Monday, May 25, 2009

Who They Are And Where They Came From(Part 2)

When my brother came home with his black stallion, Brown King Command, he had a particular mare in mind to breed him too, so as soon as he could, he got this mare bought and started raising babies out of her. The mare's registered name is Miss Half Leo, aka Jane. She was Leo and Three Bars breeding.

There are 6 full brothers and sisters in the herd out of this cross. One thing about old Jane, she was pretty darn consistent when it came to stamping her get, in the looks department anyway...

Leo Command, aka Leo-16y/o gelding.

Leos Bunny Command, aka Bunny-15y/o mare.

Leos Partner Command, aka Partner-14y/o gelding.

Miss Half Command, aka G(aka Miss Piggy-if there is the even a light sprinkle, this mare is rolling in the mud-sheez)-12y/o mare.

Watch Leo Command, aka Watch 9y/o mare.

Electric Command, aka Electra-8y/o mare.

When Jane was bred to the Lady Bugs Moon stallion, she produced;

Leos Miss Sugar Bug, aka-Chunk-10y/o mare. (She's getting close! Poor thing is so uncomfortable)

There's not a lot of doubt that these horses are all related is there? LOL.

The only thing Jane wasn't real consistent on was putting speed on all of her get. Three of her mares, Bunny, G and Watch are quick off the start and pack a lot of power, but they really don't have any top end speed. But looking at how they are built, that's not hard to figure out. Leo, Partner, Electra and Chunk have speed to spare though, so I suppose the old mare can't be faulted too much.

If my brother had stopped there, he would have had a pretty decent lineup of saddle horses...but figuring out when to stop has never been one of my brother's strong points. Although, I think the best horses we have came from a share deal he worked out with some friends of his. They will be coming up next.


Andrea said...

Oh, Leo....sigh...have I mentioned that I love bays? My first horse was a blood bay and I loved him. And I would have to agree, those there horses are all related, no doubt about it. Big chunky horses!!! Poor Chunk, she looks like she is ready to pop!! I wish she would have that babe already so we can see what it looks like!! I like their big hips and nice shoulders!! Are all those horses broke to ride?

Paint Girl said...

Very nice horses! Can't wait to see the rest.
Chunk does look like she is about to pop that baby out!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh poor Chunk needs to have that foal!!! Yes that is one strong stamp she's leaving!!! They are all obvious kin!!

Callie said...

They sure DO look related!

SunnySD said...

Good looking group you have there!

Melanie said...

Gees I have missed a ton of posts over here... Your herd definitley looks related, and I love how Shooter approaches you rather than flees from you.
Have I ever told you that you have some damn fine looking QH's???? LOL!!!

Stephanie said...

Look at all those red horses!
Your mare all have good muscling and nice shoulders I notice. Are they all nice to ride I don't see anything that screams "bumpy or rough".