Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If People Would Just Listen

Have you ever had to take something in to be repaired or serviced and NO ONE will listen to what you are telling them?

Yesterday, I took the new pickup to the dealership to see if they could figure out why it was running 20-30 degrees hotter than it had been. Also, I explained, VERY CAREFULLY to the guy at the counter that anti-freeze was disappearing. I've already had to add about 1/2-3/4 of a gallon. This should not be in a brand new pickup. Anytime anti-freeze is disappearing and you cannot find where it is leaking out, there is a good chance your engine block is cracked and that is NOT a good thing.

Did he listen to me?

Apparently NOT!

Cause when I went back a few hours later to get my pickup, I asked them if they found anything wrong with it and they said "Yes, your transmission line is leaking."

Ummm...Okay?? How exactly does that affect the temperature of the thermostat, I ask the guy.

He looks at me puzzled. It doesn't.

So I have to go into everything ALL OVER AGAIN with this guy, the above normal temperature, the missing anti-freeze and the fact that I never said ANYTHING about a freaking leak. I have never seen anything leaking out from under this pickup.


So, they take it back into the shop and pressure check the radiator and within a few minutes find a loose hose clamp where the anti-freeze was leaking out, right on the manifold, so of course there would be no leak under the pickup.

They tightened the clamp, filled the anti-freeze. Can't explain why it's running hotter than it did before, but computer wise, everything checks out.

Okay then. I explain to them that I do not want to have to drive 200 miles just to have the new transmission line put on, can any GM dealer do it? The answer was Yes.

Thank God!!!

And then they try to charge me $75 for servicing it. Ummm....No, I say, I handed the same guy, who apparenently did not listen to a damn word I told him, the servicing coupon that gives me free services on the pickup for the first 100,000 miles(as much as that sucker cost My Honey, they damn well better have thrown in some freebies).

Now mind you, the whole time I am trying to explain everything and they are looking for the missing coupon, this jackass is standing right there, but refusing to acknowledge that I am talking about him or that I even gave him the damn coupon.

I was Pissed!! And I made sure they ALL knew I was pissed at HIM. Everyone else was very nice and trying to be very accomodating. I hope he got his ASS chewed after I left.

Now, I have long gotten over thinking that service people save particularly poor attitudes and lack of attention to detail for us females. I know of way too many guys who have gotten taken and HARD by mechanics. The fact is not a lot of people have the time or the inclination to work on their own vehicles anymore...and these new ones? Sheez-it's more about being able to read the computer diagnostics than knowing mechanics. I pop the hood on anything newer than about a 95' and I'm like, "Yup, that's the engine". But in reality, even the newer engines run on the same principles as the old ones. So if you know the basics, it makes it much harder for mechanics and crappy service people to sell you a bill of goods that makes no sense.

Gee-wonder why GM and all the other car companies are in trouble? Their service sucks!! That guy is lucky I didn't quit smoking yesterday, I might have went kamakazie on him-LMAO!!!

And cause I know I am not the only hot rod buff, this sweet little number went blowing by Chris and I as we were going through Kansas City...

Lordy, where is my drool cup?

There was more to our trip than just NY-I just haven't been able to sit down and write up the posts yet. I'll get to them.


Blue Eyed Tango said...

Glad to see that it worked out alright for you....yup customer service has pretty much gone by the wayside everywhere you go....same ole same ole....people just don't seem to care anymore. That guy probably hates his J..O..B and it shows! Too bad for him....he should be glad he even has one! I don't know why lack of communication seems to be the ongoing theme throughout businesses across America....no one takes the time to catch up the next shift coming in to work.....too busy or too preoccupied with other matters. It's all in the details...they'll get ya every time! Thing falling through the cracks...sure is frustrating to say the least. What is this all coming to? You're not alone!! I would guess the sweet little rod was your highlight of the trip!!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh yeah, my first car was a Javelin with a Hemi, how's that for a sixteen year old girl! VaROOm!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh duuuuude.... That blasted truck BETTER be running better now, and NOT going through the antifreeze! I have a *thing* about customer service peoples... and my Dad can fix ANYTHING. Even with him so very very far away, I can still call him up, take notes, and sic the service guys...hehehe

Enjoy that engagement "ring" there woman! ;)

20 meter circle of life said...

OMG I hate dealerships...Now I just play totally stupid and screw with them. Last time the guy asked "is that a Hemi?" I replied nooo I think its a Dodge (blink eyes and stare stupidly)

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

I was gonig to type something somewhat intelligent about people in the service industry these days, manufactures creating engine specifically so that people cant work on them at home and the frustration of men treating you like you are idiot just 'cause you are a woman....

....but all of that was lost when I saw the pic of that f'in sweet little SS. Damn! I actually agreed to go out on a date with a guy once just because he drove that exact car in bright yellow... (I overlooked that he was 3 inches shorter than my 5'5", punctuated every sentence with "f*ckin'* and actually drooled a little while talking to me... seriouslly... just for a ride in that car. And It was SO worth it!)

Mind you, your truck is pretty freakin hot too! How'you'doin'! lol *wink*

Andrea said...

I think men must be extra mean to woman to work in a service staition. They must have a part on the application that says, "Think all woman are stupid" and then give them an option to check yes or no.

I am glad you got it all fixed. What a mess.

That is a sweet little number. My dad has a '67 mustang, powder blue, all orignial paint. It sits in his garage, never moves.

cdncowgirl said...

OMG that was my car! Well, wrong colour but yeah... or at least I *wish* it was my car! lol

How's this for service, I took my '06 Equinox to the dealer because the front windows are fogging up and the defrost isn't working properly. They called back to say the REAR defroster works just fine.
Then,same vehicle same problem but different time, the "service" MANAGER asks me if I know how to use my heater controls properly.
That is why I will very shortly not be the owner of said vehicle.
In the meantime, while shopping for a new little SUV I stopped at FORD. I was in the dealership long enough to look at the signage and open and close doors/check out an Escape AND an Edge and not one single salesperson came around. The receptionist wouldn't even make eye contact! Went down the street to Chev (different dealership than the ones with crappy service) and was treated GREAT! Respectful, friendly, informative and non-pushy. Seriously, they should send that FORD dealer a thank-you card! lol

Mikey said...

Droooool is right! Wow! HOT stuff.
I hear ya on the listening. They never hear you when it comes to vehicle repairs.

kdwhorses said...

Customer service~what customer service, it has gone by the wayside 9 times out of 10! Glad you got it handled!
WOW~what a hot rod~! Drool!

SunnySD said...

Grrr! Dealerships - I won't name names here, but the last time I had warranty work done on my vehicle the dealership (GM - and I LIKE GM/Chevy, darn it) was supposed to be replacing a lines/clamps that were leaking. They managed to put a wrench through my radiator. Called me up laughing about it, and offered to patch it.

Um... NO. I said you broke it, now you replace it for me. Oh, no, they weren't responsible (!!!) Hey, I paid extra for a towing package, why would I want to compromise heating, cooling, etc. with a patched radiator when it was fine when I drove in. Bah!

After a call to national customer service, they finally conceded that they might be able to replace it rather than patch the hole.

And that is, indeed, one FINE set of wheels. Nothing quite like classic muscle power!

Stephanie said...

Yeah I have gone around and around with customer service too at dealerships. I finally found one that did right - cost a tad more but didn't give me any grief, didn't treat me like a "wittle gurl" and I have purchased every vehicle I have owned through that dealership since -just because their service department doesn't drive me up the freakin wall.

Melanie said...

LOL!!!! Isn't it fun being a woman in a "man's" environment??? You mean you migt actually know a thing or two about cars??? Really??? (I am being sarcastic here!!) "Women don't know nuthin' bout caahhhss!!!"

Callie said...

Glad it got fixed alright. They all try to screw you! I will say this, however, we have a little Ford Focus and as we were driving a front spring broke and we drove it straight to the dealership. The dude looked at it and went on the computer and found it was covered under a recall that we were unaware of and we got news springs that day without putting forth a penny and this car has got 100,000 miles on it. Unusual these days!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

The good, the bad and the downright stupid...sounds like we have all had to deal with a little of each at some point.