Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet My Neighbor

I had to share this newsworthy bit of info with you guys...

Nancy Fichtner

And another little article

Loma Woman Wins

A little inside info on this...Nancy had proposed this idea to her local department and they shot it down as insignificant. I don't know what world these people live in that saving 71 MILLION dollars a year on wasted medications is insignificant...but doesn't it just make you giggle that the idea won a National contest?

Go Nancy!!

Nancy's thoughts on winning?

She feels vindicated and she isn't that excited about meeting Obama. LOL-She didn't vote for him, but since she gets to take the kids with, she thought it would be a wonderful experience for them. She promises to be on her best behavior for her kid's sake. Obama should be thankful for that!!! LMAO


Mrs. Mom said...

Man alive, I do not know if I could FORCE myself into a meeting with That Man. I. Really. Don't.

More power to Nancy though!!

Vaquerogirl said...

I agree with Mrs Mom- I'd take award, and miss the meet and greet. I guess I could send one of my googoo eyed dem-friends.

But Hurray for your friend just the same!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'd meet the man but probably give him an earful.

cdncowgirl said...

C'mon y'all... don'tcha know that The Man is practically the 2nd coming? lmao Sorry couldn't resist.

Seriously though, congrats to Nancy. Her idea is fabulous. Not only does it save an "insignificant" amount of money (seriously?!?!) but also keeps more wasted drugs out of the environnment.

Mikey said...

Wow, that's cool! 38,000 entries and hers gets chosen. Awesome!! Very cool to get to meet the President too. I wish she was my neighbor... can I trade ya?

Train Wreck said...

HAHA That would be tough. I did not vote for him. I do not agree with him. I afraid I would make the news if I met with him in person. I don't think they would like a plain ol person asking questions. he he I read her story. Such a simple but great idea. Amazing the money spent and wasted.
(Also I like your new header)

Danielle Michelle said...

I know somebody with a few set ups for round pens used and for a good price:


She's near Greely I believe. I was going to get one from her before I found one a little more local.

Call her quick though! I have a feeling they will go fast! Tell her I told you to call!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

This is freakin' priceless and I'm glad to know I'm not the only person in this part of the country that finds him deplorable. I'm surrounded by people that believe him to be the messiah. Gag me with a stick, please. Thanks for sharing!