Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Wait A Day

There is a saying in South Dakota, that if you don't like the weather...just wait a day. Sometimes you only have to wait a few hours for the weather to change dramatically around here. But hey, that is probably why not a lot of people desire to live in this area. The weather in this part of the country is an everchanging and uncontrollable force that makes or breaks everyone and everything in its path.

Yesterday, we woke up to a brisk...fourteen degrees below zero.

Frosted ponies anyone???

By last night the temperatues had risen to 28 degrees. Still sound chilly? Well when you consider that the change was almost 40 degrees, to the felt like a veritable heat wave. It was a short lived deep freeze this time and we did not get nailed as hard as the eastern part of the state this time. Whewwww!! This winter has been a cold bugger. But the next few days are expected to be in the 40's with plenty of sunshine. It is going to feel like spring has arrived.

My Honey is still here....he decided to stay an extra couple of days and that has turned into an extra week. I love it! Today we are headed out to terrorize some prairie dogs with a new rifle...more on that later. ;)


Mikey said...

Good heavens!!! That's WAY cold. I can't get over how you survive up there. DANG THAT'S COLD!!
Did you know today it's 70, not a cloud in the sky??

gtyyup said...

Mikey is just sooooo mean to us all by flaunting her warm weather!

We are really unseasonably warm here though. It was 18 this a.m. and will be upper 40's this rain or snow in the forecast, which we desperately need of course!

Love the frosted eyelashes...stay warm!

Stephanie said...

Yeah we made it through our cold spell up here too.

The horses that aren't show horses - are usually left unblanketed all winter but if we get wind with the subzero temps - in the barn they go!

Just love the electric bill that comes with those temps - do you?

Trailboss said...

It's pretty dadgum cold in Kentucky too! Glad your honey stayed a few extra days. How special!

MichelleSG said...

OH man, I don't think I could handle that cold. They have the same saying here in SW TX except it's more if you don't like the weather wait a few hours. We had a day that was 85 and that night by 3 am it was snowing. Snowing? Yeah it was wild, we never get snow here normally but hey, like they say if you don't like the weather...

ezra_pandora said...

oh man. It's still -4 at 3:00 here. It was -12 this am when we got up, windchill of -28. I don't know how you live with it. But then you are now getting warmer temps than us. Tomorrow's supposed to be 18 and Sunday a balmy 24. I was feeling bad that I don't have blankets for my girls, but they've (well at least my mare) never had blankets before, but it's never been this cold. Seeing frost on yours makes ME feel a little better. lol

Andrea said...

Oh dear, that looks really chilly!! Okay, it looks down right freezing!! I just told my hubby I was goning to ride this afternoon and he said, "But it's cold!!" I think it's 50 today!! LOL, I wonder what he would think about -14!!

We don't blanket our horses down here unless we are showing them and no show ready ones here!!

I am glad your man got to stay a little longer!! I bet you are loving that!!

SunnySD said...

Love the frosted pony pics! It was too dark to capture the spots they were leaving on one another just breathing when I went out to feed the other night. Amazing how hardy they are in their winter woolies.

Glad to hear you had someone to snuggle up with through the cold spell. And I sure hope that's the last of it being THAT cold for the winter!

kdwhorses said...

Goodness that is cold! THe weather has been crazy this winter for sure!
Glad you and Chris are getting a couple more days!