Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Kickin'

Everything is back to normal on the river...well, except for where it flooded, that is going to take a few months and may never be the same as it was before.

Everything changes doesn't it?

Nothing new to post about and am kinda down in the dumps with the ups and downs of the weather. The nice days a person feels overwhelmed with the amount of things that need done, the crappy days are irritating now too.

My Honey was here for a couple of days...that is always nice. But he is off and running again, looking for work for his rigs. The crumbling economy has affected the oilfields more than anticipated. Slow-downs were predicted and prepared for...just not quite this much. Slow-downs=okay, screeching halt=:O. Most of it has to do with the failing economy, not the reduced value per barrel of oil. Even the oil giants are struggling to figure out how to proceed.

Which makes this economic recession....depression much different than many of the others that have come and gone. Usually, in times of recession the big guys still have the ability to buy out the small guys and keep right on trucking, not so this time. Lack of lending funds is crippling even large companies.

Same with the ranches around here. Seems anytime there is a recession, there is always a small rancher who ends up getting bought out by one of the bigger ranches, not so this time. There are several large ranches that are in serious trouble financially.

I was half joking on Mikey's blog one day about having to get some chickens, a couple pigs and a milk cow, but maybe it won't be a joke before this is all over??


Mikey said...

Man, it ain't no joke bout the chickens. My neighbors just put in a big garden and I'm about to follow suit. I'm seriously scared for what's to come this year.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Yah, I joke. Time to start thinking about that kind of thing. Like you said, this isnt just your normal and moderate rise and fall of the economy...some very well informed people dont seem to have any doubt about just how bad this thing is going to get. It is odd the way that in the 30's the world was hit with the depression (economic) but also hit with natural disasters that ruined food crops...and now we are facing what some are calling the next Great Depression and mother nature is once again throwing all sorts of extreme weather in to the mix... makes you wonder, doesnt it?

I hope your honey makes it through alright! And you too! A chicken and a cow couldnt a backup plan!

Leah Fry said...

My highly qualified husband has been seriously underemployed for almost a year, so I hear ya. Although our investments have dwindled by 70%, I am grateful we have them to dip into. Otherwise, we'd have lost our place months ago. We still might. Hope things fare better for you and your honey.

sue said...

the cow and chicken thing have also been a topic of conversation in our family!!!! I probably won't do a cow, but turkeys are definately on the to do list as is the garden.... we are certainly living in a "strange time".. and my heart goes out to the folks who are struggling... it's not joke for sure. maybe it's high time to getting back to "helping your neighbor" and daily prayer!!!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Victory gardens, chickens, and maybe a horse to work the land. At least you have the option to do so. Living in the 'Burbs' there is no option raise your own food. Hubby and I are ok financially- but I'm unemployed too and this the first time EVER (in thirty years) that Hubby has had to help me with money in regards to the Beasties. I think cottage industries are going to grow soon, so if you have one or know of one- invest in that.

Mrs Mom said...

Our garden- or the start of it- is going in TODAY. We too have talked about the chickens, and I have two contacts to get a side of beef from. Milk though... hmmm.... Just no room for a milk cow here!!! We are tight on space.

But, *IF* the Sh*t Hits The Fan, we look at it this way:
We have game in the woods
Live on a spring fed lake
Loads of fish in the lake
Lots of room for a huge garden

That song "A Country Boy Can Survive" rings true here.... ;)

Andrea said...

We are going to be getting some chickens and we are planting a big garden this summer. I have also cut back a lot on my grocery bill, by shopping sales and using coupons. It's not going to get any better. I have food stocked up and I am using my stash of food. Which is scary because it's there for when it's really bad.

We also need to stock our pond. Get us some fish in there!! the more we can do on our own the better!! The new president can't fix this. I am not holding my breath for it this time.

SunnySD said...

I hear you. Oh boy, do I! We're expanding the garden this year, and will be canning & freezing again (assuming everything grows). It's scary. But like Mrs. Mom and some others have said, at least we're somewhere where gardens & such are an option. I'd hate to be a highrise apartment dweller right now.

Hope things end right-side up for you and your honey. And for us all. Hang in there!

kdwhorses said...

Girl I hear ya! This year I'm VERY worried! Everything is so damn high and doesn't look like it's going to get any better. We have buckled down and only doing what we have to , to get by. i think we all are in the same boat. I'm wanting to do a garden this year too. I have cut down on my grocery spending as well and the meals too! But I can say it is nice to be at home, even if we are just eating beans and rice! :O

Danielle Michelle said...

God - I hear ya. It's supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend and I just want to hide from all the work I kow I have to do.

Just ordered some more chicks today. Eggs for me and then I can sell some. Also looked at garden stuff. I think all us self-sufficient folk are thinking the same things...namely surviving this all.

Keep your chin up. We're all busting butt to do the same thing. You're a survivor too.

Tammy said...

My self employed husband finished out the worst year in his life. He can do about anything construction wise, but his primary focus over the last 3 decades is rebuilding church steeples. Churches need donations to do it and it isn't happening. I am very grateful for my job right now. Our dept. is doing pretty good although our company took a big hit with investment income.

We've downsized our horse herd - down to just 5 now! Haven't bought anything we can live without. But dang, I sure don't like living this way.

Stephanie said...

I didn't think it was a joke at all - and me like everyone have been thinking the same thing....wish i could get better so I could focus on stuff like a garden and what not.

Natarojo said...

We've had a massive garden going since we bought our farm 8 or 9 years ago. But I think this year we will be utilizing it better by planting a larger variety of things so we don't have to make so many trips to the store. Our neighbour has a whole wack of chickens, the farm I work at has cows for meat. But I think I'll keep buying my milk from the store. For now anyways....

I hope all works out for you and your honey! We are facing a lot of challenges at my work as well, I'm in aviation. Parts repair/overhaul and distribution. And let me tell ya, NOBODY is flying right now.... (Helicopters and lighter weight aircraft) And aviation has always been a bit of a roller coaster ride as it is....

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

The could I forget the garden?

Yea, it's looking like the "pot garden" isn't going to be enough this year. We are gonna go to the ground.;) least I won't have to worry about buying a draft team. I do have those Hancock geldings-LMAO!!!!

Pony Girl said...

The "pot garden", LOL! I remember your pot garden.
Interesting perspective, that the "big guys" aren't able to save the little guys anymore.
I am scared after reading all of these comments. Time to stock up on some supplies!! Wish I had a place for a garden.

Flying Lily said...

It's a very scary time. Retirement is looking like a distant dream for me now. Hope things improve soon for Chris! And all the garden plans...well they are inspiring. A new crop in the pot garden would help too! :)

LOL my word verification is RESTUDD!

Melanie said...

Ughhh...I hear ya'! Our country/economy is in dire staits right now, and I am worried that things are going to hit rock bottom before they get better. I have a small garden now, but maybe I should think about expanding it.

So...your man does oil rig stuff?? (I remember that big piece of equipment you posted about awhile ago too) I am just asking, because this past week they finally moved drilling equipment onto my father-in-laws property in Partial ND. They are having a giant oil boom up there right now, and as bad as it is for the environment, I sure wouldn't mind some extra cash! :)

About Gardasil...okay, here is the word on the street (or at the clinic anyway!!)...the OB/GYN's are pushing it, and about 1/2 of the patient's are getting it.

Would I give it to Katie if she were old enough right now? No, but that is just me, and it has nothing to do with feeling that it promotes teenage sex as Chelsi!! (I seriously can't believe people say/think that!!!)

My concern is that it is a new vaccine, and the potential long term s/e's have not had time to rear their ugly heads. Just because the FDA approves something, doesn't mean it is safe, right?

I get concerned when I read about the reported number of adverse s/e's, because I know from personal experience that MOST vaccine s/e's go unreported...the doctors and nurses simply don't care or they don't have the time to report them.

Then there is the point that you mentioned about cancer, specifically cervical and breast, having a large hereditary component. Also, from working in an OB/GYN's office for years, there is a much higher incidence of herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea, when compared to genital warts.

There really is no easy answer...we can only educate them about safe sex, and hope that they listen to us, but we all know how that works out!!!
Megan seems like a smart her some graphic pictures of STD's, and let her know that they can be transmitted even when there are no visible symptoms. what feels right for you and Megan. The immunization may give you peace of mind, and that is what matters to a lot of people.
I can also speak more freely because Katie is young, but I have witheld other immunizations (not all, just some), and I will most likely withold this one too.

Hope this helps and sorry it is so long!! :)