Saturday, February 20, 2010

One Margarita..

Two Margaritas...

Three Margaritas...


Friday was the first time in a very long time any of us at the office have felt like going out for a couple of after-work toddies.

Everyone used to do that a lot in My Honey's group.

Ya know, just a couple of beers to take the edge off and get relaxed for the week-end.

Since there were a couple of business associates in from out of town, we all stopped at Boston's.

When I ordered my 3rd margarita, I told MH he was going to be driving me home.

I don't drink much anymore and even having eaten appetizers, I sure don't take chances with drinking and driving. The others only had to walk across the street to their hotel and MH only had two beers.

So we were good right?

Oh No!

We decided to order one more round and then everyone was going to head for home.

But the snot-nosed waiter refused to serve us our last round. He told us he wasn't comfortable serving us any more alcohol and closed out our tab.

Needless to say, we were all pretty surprised.

There wasn't a single one of us that were even close to being "drunk", although I'm sure the only one who would have passed a breathilizer was MH...and he was the only one driving.

So we told the kid that.

But no dice, he sent the manager over to tell us that once a server said they would not serve a customer, they could not give us another server or let us sit at the bar.

Apparently, I laugh too loud.

No...I am not kidding. The manager told us that everyone seemed to be okay, but that my laughter was a bit loud and it make the server uncomfortable.

Have you ever heard of such a thing??

Needless to say, that waiter screwed himself out of a big, fat tip. Our Canadian friend picked up the tab and left the dumb-ass waiter a $2 tip.

Of course, the last thing you ever want to tell a bunch of rough-neck, oil-field trash is that they CAN'T drink anymore. So the party was on.

We walked over to another bar and closed the place down.

Six margaritas and 4 shots of god-knows-what later...

We all ended up in a taxi headed for home. They have a fabulous driver service here where the taxi comes to get you and they bring a driver that brings your vehicle home as well.

All I can say is that thank goodness is was snowy and drizzly here all day, cause at least I don't feel bad about doing absolutely nothing except for holding the couch down all day.

I don't know what those shots were...a couple of them were celebration of the Pink Rig kicking off this coming week, one of the shots was 2-tone brown and another was a very pretty blue. They were all very good.

As both MH and I eased around very carefully today, we came to the conclusion...

Either we need to train for such events in drink more regularly...

Or remember we are not hard-core, youngsters anymore and not overdo it.

I think the both of us are leaning toward the not overdoing it...

LOL-Yea, that will never hold up. Give it a few months and we will forget how badly our heads hurt the day after and do it again.

We never claimed to be very smart, now did we...LMAO.

Oh well, you can take the red-neck out of the trailer park, but you can never take the trailer park out of the red-neck.

At least we all got to blow off some steam. We needed that desperately. The last few weeks have been absolute hell. If it hasn't been one thing, it's been another. Just when we think we have made a step forward, we get yanked back two. Hopefully when this is all over, I can share with you all the details. It's quite a story.

Needless to say, none of us will ever spend another dollar in Boston's. That was just stupid how they handled that. Hell, I've been in bars that have a drink minimum...never been to one that had a drink maximum...or where you had to be careful not to laugh too loud. Sheez!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It just happens.... not the get kicked out because of laughing too loud -- I mean sometimes you just have a drink or two or.... We are similar more common to have 1-2 (not many) and then every once in awhile it happens have a good time and wham! Nice that you have a taxi service -- Hope your day after wasn't too bad :) !!!! Today we went to a festival -- it was an on the ice festival -- our first time there --- AKA BIG PARTY... it sure was fun watching people! Have a nice Sunday!

cdncowgirl said...

That is just messed up... almost makes you want to go back another time and have a different server. Sounds like that guy had a stick up his a$$. Be nice to get served way more and leave a HUGE tip... and make sure Mr Stick A knew lol
That $2 tip, well you don't cut off a Canadian! ;)

I had a 'let off some steam' night last weekend. Me and a girl from work sat in our bar (no getting cut off lol) with a pal and had drinks. I would've been fine with just the Alabama Slammers, I think it was the tequila shots that put me a bit over. Wasn't hung over the next day really, just felt tired.
Guess I need to join the 'not as young' club. lol

That car service is nice. We have one here too.

fernvalley01 said...

We call that an "accidental Drunking" I had one of those at the Horse conference last month.But don't hate me ,I don't get hangovers

Callie said...

Thank gawd, no was "dumb ass" enough to drive! Glad you had fun, but to the server's credit, I don't know about where you are, but here they can be liable if they serve and you go out and kill someone. And this state is run by Miller. Personally, I think it should be tougher on driving drunk, not that you did, Clearly you guys were smart and took a cab. JMO, having had both of my parents killed 10yrs apart by multiple offender drunk drivers whilst my parents enjoyed their favorite past time, riding their Harleys.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sorry Callie-I believe the drunk driving laws to be self-incriminating and unconstitutional. I'm sorry you lost your parents that way, but I'll never ever support any type of legislation that supports ME having to prove my innocence not the system having to prove my guilt.

Leah Fry said...

Margaritas are one of those things where you really don't want to drink enough of them to be drunk, because that spells feeling really crappy the next day. I'm a real lightweight these days. Can't drink with the big dogs anymore.

Not sure how I feel about the laws, but around here a server and an establishment can be held responsible if someone they served is involved in an accident. But they could have just taken your keys and called you a cab.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Oh.. sorry Leah.. But I have a hunch that anyone trying to take keys from that particular group of people would be biting off way WAY more than they could ever chew.... ;)

I'm not a drinker. Half a wine cooler, and I'm done. Figure I'm too old to start now ;) Looking forward to hearing that things are BETTER!

Sydney said...

geeze thats so stupid. Boston pizza right? I hate going there.

Callie said...

Well, Living a state that HAS the most laxadasicle(spelling)DWI laws, Wisconsin, Having my Mother killed by a 27yr old 7 time DWI offender and knowing as she lay next to her crunched bike, with a helmet on and dying asking for someone to help her before she became drunk driver stood over her and said, "I don't need this shit now!" Also knowing what they attempted to do to her in the ER to save her life, understanding that I too do that for living, so I know exactly what the charges on the medical bill I payed for meant, Tough one to get over really, considering just how many people it profoundly affected including my daughter , 10yrs old at the time, whose Grandmother was her best buddy, And that same kid of mine who was 18months old at the time the 87yr old drunk driver killed my Dad in the same manner, never got to know what a great man he was. Having scraped up the pieces of many an innocent child, who ended up dying in the hospital because some ass drank too much and got behind the wheel, well, I just don't think they're tough enough. I appreciate that Y'all were considerate enough to take that cab, but the fact remains that TOO many think they're ok behind the wheel. Same goes for the phone, distractions, texting bullshit too, but I personally cannot find any sympathy for anyone who drives drunk. You understand why, I'm sure. I used to enjoy the bike, I grew up on Harleys, I mean really grew up in the motorcycle industry, but since my Dad, I have been scared away as well as my best friend who always had a bike. I guess I feel I got a better chance to survive a drunk with air bags around me. I hope none of you have to endure the pain caused by something like that. It will be 11yrs since my Mom and I still replay it over and over again. And the hardest thing for me, is I wasn't able to be at either one of their sides to hold their hand when they went. Painful, very painful.

Rooster Shamblin said... would you please spend a few minutes reading my blog. My blog is about all things chicken. I have been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens 40 years.

Mikey said...

Girl, you were drinking those Pink Panty Droppers, weren't you?? Confess!!! Beware, they live up to their name (not that I would know anything about that *wink*)
What a kickass taxi service too. Now THAT is a good idea. I could get behind a business like that.
As for shutting you down for laughing too loud, oh fuck them. People these days just need to take the stick out of their butt. That's ridiculous.

Vaquerogirl said...

oohh- Laughing too loud is a SERIOUS Offense don't ya know! It leads to bigger and more dangerous behaviors- like Smiling with too many teeth! Or Tickling Someones Fancy! Or even worse- Tipping Undeserving Waiters! That guy must have been 'new', anyone that has served before knows you Likker 'em up and act sweet- then your tips just grow and grow!

Danielle Michelle said...

LOL - glad you had fun. I would have said to drink a few for me, but I think you did!!!

Glad you tipped that waiter crap. Doesn't he know that alcohol jacks up a tab faster than anything else!? Guess he just learned a hard lesson!

Stephanie said...

I have to admit when I saw your post title and then the fact that you hadn't posted in a couple of days I was a tad concerned. But I see you lived through it.

What fun! I LOVE nights like that - that just spontaneously turn to fun! Not the next day - but heck at least you made it worth it!

No - agreed. I have been there. You don't cut off that group after only a few drinks. He's lucky he got a tip at all. I know our "barn group" wouldn't have tipped him. Don't worry about toning down the giggles - just drink somewhere else, if they really wanted your business they would've treated you guys better.

Glad you had a good time!!

Andrea said...

Oh girl, I got kicked out of a party out in the middle of the country, where there were no neighbors, for laughing to loud!!!! We would be a great pair!!! LOL!!!!

Sounds like you had a great time!!! Even though the waiter was a dork!!