Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Boring Are We?

I have been perusing the blogs and boy oh boy does it make me miss my girl! We used to have so much fun on Halloween. I miss carving pumpkings, decorating everything with "webs" and working on the costume. When Meg was little I always made her costumes. As she got bigger, she picked out a vampire goddess costume out one year and wore the darned thing for the next 2 years after that. Gee! That took a lot of the fun out of it for me. I actually really liked making those costumes.

Some of you will remember that last Halloween I was out here with My Honey and we got dressed up and went to a super fun party ourselves. That was followed by the lovely phone call I got the next morning from my mom telling me that Miss Megan had been busted by the cops having a party at our house. Wow! Buzz-kill!

This year, Miss Megan received quite a bit of ribbing from friends and family alike about whether she was going to have another Halloween party. That evoked a resounding "Heck NO" from my girl. Poor kid.

This year, she was off coon-hunting with some friends of hers. I guess she has outgrown trick or treating. Darn it! I always looked forward to going through that big bag of candy with her and taking my cut. You know...for chauffering her around.;-)

My Honey and I were about as boring as boring could be ourselves. We opted to skip the costume party we were invited too on Friday night because we were going to head to Moab for the 2nd barrel racing scheduled...we didn't go. I know! What on earth was wrong with me that I would opt out of going to a barrel racing?

As enthused as I am about getting runs on Moon this winter, I just didn't have any time to ride this week and I'm not crazy about putting runs on him if he is completely out of shape. Too much chance of him hurting himself that way. And the last freaking think we need is even more time off for injury. Besides that, MH was just a touch under the weather this week and it hit me on Saturday. I spent the day holding down the couch. It was nothing serious and today I feel fine...just Sunday Lazy!

Both MH and I have a big and busy week coming up, so I guess things always work out for the best...I don't even feel bad about missing the barrel race, other than we were going to get to use the LQ trailer for the first time. Luckily there are more this winter. And now I am going to go back to holding down the couch and watching mind-less tv. Sure wished I had a big bag of Halloween candy to dig through!


Andrea said...

Little kids do make for an exciting Halloween. But boring sounds nice to me. To be able to sit back and relax. I am sorry you miss your girl. It sounds like she had a good halloween!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Take your own advice (that you left me) and drink green tea:)

Funny this year is the first that I havent bought candy on Halloween because in the eight years I've been here we've never once had one and I always end up eating them all myself..Murphy's Law we had our first ever tricker treater!! And I had NO candy!!

Take care!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...
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Laura said...

Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Danielle Michelle said...

The candy's on sale at Walmart now!!! lol

This was my first non-boring Halloween, but I was sick so it wasn't so fun.

You'll have to let us know how the LQ works out for you!!!