Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day One

Now this is some redneck irrigating...
I have waited and waited to irrigate, hoping that I could get My Honey's help. To no avail. He started his new position as a consultant and is working very, very long hours.

The irrigation pipe that was left on this place is trashed. Cracked, broken and missing numerous gates.

But my grass is eaten off and drying up. They had been threatening rain all week. No luck. So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I started dragging pipe out of the pile and cutting off the broken ends. It just kept shattering. Finally pissed off beyond believe, I simply went over and turned the irrigation headgate on. To heck with it. I was going to get water on my grass at all costs.

Now this is the way my luck usually runs...
Sure enough, no sooner did I have water flowing over my dry, parched pasture and it rained. It's still raining off and on. Oiy Vey!!!

But lo and behold, for some unknown reason, this was to be the day that this guy decided I'm okay...
Out of the blue, Jet decided he did not have to run from me when I reached out to pet him.

I guess I should explain. Jet is not a wild horse. He has just been rather uncomfortable being handled. Not one single time that I have been in his pen that I could just walk up to him and he would stand for it. So every time, I have had to move him around, ask him to face and work my way to him. He has wanted to be a friendly horse. He watches and he approaches when you are not looking at him. Turn around and he acts like the Boogy man is after him.

It's perfectly understandable. He has had minimal handling in the last 4 years. He's gentle...but not that gentle.

I was a bit surprised when I reached out to touch him and he did not leap away. He stood. Wow! So I petted him a bit. Finished cleaning his pen and reached out to touch him again. He stood and accepted being petted for the second time.

Now, we can make some progress. He's mentally getting cued in and is going to turn into the absolute pocket pony I know he really wants to be. It just took this long for him to let his guard down.

**I would just like to mention, Jet is NOT a product of our breeding 'program'. He was bought at a sale as a weanling. I have no idea what my brother was thinking. I am not a fan of QH's that look like Thoroughbreds. He's a nice horse, just not the body style I prefer. He's made nice enough though and has a great mind. We'll muddle though and see what he turns into.


GoLightly said...

Hey, I wouldn't kick him out of the garage;)

Funny. I like TB's that look like QH's.

is word verf, which is bonsuit!
Nice colour. I love a bay...

fernvalley01 said...

Nice pony, though. I am ready to irrigate here! it is mega dry , and if it brings on a rain...yeehah!

Anonymous said...

LOL, he's the type folks will haul to me and say "I thought you could do something with him; he's just not my type!"

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Man I wish I could share some of our rain with you!! Not that I'm complaining cause we need it everywhere except my driveway LOL!! Sucks that your Honey is working such long hours!! Hope that gets better!

I always find that my *timid* horses are easiest to approach when I'm on my cell phone LOL!! That whole not looking at them thing!! Glad he had a break through!!

Dena said...

Look at the bright side BECs you could have been fencing with me yesterday.LOL
I kind of see why your brother liked that horse. I like him too.

Mrs Mom said...

Waiting for rain here too.

Jet looks like a lighter version of Sonny ;)

Wyoming Girl said...

Glad you got some moisture. It rained and snowed (about 18 inches over 3 days) here in Wyoming.