Friday, June 12, 2009

Much 'Taa-do About Nuthin'

Where on earth did this week go??

I don't know! Seems like it should still be Tuesday.

Things are just sporadic. It's been raining and C.O.L.D since Saturday. Now it is just rainy.

I thought we were going to turn into popsicles at the rodeo last weekend. Everyone was wearing hoodies, winter coats, gloves and I'm pretty sure I saw at least one person with coveralls. We sat in the stands, in full winter dress and wrapped in blankets.

Thankfully, it has warmed up. We are down to dressing in hoodies and vests again.

It's the middle of June already?


NOT that I am complaining about the moisture.

First rule of growing up in this part of the country...NEVER...EVER complain about moisture.

You don't know when it will stop. It's been known to do that here...for years.

So anyway...the moisture has been making it difficult to get much done in terms of actual arena work. But the road around the arena is sandy, so we have been doing some conditioning work. And bending and flexing on the straight line, two-tracking from one side to the other and working small circles in a sandy spot near the roping boxes.

Rip is moving into hard-body condition. No more losing a finger when you poke him in the shoulder-LOL.

Strawberry has been giving Megan fits. It's hard to move from one horse to another. He always stays in pretty good shape and can long-trot for days without losing his air. Meg is working hard on getting him back into his WP-horse mindset.

Moon is coming along. For straight line work, I went back to a twisted wire snaffle and running martingale. I'm getting that nose to drop, poll to soften and that shoulder to lift. He would prefer to travel straight and stiff as a board. He's a business man, ya know. He's got places to go and work to do. No time to mess around with all that sissy, bending and flexing stuff. But he's coming back to me. He always does. Not that we are getting any actual barrel work done. The arena is knee deep in mud. But I did set some random barrels up in the grass and am working him on simply walking and trotting into and around them in the correct position. A long running martingale does help during slow work.

And Frosty, my buckskin marshmallow is coming along too. Bless that sweet boy-he just walks and jogs around with a dazed and wondrous look on his face. Nothing spooks him. He's too awestruck. His blubber is coming off. Riding will turn what's left to muscle. I'll wait until the arena is good again before we start loping again.

That's about it for what's going on around here. I haven't been able to get to the river ranch to see my filly lately. I'm sure she is growing like a weed. The next mare due to foal, aught to be getting close too.

My Honey is here for a few days. He came over to go to the family reunion with me. We aren't sure what that is going to be like. How odd that I have so many extended cousins around me and I don't know any of them. I guess we'll see this weekend if I want to or not-LOL.

Sunday is an open horse show. Both Megan and I are anxious to go. It's a great little show, great people and it has just been waaaayyyyy to long since last August. We are dying to show.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed that anymore substantial rainfall holds off so we can enjoy ours.:-)


Leah Fry said...

We had 2 days this week with close to 2 inches of rain each day, so even if it doesn't rain anymore, there's still standing water. I am grateful for every drop of rain. My "rodeo injury" means I can't ride anyway. The Boyz are coming home, so it's all good!

Andrea said...

I am in Utah and it's been raining like crazy here too! But you are right about not complaining about any parcipitation. They need all they can get. And it sounds like the horses are getting some good slow/straight work done. I need to do that with Ozzie....ugh. That horse is like riding a train. He just hangs on the bit. It drives me nuts.

How exciting that your man is in town!!! We went to a family reunion the other day and I didn't know any one. There are so many cousins here too. I probably see them all the time, but have no clue who they are.

Enjoy your time with your man. And I hope it dries up for you soon! Have fun at your horse show.

sue said...

have fun at your show... nothing like the summer to bring out great horse events!!!

we will be driving all weekend... can't wait... hosting my first clinic.. if it goes well, they're will be others!!!

give us baby up dates, too please!!!! I love seeing your babies!!!!!!

kdwhorses said...

We have had rain off and on the last couple of days as well. And I agree don't ever complain about it, we need it that's for sure! But we defintely haven't been wearing hoodies! Hot and humid East TExas weather here!

Great job with the horses! Feels great to have progress!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like I am the only one getting a long stretch of dry, sunny weather! Which is perfect for me, since I am not working, I can work horses! I am usually the one getting all the rain and being stuck in mud. Ick.
I hope the weather gets better for you guys, especially with a show on Sunday! At least you can still get the horses worked, even though you can't use the arena. That's always my problem, when it rains, can't use the arena, it gets way too slippery.
Have a great time with your honey and at the family reunion!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Isn't this weather something else!! It sounds like you have been getting a lot of work done with the horses!! You rock!! I love to read of all the things you are doing! Makes my life seem like it's standing still LOL, and its definitely not!! Have a great time at your reunion!!! Oh and let us know how that show goes Saturday!! I wish we were rodeo'n this weekend but DD went with my mom camping :(

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It's been very windy here!

I don't seem to get anything accomplished besides mare watching and I'm really getting tired of that. I wish Annie would just pop out her foal. But then, I'm sure she wishes that too. lol.

Carroll Farm said...

I am with Paint Girl - beautiful weather here - but next week it will hit over 100 degrees again, and it will be too hot to do anything. :)

Sounds like you are busy. Things are running slow here, just watching Josh's knee and hoping that everything is healing properly.

Give us pics of the horse show!!