Monday, August 23, 2010

Home At Last

God, it feels good to be home!

It was so stinking hot and humid in SD. And the wind blewwwwwwww like crazy on Sunday, so we didn't leave for home until the evening. I really don't mind driving all night, but needless to say, I'm tired.

I guess this ugly beast is surviving the hardships of the ranch okay...

Who is that grown up horse you ask?

Hard to believe my baby boy, Shooter is a strapping 2y/o isn't it?

He's a wild one too!


I jumped on him bareback.

He could have cared less.

LOL-Didn't mean to leave you guys hanging on the last post. It may be a bit anti-climatic.

I met a 3-Day Eventer/Dressage/Jumper lady the day before I took off for SD. She is on of the coaches for the local Pony Club organization. She invited Meg and I to come watch some of the lessons and is going to hook me up with a friend of her's who is a trainer (horses and people). This cowgirl is going to start her dressage lessons...Heeheehee. I am also going to be setting up lessons with a top-notch local barrel racer. I need help and if I have learned one thing about barrel racing...when you are having problems you need to get with someone because a 'watcher' is invaluable.

Oh, did I mention Meg and I are also going to attend a roping clinic next month?

And I have to get with some people I met awhile back cause I want to start going over to their place for some working cowhorse/cutting time. They have a 'trainer' who rides at their place as well. I use the term loosely because I really think he is just kid who is desperately trying to figure out this horse training thing. But, from what I have seen, he is not mean to the horses he rides, sooo....I think he is dumb enough to get on my sorrel horse for a few rides.

Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to him or the horse. I just need someone who is a little more bouncy than I am to put a week or two on the horse. I'm going to be there for every ride and pony the horse the first few.

If all goes well, when I get the bay horse, Jet ready for his first rides, I'll have this kid do the same thing on him.

I love it when the heat of summer goes away. I catch my second wind and the horses start to feel good again. Now, ya'll know why I have to get some of these guys lined out and working properly. We have things to DO....

Well, after I take a nap that is. ;-)


Leah Fry said...

Well, I guess you better get after it, missy! No, I can't believe how big and strapping Shooter is!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Yup , that big ugly Shooter horse looks like a killer! You should probably just send him on up here to hide amongst the spotted ponies and calm that renegade down!LOL He looks great ! and wonderful news about the coaching and all the good stuff comming up for you

Mikey said...

Shooter is HUGE! I totally didn't recognize him. He's had a growth spurt.
Sounds like a lot of fun for the fall. You're going to be busy girl :)

Paint Girl said...

Wow! I can't believe how big Shooter has gotten!! He is lookin' mighty fine these days!! Love him!

Kristen said...

I know what you mean about the "trainer", I'm looking for someone to just jump on my horse for me too! lol