Monday, February 2, 2009

Is This A JOKE??

REACHING OUT FOR HELP......I know in economic times it's very hard to be helpful, but me and my husband are desperately asking for help from someone..... I know to some of you this will not seem that important, but if you have seen the impact this mare has had on people of all ages your heart would be breaking as ours is.In october I went to look at a potential broodmare investment in upper south carolina. When I got there she was thin, had never had her teeth done, had not had her hooves trimmed in years, and had a very big back ankle. I should never have brought her home (even though her paperwork was killer) but I instantly fell in love with her and could just NOT leave her there.... to make matters worse I agreeed to make up to $750 worth of payments to this lady just to take her home.I've put 350 pounds on her since october, had her alligned 3 times, had specialized trimming, numerous amounts of wormer, and a lot of elbow grease to bring this mare back to full glory, and now she is a big tall BEAUTIFUL jet black broodmare....Now here is the downside... A few weeks ago she came up hobbling on that bad back fetlock. I iced her and kept her stalled for two weeks. Finally when I got her comfortable I had x-rays pulled on her ( last friday). She literally has a triangular sized chunk of cannon bone GONE in a fencing injury. She has literally been walking on nothing. You can see where it has been TRYING to fuse but just has not had the time (the woman kept breeding her on this leg) and has endured so much pain she doesn't even know there is a problem anymore. After talking to UGA, our vets, and numerous other clinics, all options we have come to would cost over $4500 to cast and reset the leg. We've even talked about harvesting eggs, embryo transfers, and even cloning... If you are curious as to why please type in Profits Black Ice in and just read. The decision was to euthanize her monday afternoon when my husband decided to create a device to properly brace and immobilize that fetlock with time to fuse. After a bunch of research and speaking to one of our vets it may acutally work and be worth a shot....Now if you met this mare and see the way she has changed out lives and the lives of mothers and their children that are out at my farm, you would understand why we are willing to exhaust our options. I've owned a large number of horses but never have I had one touch my heart like she has, and she has got the biggest amount of FIGHT I've ever seen in a horse that's been done SO wrong......The goal is to fuze the joint to keep her sound and let her keep living (this mare is ONLY 13), be able to harvest her eggs or possibly hold her own foal, or even just let her live a life with kind hearted people until she is ready to go.The Help part:To be able to do this she may face 3 months to a year in a stall and hand walking. I'm looking for anyone kind enough to send any materials they think she may need... from mineral ice, to sport wraps, quilts, fly sheets, scrims, things to play with in her stall, treats, ANYTHING that can help out. I've always been kind to others and gone out of my way, and now I'm simply asking for someone to do the same. The shavings will be incredibly expensive, any donations (even if it is a doller) will GREATLY help and will go EXCLUSIVELY towards us trying to rehab her. We are just looking for ANYTHING someone doesn't want that may help this mare out.... To all those kind enough, I can't thank you enough. I'm 25 years old and the only other time I've cried this hard is when my son was born. I don't think I could live with myself if we did not try, she's really one of a kind.If anybody has anything they could send our way, ANYTHING. Please message me and I will shoot you an address. Those of you that help, I wont ever forget you, and neither will ice!I would like to keep posting information about her on here including before and after photographs, x ray shots (still have to obtain from vet), and progress reports so that everyone can pray for her...I hope this was not too long, but I've kept this is my broken heart the entire weekend, now all I have is hope.Sincerely, Ashley Butler

Alright, I was reading through the comments on Fugly this morning and saw this posted in the comments section of fugly's post about what would people do with their money if they didn't have horses?

Ummm..."quit breathing??" would be my first response.

But back to that comment...

WTF kind of CRACK is this person smoking??

You know, I am probably labeled a BYB by fugly know...barbed wire fences, foundation-bred horses, some not broke, still raising a foal or two...but HOLY CRAPPOLA(as my friend Angie likes to say), this HAS to be joke right?? And the thing I can't believe is that this person wasn't torn to shreds by the fugly crowd? Surely they know it is a joke and those of us not "in-the-click" are left to scratch our heads??

Okay, I cannot help but break this down...because this is a CLASSIC example of blatent stupidity when it comes to breeding or horse ownership for that matter.

**...I went to look at a broodmare investment...
Ummm, okay...I would presume that this meant you were looking for something that was breeding sound and sound enough to carry a foal to term? Anything not meeting that criteria should have made you walk away.

**When I got there she was thin, had never had her teeth done, had not had her hooves trimmed in years, and had a very big back ankle.
Okay, not a total deal breaker...but I think I would have asked some questions about that see x-rays or have x-rays done?? I am not a person who does vet checks before buying horses, but if there is something obviously wrong with the horse, I would want to know if it is still going to be suitable for what I want it for.

**I should never have brought her home (even though her paperwork was killer) but I instantly fell in love with her and could just NOT leave her there.... to make matters worse I agreeed to make up to $750 worth of payments to this lady just to take her home.
Your right, you never should have brought her home. And I don't know?? Either you didn't have the full asking price of this horse or you didn't have the $750? Either way..YOU PAID TOO MUCH!!! Do you NOT have a single clue as to what is going on in the horse market today? Killer papers or not...well-bred, sound broodmares are a dime a dozen. And I do mean a DIME A DOZEN!!

**We've even talked about harvesting eggs, embryo transfers, and even cloning...
Yea RIGHT!! You could not afford to pay for this mare upfront, nor can you afford to cast her as the vet recommends and you want us to believe you can afford to harvest eggs? Do an embryo transfer? Or CLONE this horse? Gee, last I heard, Charmayne James paid around $100,000 to $150,000 to clone of the greatest barrel horses in history. You cannot afford to pay for this mare in full, an amount less than ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS and you want ANYONE to believe you have the funds to pay for things some of us cannot even dream of doing??

**If you are curious as to why please type in Profits Black Ice in and just read.
I did read...yawn!! Yes, a well-bred mare. But nothing that I do not see on HUNDREDS(if not thousands) of other mares. There is nothing rare or hard to find or even an unusual combination of bloodlines that would suggest this mare is WORTH all of the work and $$ to get a foal out of her. You should have remembered you were looking for a broodmare INVESTMENT, not a moneypit.

And then she goes on to ask for donations from people to help rehab this mare...just so she can get a foal out of her(but she does add that "It's okay if she just survives"-Bullshit!! We all know, the only reason to keep her going is so you can get a foal). Because she is big and black and just soooo rare and wonderful. I have the same exact mare standing in my pasture too and guess what? She isn't going to be raising anymore babies in her lifetime...and she is perfectly healthy and sound and could raise several more babies for me if I wanted...

What is so very, very sad about this is the previous owner probably knew full well how bad this mare's ankle was and rather than put her down, found a sucker to pay a stupidly large sum of money for her. But I lose all sympathy for said sucker when she decides it is a good idea to beg for donations to "fix" this mare rather than do the right thing and put the poor mare down. How the hell do people justify themselves? Well, I guess we get a glimpse of that from her touching thoughts on just how much impact this mare has had on the people who have seen her...all of whom are probably touched with sadness that this mare is forced to continue suffering all in the name of "getting a foal".

But you know? I wonder if she will find people to "help" her out? I would really like to know, because I do have my 24 year old mare here that I really, really wished I could get a few more babies out of...and if anyone wanted to help me out financially, I would be estatic to be able to afford to flush her eggs and do as many embryo transfers as you all wanted to pay for....just think, I could have a ton of little Shooters running around...
Yay for me!!!


SunnySD said...

Wow. And what's sad is that lady will probably get a few takers. *shakes head in disbelief* Oh... My.

And yes, YAY for you - LOL!

cdncowgirl said...

I saw that too... had to shake my head.
BTW I can't picture not having horses, but IF I never did my $$ would have been spent on a late 60's Camaro SS, black.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Cdn-I love hotrods too. My dream hotrod is a 76-77 Trans-Am...Black of course with T-tops and the big gold eagle, just like the Smokey and the Bandit TA. Chris and I have the body and frame for a '67 Camaro RS(the first year it was made) and a '68 Camaro that is the parts car to put the '67 back together. It is currently stripped down and ready to start working on from the ground up-going to be a looonnngggg project(probably 2-3 years), but we already invision it a beautiful bright yellow with black accents. I have already named it The Bumblebee. I am sure the stock engine is a 350, but I think we may be more inclined to go with the 454, big block, duel carbs and positrack rear-end. But, I still want my TA, cause I have a feeling that Chris will "over" on the Camaro and I will never get to drive it-LOL. If I really had to suffer, I would "settle" for a '68 GTO Goat. Now that is suffering-LOL.

Mrs. Mom said...


I am pretty much speechless here.

BTW- that shot of Shooter? Just goes to reinforce what we talked about the other day! ;)

Smack them Shooter Hams from me Baby!

Anonymous said...

that definitely goes into the "you gotta be kidding " segment...

gp in montana who's longing for her alpha romeo now that you're talkin' camaros and such

Andrea said...

Yum.....what was that yahoo thinking? Those papers didn't scream out at me, "Super Mare". Sorry, any really good name was too far back on the papers to make it worth anything. Now, if Doc Bar or Three Bars would have been closer and on top and bottom, I might have believed her. She could have shopped around and found an awesome broodmare. The girl who wrote that is stupid.

And your black mare is a tank. Dang she is nice! And that little Shooter is awesome.

Maybe someone would like to donate to my fund. The "I want a Pleasure Horse but can't afford a finished one" fund. I just need 50,000 more!! :)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

LOL-Mrs Mom...I saw that and started reading fast...I was just sure she would be ripped to shreds, but only one person even acknowledged her. Very strange I thought. I couldn't resist doing a post, just for fun...nuthin else to do until it warms up in a couple of days...winter boredom setting in-dee ta dee!!;)

I think something something is wrong with Shooter though...he just looks more and more like a WP prospect. Level topline, clean, tight hock action, flat knee, on earth could my carefully crafted breeding program go so wrong?

Andrea...My black mare is pretty chubby at the moment, but when she slims up she is long and lean. I ran barrels on her a bit and she didn't seem to care for them. She likes tracking cattle so I break-a-wayed and heeled on her some, but her true calling is in the show pen-WP, HUS, Showmanship and Trail. I intend to get her up this year and start riding her again. It will take a bit of work to get her lope back where it was, she always took a lot of conditioning at the lope. But her jog and extended trot are to die for!
That other black mare...poor thing! Best thing she had going for her on the close-up bloodlines was that she is a grand-daughter of Rocket Wrangler. Unusual to see that young of a horse(13y/o) with RW that close, still not worth making her suffer.

Didn't you all just get a hoot out of the "flushing eggs, embryo transfer, cloning" thing though?? I am still chuckling about that. This has to be a parody. I mean they hit every single "hot" button...crippled mare, un-spectacular bloodlines, bought on payments, can't afford proper vet and begging for donations.
I just couldn't resist poking a little fun in return whether it was real or a joke.

ezra_pandora said...

Wow, that was seriously a person posting all of that on Fugly? I can't get through most of those comments, but yeah, I can't believe anyone else didn't rip on her. Especially since there have been other fugly posts on almost that same exact thing.

And cloning when you still owe because you can't afford it yet? Joke joke. Let's hook her up with the lady with octuplets in CA who has 6 other invitro kids because "she's been obsessed with having kids from a young age." gaaah.

Danielle Michelle said...

Good for you!!! In the midst of horse country you can get a good broke mare already bred for about $200. The market is nothing and I'm talking about WELL-BRED doc bar, olena, skipper, driftwood, cohen stock for these prices. WHAT is this chick thinking!?!?

God I hope nobody fell for that. Almost souds like a scam to me.