Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When The Wind Blows...

Apparently around here...It really blows...

I guess my little barn now has a breezeway?

No kidding, the storm that blew threw here this early evening blew the back of the barn off. See it laying back there? And that dark blue is the storm...headed north.

Holy Moly!!!!

It was kind of gusty all afternoon, so I decided I would be much happier saddles. Meg got home from school and came over to help...
All winter I have been looking for and bidding on barrel saddles that have an extra wide gullet. Believe me, it has been frustrating. Moon requires full QH bars with an 8" gullet. Wanna know how many newer saddles are made that way?


The new FQH size means a maximum of a 7" gullet.

So I have been looking for older saddles. Geez-at least 20 years ago, they realized that real horses have curves. But I guess there are a lot of people like me who are looking for these wider saddles, cause I kept getting outbid at the last minute. Well, there was one I was dealing on...but I got a little disgusted at the thought of paying nearly $1,400 for a used saddle.

I know...I'm a cheap-skate.

I finally found an older, off-brand saddle that I figured would work. It has everything I was looking for-15" seat, FQH bars and an 8" gullet.... I'm not a huge fan of round skirts and I need to get a back cinch for it, but it fits Moon and it fits me. It'll work. If for nothing else, it is light and will make a great saddle to use when saddling colts. I'm getting old guys...I just cannot toss those big saddles up there the way I used too.

As luck would have it, just the other day I was perusing the saddles at a tack store in town and got to visiting with one of the salespeople. I told him I was really looking for used saddles and he kindly pointed me to the back of the store. Waaayyyyy in the back was a whole bunch of used saddles and I happened to notice one in particular. I thought it was a Sharon Camarillo at first glance, but couldn't find the maker name on it.

The leather was extremely dry and hard, but didn't have any cracks or look damaged. I thought about it for a few days and couldn't resist going back to make an offer. One can NEVER have too many well-made, good-looking saddles. I came home with this... It's an older Hereford by Tex Tan, has beautiful sunflower tooling, REAL silver trim, has a 15" seat, FQH bars and an 8" gullet. It fits Moon like a glove and is ooohhhh so comfortable to sit in. I cannot wait to ride it. It's made like a true all-around. I know I can run barrels in it and it has just enough silver on it for Megan and I to use it as a show/reining saddle.

Now about that stiff and dry leather? I remembered Mrs Mom saying that she really liked the new product, Leather CPR and also Nuzzling Muzzles saying that she had used it and really liked it as well.

Believe me, I never would have tried the stuff without their recommendations because that stuff is e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e! OMG!!!

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! It took 3 applications and the saddle looks brand new and is getting sooooo soft. It is just awesome. I also love how it just soaks right in and doesn't feel sticky after it dries. I got on and off several of the saddles after cleaning them and the cleaner/conditioner never left a mark on my pants.

Yea...after it worked that kind of magic on that Hereford saddle, I just had to treat my other saddles to some high class TLC...they all got a through cleaning with the Leather CPR.

I'm going to have to see if I can get it cheaper online than in at the local Murdocks. It cost me $22.00 for a bottle there. But considering it completely cleaned every square inch of leather I could rub it into on 6 saddles and 2 breast collars and most of the saddles got more than one coat...I'd say it really did go a long way.

I got the Ranch house cleaned up the other day...
I was really impressed a how well these carpets vacuumed up. There is no damage and no major stains in them. A good shampoo and they will all look as good as new.

I'm making a lot of progress on the outside as well(pics of that tomorrow).

LOL...if the wind keeps blowing like it did tonight, I won't have to worry about picking up any more garbage. The people down the road might though...;-)


cdncowgirl said...

Wow that ranch house is sure lookin good :)

Not sure of the sizing but if you do look at newer saddles the Pozzi (yes as in Brittany) are supposed to fit the bigger guys, believe they're made by Double J??

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I looked at hers, but I think you have to special order the wider width. At least the one's I looked at with the FQH bars only had the 7" gullet.
I do really like one of hers that has kind of a squared off skirt. Cute, Cute, Cute!
Maybe if Moon starts pulling in some checks, he can buy himself a fancy new saddle-LOL.

Mrs Mom said...

*sigh*... ya had to do it... Yep. You did. You did it. *sigh*... You HAD to tease me with pictures of "my" kitchen again didn't ya? ;)

Looking good there woman. Seriously!

Love all the saddle stuff too!!

Oh--- TLC--- contact the company- see if they'll send you a free sample for already doing a review on their blog? I'll look up the info later today and get it to you. Cant hurt!

Sydney said...

I could have told ya, if you want wide saddles go with a tex tan in the first place. I have an old reining tex-tan and it's amazingly comfy. Can sit through anything on it.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice saddles ,I am thinking I will try that leather CPR sounds like a dany product. The house looks great as well

Dena said...

Double J's cost the moon so Moon should earn
And the place is looking great!
I can't believe that you did not know the yellow horse was already patterned.
He is genetically patterned to be a great big dink.
Now I have to go do the dishes and a load of laundry before I go buck him out and RE-pattern

Callie said...

Love the saddles! Leather CPR is an awesome product, been using it for years, works great on everything. Reminds me , I should get some more. Love the old TexTan, bet it's heavy!

Mikey said...

So awesome! Love those new saddles. You're right, a girl can never have too many good saddles ;)
Loving the new place, wow! That is seriously cool. Can't wait to see it all finished up. The wind... you can keep that :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sydney-Those good older Hereford by Tex Tan's are hard to come by. People just don't like to give them up-LOL.

Callie-It's not heavy at all. Feels about the same weight as my old barrel saddle(28lbs). Just right for pretty much anything except roping in.

If it wasn't so stinking muddy this morning I would already be riding in it.;) I'm not going to complain about the rain though, we sure needed it. We haven't entirely figured out our irrigation system yet, nor do we have enough pipe, so the grass sure needed a shot of moisture.

(I didn't exactly hate having the morning 'off' either;)

SunnySD said...

Fantastic saddle find! Darn - wish it was as easy to locate those older round-skirted saddles around here. Short-backed Arabs and those looong skirts don't mix so well. I have two with round skirts, but neither fits T or Rufus very well, and one of them's MINE anyway. T needs a 16" seat, which is another fun thing. Good thing I like shopping :)