Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Good To Be Home

We had a wonderful vacation. Disneyland and Las Vegas.

The kids LOVED Vegas...LOL.

But as always, it feels very good to get home.

We opted not to head the other direction this week for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Friends that were there said it was a ridiculous madhouse.

Ummmm....NO Thanks!

Besides...I had a lot of catching up to do. Horses that needed feet trimmed, the garden needed weeded, the yard needed mowed and even though I had dewormed horses before I left, some were still rubbing their tails, so everyone got several days of being double dosed with Lampley's Basic Mineral.

It's all under control again.

Next week me and the kiddo are heading back to SD to trade out horses.

This little guy does not have to worry about going back to be put to sleep just yet...

Because I wanted to dose everyone with Basic Mineral and The Mouse cannot handle any type of grain, I splurged and bought him a bag of Purina Wellsolve L/S. It's a low starch, low sugar complete feed for horses that are prone to foundering. The little man just loves it and has perked up unbelievably this week. That little extra really gives him something to look forward too.

I also managed to finally get a good trim on his poor foundry feet. It has taken this long of whittling on them to get them to give up all of the dead, shelly crap and to get down to some live, relatively healthy hoof. It made quite a difference, so I have gone all out and put him on double doses of MSM as well.

The next step will be to get him started on Lampley's Horse Sense. Hopefully we will be able to get his thyroid balanced and he will stop having laminetic occurrences. What the heck right? It's worth a shot.

He will actually be heading over to a friend's place in the next couple of days. A friend of ours has 2 little boys and has been looking for a nice, little pony for the boys to play with. They are small enough that they can sit on him and lead each other around. Mighty Mouse actually likes attention and having some kids to dote on him and give him some exercise will most likely help him a lot.

Of course, the biggest thing will be to make sure that mom and dad understand his feeding requirements are rigid. Since I have to touch his feet up every couple of weeks, I'll be able to keep a pretty close eye on him too. I think this family will work for him though because the dad understood how hard it is to find a nice, little kid-sized pony that won't bite, kick or run off.

One down...several to go. ;-)


fernvalley01 said...

Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the coming home. Glad you enjoyed it

Leah Fry said...

I'd rather be home than anywhere.

That's great that you found something to help the pony and a good situation for him to get some exercise and kid love. I love his name :-)

WV = sessibl
It's the only sessibl thing to do.

Vaquerogirl said...

I love going away! ANd I LOVE LOVE coming home again! No doubt Dizzyland was a madhouse at this time of year!But fun~

Isnt it great that you have such options for that pony now? Never in the history of horses have things been so ...worked out.. for us! I dearly hope that Mighty Mose has a wonderful home with those two kids! Happiness all around!

Melanie said...

I agree...vacation is fun, but it can be a good feeling to get back to the normal routine of life. For those of us who have to work for our money, right??? LOL

Mouse is just the cutest little thing, and I am glad that he is responding to your treatment. I think that my sister ordered something from Lampley's for Waska too.

PS-I am glad that you hadn't read my original post before you commented. I was like "OMG...she thinks I was talking about her!!!"
That is the cool thing about blogging: It opens up another venue to learn from. Your comment totally made me back track and say "responsible vs. irresponsible" breeders. Thanks BEC!!! : )

Mikey said...

Interesting. I'm going to have to try that on our founder pony too. He hasn't had an incident in years, but it might help him just in general.
As I've always said, there's nothing better for a pony than some kids :) He'll be getting TONS of attention, lol.

Kristen said...

welcome back! Glad you had a great trip, sucks that you had to come home to so much work but isn't that how it always seems to be? Wish there was a fairy that would show up and do chores while I'm on vacation! Check out my blog sometime, I'm getting ready to re-vamp it and focus on the training I'm doing with my mare for barrels, would love to get some advice from whomever is willing to give it!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Mikey-I'm not sure if Mouse has had true incidences in the last few years or not either, but his feet continue to grow as if he was repeatedly foundering. It hardly seems possible considering his diet has been highly regulated, but we all know how foundered ponies go.

Kristen-I am putting your blog on my blogroll. Sorry I have not done that before.

cdncowgirl said...

Good ponies like your Mighty Mouse and my Rootbeer are worth their weight in gold :)