Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Change Of Scenery

Okay, I cannot keep a secret any longer...I'm packing!

I'm so excited and very sad at the same time.

The BrownEyed Cowgirlsssss is going to become the BrownEyed Cowgirl. Singular!

The time has come that it is absolutely necessary for me to move to Colorado and help My Honey. I have been planning to anyway, but have been pushing back the time due to obligations I felt I had here.

After much discussion and thought, fights and persuasion...Megan has decided that she wants to stay here and go to school.

I really can't blame the kid. She likes it here. This little town is slow-moving, easy-going and she fits right in with everyone else.

Have no worries. She will be living with my mom. I figured she might be just a tad young to leave on her own.;-)

I don't know how long it will last. Grandma is way more easy going in some aspects, not so easy going in others. And not nearly as likely to load up and head off on an adventure.

This is tough. The last few days I have felt rather torn in two. It's been Megan and I for a long time now. We usually have a blast together. Don't know what I'm going to do without my little mini me. My riding partner. My jamming sista. The pain in my butt sometimes. Chris is disappointed that she is not coming with me too.

Obviously, if she decides that the new arrangement is not working, all she has to do is call and I will come get her in a heartbeat. We tried to explain that the school she would attend out in Colorado is a very good school. She does have friends there already too. But so far it is a no go. She is adament that she wants to stay.

So next week sometime...I still have to get Coggins, brand inspections and health certs on my, my boys(the dogs) and 3 horses will be loading up and heading over the mountains.

I will be leaving the wide open prairie, no particular schedule and the luxury of having my horses in the backyard... and heading to-My Honey's daily company, a job in our business office and horses boarded up the road.

I have lots of things to look forward too. Gee-a regular paycheck? Wow-been a while since I have had one of those. Lots and lots of horse events...pretty much all winter long, and the joy and comfort of seeing My Honey every day. Remind me of this last one in a couple of months okay? It's been many, many years since I have lived with another adult day in and day out.

The only thing that will be missing is the other BrownEyed Cowgirl. Ya know, it just isn't going to be as much fun going and doing horse stuff without her. I hope it doesn't take her too long to get to missing her momma and I get the phone call asking me to come get her.


Mrs Mom said...

Happy Trails there woman! Wishing a safe trip for you, and a wonderful settling in time with Honey Man!

Kristen said...

wow sounds exciting! Good luck to you, hopefully Megan won't take long on deciding that she wants to move with you!

Trailboss said...

WOW! This is big. I can see where you feel the need to move and also why you are so torn. I don't remember hold old Megan is but I am thinking at least a junior. Anyway, that is tough. For you both. And horses boarded down the road? That will take some getting used to. How far apart will you be?

gtyyup said...

That really is going to be a change for you all...wish you the best of everything in your new endeavor!

Mikey said...

Oh wow, this IS a big change! I think it'll be good though. She's growing up and ready to fly on her own (almost) and it'll be good. You're not that far away, and you can be there in no time flat.
What a cool adventure!!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and the information on over at the knees conformation. It's not highly visible or we would have seen it before now but he has always had a lot of front leg movement and he and mom do have longer cannon bones. I'll really be looking at him tonight! Best to you on your move to CO! I'm sure it's hard but wow...the scenery will make up for it! I'll bet your daughter will miss ya! Luanne

C-ingspots said...

Oh wow, I'd be so torn too. I've always wanted a daughter and the thought of having one and then moving on without her would be very, very difficult. She is growing up though, and facing it in small increments may make it easier down the road. You have my sympathy because I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. It's kind of like losing your best friend, or like you said, your mini me. LOL!! However, it is exciting too!! A whole new life is about to begin for you...hopefully everything will work out and be everything you hope it will be. I wouldn't be surprised if Megan misses her momma more (and more quickly)than she would have expected. It is great that you are giving her the chance to decide for herself which way she wants to go. That will pay off big time for both of you in the long run. Wishing you all the best...Colorado is a beautiful state. You could have picked a lot of worse places to relocate to! Good luck!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Oh Wow!!! How very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! All I can really do is send you a VERY heart felt GOOD LUCK!!! To both of you Brown Eyed Cowgirls! You are both starting out on a new journey and I can only hope that it brings you both happiness.

Look forward to hearing how things go!

cdncowgirl said...

Holy moley... lotsa changes! Congrats on finally getting to live with your honey. And I'm sure that Megan will be joining you at some point.
I hope you'll find time to blog and let us all know how everything is going.

Which horses are you taking? I'm guessing Moon is one but who the heck are the other two? And do you have plans to bring more in the future?
(Beretta and Shooter could always come live here! lol)

Laura said...

That must be a bit tough! Exciting to go and a bit hard to leave, especially your girl. I hope the trip with all the boys in tow goes well.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure and keep us posted on the details!

ezra_pandora said...

What a tough choice. When my sis got divorced, their kids were old enough to decide which parent to go with and two of her three girls chose to stay with their dad while my sis moved about 10 hours away. She was heartbroken, but understood. Is she going to move with you after school is over if she doesn't change her mind before then?

This will definitely bring on a whole new load of adventures for you :) Now instead of SC, we'll have to go to CO to see ya!! lol Good luck to the four of you and I hope it all goes without a hitch.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH MY!! This is a huge change...I hope it works out for you...and for everyone of course..What about your mom how is she doing with this??

Best of luck to you on your journey..