Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bug And Her Pit Of Death

This is one of My Honey's cats...Ugly Bug...

She was born under our bathroom sink, at our house in Arizona. The last of a litter of seven. The runt of the litter, I doubt she would have survived without Megan making sure she got to nurse at least 3X's a day. She was quite likely the ugliest kittens I have ever seen. And she never did get real big. Maybe about 3-4lbs. Two if you shaved all of her hair off.

At the time, My Honey was living in his camper trailer, here in Colorado, while trying to find a house to buy. He was very lonely but there was no way one of the dogs would do real well living in a camper trailer with no yard. So I pointed at Bug and told him to take her.

I guess you could say they have bonded in the last 4 years...
Bug is a daddy's girl to the core, but she is a traiterous little wretch. If My Honey won't give her the attention she demands, she will climb on me and begin rubbing, purring and kneading me. The whole while she is staring at My Honey. It's an obvious ploy to make him jealous. When that doesn't work, she abandons me in a huff and goes off to pout...or to find something white to lay on. That's her thing-she loves to lay and roll on anything white. She always looks very proud of herself once she has managed to cover it in her long, black hair. Nasty little thing!

For the first few years of Bug's life, she was strictly an indoor kitty. But over time Bug became more and more comfortable stepping outside and eventually My Honey put in kitty doors so the cats could come and go as they pleased.

Now Bug came from a family of very good hunters. For years now, the doorways and walkways have been littered with offerings from our various crew. Who are all related. Bug and Tippy(our other CO cat) are littermates. Another of their littermates was the mother to Megan and I's two cats in SD.

But since Bug was a little older before she learned to hunt real, living animals, she has a tendency to play with them a bit too long and they often escape. With the installation of the cat doors, she has figured out how to stop this from happening...
Yep, she brings them in and uses the bathtub to keep her prey corraled so that she can play with it as long as she likes before slaughtering it. Cats are are cruel killers! Yes, those are little body parts around the drain. Ugghhh! I leave that clean-up for My Honey.;-)

One Sunday afternoon, My Honey was laying on his bed taking a little afternoon siesta. All of the sudden he was awakened by the high pitched screaming of a small animal. He knew instantly that Bug had brought her latest catch to her pit of death and was torturing it. He jumped up and ran into the bathroom, thinking he needed to put yet another poor creature out of it's misery. Instead, he was greeted to the sight of Bug squared off with a squirrel. The squirrel was every inch as big as Bug. And very pissed off!

After staring at the showdown for a second, My Honey gathered his wits and grabbed Bug by the scruff of the neck. He ran down the hall with her, kicking and screaming at him, and threw her out the north door. Turning around, he grabbed the oven mitts off of the counter and ran back down the hall. With oven mitts donned, he finally got hold of the squirrel and took off sprinting down the hall with the squirrel, kicking and screaming at him as well. The squirrel, he threw out the south door. Just as he got the door shut, he saw Bug hauling ass back down the hall.

He followed her to the bathroom, where she had leaped back into the bathtub and stopped to look around in confusion. My Honey said if ever an expression could talk, Bug's was talking then. She was definitely wondering what the heck had happened to her squirrel. She sniffed all around, climbed all over the edge of the tub sniffing and then hit the floor, still sniffing. She was looking for a trail. Not able to find one, it must have finally hit her that My Honey was responsible for removing her catch of the day. Boy, was she ticked off then. Giving My Honey the dirtiest looks, she went stomping down the hallway and out the cat door. It was days before she forgave him for taking her squirrel.

Of course, she did forgive him...after she got even. In retaliation, she brought him a live mouse, in the middle of the night, and dropped it in bed with him. She must have been quite satisfied with the subsequent screaming and throwing of covers and pillows that occured when My Honey was awakened by that mouse crawling around in bed with him. After everything settled down again, she promptly climbed on his chest, laid down and began to purr and knead, all the while staring at him with huge hearts coming out of her eyes. Her way of reminding My Honey, she is not a woman to be trifled with.


Mrs Mom said...

LMAO... now THAT is a kitty after my own heart!

Give her a rub from me please! ;)

Hey- you gotta have Megan smack Shooters hams from me too. Bet he is looking gooooood!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Whooaa! Don't mess with Bug!
That's some cat!

Mikey said...

Lol, oh my goodness! She's QUITE the hunter. Love that she uses the bathtub as her corral. That's a smart kitty!
Had to laugh at hubby and the squirrel and the live mouse. Tell him I know his horror. One day I heard all this commotion coming my way. I was in bed (lived alone) and it faced the hallway, door open. I sat up to see a ground squirrel barreling towards me, two dogs in hot pursuit. Lil sucker jumped on the bed, I jumped out of the bed screaming at the dogs. Took me half the day to corral that thing and get it out of there. Scared the crap out of me :)
Cats make life fun though :) Never boring! Smart critters... too smart sometimes..

Laura said...

That is hilarious! What a funny (and smart!) little cat. I've been chuckling all day about her going back to look for her squirrel!

SunnySD said...

That's a cat for you! What a card. I'm especially glad that neither of our two are particularly avid hunters after hearing the squirrel story - not to mention the live mouse - LOL!!!

But the "Hey! Look at me love up on someone else" jealousy-thing? That's Snowball, too. She takes great delight in doing exactly that to me when T isn't paying proper attention to her.

Michelle said...

Oh my god! I love this cat - what a great personality. And she has a great name too, it's so unique!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am laughing so hard I might fall out of my chair!!! Crazy silly cat!!

baystatebrumby said...

hee hee! We have a death pit too, only it is in the basement, a little hole where the sump pump lives! It is very dungeonlike in there, totally terrifying, I am sure, to any bird that has been deposited there by our cat. Luckily, we manage to save them! The Anti-Death Pit!

Danielle Michelle said...

That is about the funniest thing I've ever read!