Saturday, September 26, 2009

It All Makes Sense Now

All makes sense now!

I was talking to the BO yesterday. The first day that I have saddled Queen and she has not had an all out blow up and buck fest. Humpy...Yes! All out lose her mind bucking bronc...NO!

I had asked him if, when he finishes rebuilding some of the dry lots, we could put Queen in one of them. She has just ballooned up since being here and I think some of that has a bit to do with her nasty mindset.

Bless his heart...the BO kind of kicked the dirt a little bit with the toe of his boot and told me that she aught to stop ballooning now. They butchered the feeder steer and cow last weekend.

Come to find out, the BO was graining those feeders and guess who was helping herself to all of their rations?

I know that when he asked if he could put Queen in that lot with them, that I had warned him that she would run his feeders off of their feed...ME thinking he was simply haying them...HIM not mentioning that he was graining them morning and night!

So all of that grain, on top of 24/7 grazing on tender, green grass, on top of the flake of hay he fed her morning and night, on top of the bit of grain with supplements that I was feeding every evening and voila....The mare was coming out of her skin.

Poor Queen! Here I was contemplating putting her sorry butt to sleep and she really couldn't help herself. She is not a horse that can handle much grain to begin with. I only feed her about a 1/4 can of oats, just enough so she has a few bites to get the supplements into her.

While I wasn't exaggerating about her past or her present attitude, the way she was acting just wasn't jiving. She was a bucker. She was always a bit humpy when you first saddled her(back when I was riding her) and she does not have the greatest mind...but I rode this mare a lot. She worked on a ranch, she worked in a sale barn, she went to horse shows and she went to playdays. A horse with that much riding and experience doesn't resort to all out "rodeo bronc" for no reason.

Hopefully now, with all the grain coming out of her system, she will get her brain back and we can get down to the business of riding.

The one thing I am thankful for...she did not founder. Poor old girl!

I'm also getting back to the business of barrel racing! Yayyy! Moon's foot is finally healed, the swelling around his bulb is gone and he feels strong. I'm headed to a barrel racing at Cedaredge on Sunday.


Mikey said...

Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait!

FlyingHorse2 said...

Awww, poor mare! LOL! It is kinda funny and I'm glad she didn't founder. With all that experience, maybe now, she'll start settling down without so much 'food for thought'!
Much luck with the races too!

cdncowgirl said...

Good luck tomorrow, can't wait for the full report!

As for your poor little black mare... omg. Kinda funny now, now that she didn't founder or hurt you that is.

Vaquerogirl said...

No grain!
Good luck- hope she comes back down quickly!

Michelle said...

Well, at least you figured out the problem. Hopefully, now she'll get back to her "normal" craziness! Lol.

Angie said...

Oh man poor girl. I hope she gets feeling better quick after coming off the jet fuel.

SunnySD said...

Talk about a sugar rush! (grin)