... I just wanted to "pop over" and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!! as of this am, looks like it will be "white" here in Maine!!!! thank you for your wonderful blog... I so enjoy reading it!!!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yeah, you are getting lucky this year regarding the weather. Colorado usually gets slammed. Enjoy the holidays.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Ours has finally turned the corner towards being wintery-like...

Rain last night like nothing else, but then it will warm up again before getting frosty at night.

Stay warm and enjoy the weather as long as it lasts. Ride it out.

Crystal said...

hmmm, would trade some snow for that warm weather you are having.

Merry Christmas to you guys.

Kristen said...

I am completely jealous! We had a few days where the high was near 50 but the nights were still bitter cold! I'd love to get some riding time in this winter but I'm a huge weenie and won't get out in this weather!

Carroll Farm said...

We are suffering from lack of Christmas weather too. It has been really warm, kids outside in short sleeves and jeans, complaining that it is hot! Yesterday, however, the rain started - now it is colder and muddy and I won't let them outside...

Merry Christmas!

Funder said...

Why's your ground green?! Is it moldy? Did someone spray paint it as a prank? Wacky!

cdncowgirl said...

While I don't like bitter cold I do like having 4 true seasons so I'll stay happy with our snow :)
(and it looks like it'll be pretty nice for Christmas too!)

Have a great Christmas. Will definately pop over to read those articles whenever you have time to post them. Feed is an everchanging topic with new info/thoughts coming out all the time.