Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The necessary evil...but most enjoyable...tasks of cleaning up around the property took over our weekend, so the ponies got time off. Well, except for their spring worming.

I think the ponies especially needed that worming because my BO was pretty bad about just throwing the hay over the fence in the same spot, day after day. didn't matter, he just kept tossing it in the same spots.

Come to find out, he had an ulterior motive, because My Honey had a box blade here for his tractor and I offered to have him come scrape the goo away from the gate and the BO said "No Thanks". He was plumb tickled to have that build-up there. Seems when he would irrigate that pasture, all of the water would run off too quickly. So the 'berm' of hay, poop and muck is exactly what he was hoping for.


Oh well! The guy took great care of my horses this winter and I will be moving everybody in a day or two. I'm not going to get huffy about it.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing odds and ends around The HeadQuarters. LOL-I had to find a way to distinguish the difference between the house we live in vs. the new horse property. So the residence shall be HQ and the new place shall be "The Ranch".

We went and picked up another 'big-boy' toy...

A friend took a job and moved to Pennsylvania not to long ago and asked if we wanted to keep his back-hoe tractor here.

Well-Shoot Yea!

How dumb would we be if we turned down that offer. I already have a full schedule for My Honey over at The Ranch for this handy-dandy piece of equipment.

MH spent plenty of time grooming the driveway to perfection with the box blade on his little tractor and moving gravel around with the new toy. Meg got to toodle around the property on the 6-wheeler picking up big rocks and I raked the yard and fixed and groomed the walk-way that 'somehow' got tore up when Honey was plowing snow. I think he forgot it was there-LOL.

It's gonna be a busy week this week. Meg is doing a demonstration at school, with her horse. So I get to deliver him and then take him home. Frosty needs to have his teeth floated and all of the horses need to be moved to The Ranch. The new chicken coop will be delivered some time this week and their pen built. We were going to build a coop ourselves, but there was a huge sale going on at a local shop owned by a Mennonite family. Couldn't build one for what they were selling pre-mades for, so that was a pretty easy decision.

Can you guys believe Easter is almost upon us?


I kicked a few barrel racings off of my list because Moon wasn't ready, now I'm anxiously awaiting the next one. It's time for him and I to get to work. I didn't make it to the last barrel racing with him, the one that had the chiro there. So I need to make a couple of phone calls and see if I can locate that lady vet that is a chiro to work on him. I'd really like to know that he is either okay or fixed before running him. I can't really pinpoint anything that is 'wrong' that makes me know he needs worked on-no sore spots, no short strides, none of the usual indicators. But something about him is niggling in my brain that says I should get him looked at. Don't you hate it when you can feel something, but can't pinpoint it?


Mrs Mom said...

By all means listen to that voice ;) (Which I know you will

Love the name of the new place too. "The Ranch" totally fits. Perfect!

Cant wait to hear how Meg's demo goes at school!

Sydney said...

How lucky, get to use that tractor for free!

fernvalley01 said...

Good idea to get Moon checked out ,if it is niggling there is likely something , and why wait till you can clearly see a problem? Spring cleaning around my place has to start soon too , yuck everywhere!

Danielle Michelle said...

You'll have to take pics of your chick pen. We built ours - no super sales here. And it helps to be married to a

cdncowgirl said...

I hate that feeling, especially since Kimfer usually gets on my case to ignore it. Usually its worth paying attention to though.
I also love that my vet says to pay attention to it... as she says I know my horses and what's right for them better than she does sometimes. Plus there's that whole 'womens intuition' thing!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate that feeling too but it's usually always right. Better to go with it than not and then pay for it.

You guys are aquiring some serious toys around there. I think I'm jealous, very jealous.

Pony Girl said...

Hope you figure out what the problem is! Trust your gut.
You reminded me my horse is due for worming. I try to do it around the farrier visit, then I won't forget! ;)