Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At The END Of My Rope!!

I'm DONE...had it...finite!!!
My family can take a flying leap off of a very tall cliff!!

No, I'm serious...I CAN NOT do this anymore.

Today, Megan and I headed to the ranch to check on things(you know the spidy senses were tingling for the last couple of days). And what do we find??

Every single horse on the place without water. And no, I don't mean they just didn't have water today...I mean...they haven't had water in SEVERAL days!!!

Say WHAT???
Mmmmm...Thank's for showing up lady!! Been wondering what the hell was up with you people!!

These guys too...
Oh's such a good idea to let bred mares go without water for a couple or three days.

Because my brother is a lazy, worthless P.O.S!!!! That's why my dear!!

Yea...he's THAT thing...

And now the family feud is ON!!!

And why exactly is that stud still with the mares? Oh, I'll tell you why.

Because TWO MONTHS ago, mom and I went down to the place to put him in the corral and SHE couldn't figure out how to do it.

It's not freaking rocket science! I open the gates and drive the stud and the mares up to the corrals. Then I shut the gates. Put the stud in the pen made out of those gigantic panels and then open the gates and drive the mares back to the pasture.
Exactly the same way, we have done it for the last TWO years!

See what I mean?? I CAN NOT do this anymore!!

M.U.S.T...S.T.O.P...before I stroke out!!!


Chelsi said...

So..... would it be totally inappropriate to mention that your broodband is freakin' gorgeous? And that I love the new photos and color format?

Maybe later?

Hmm...okay... Deep breath. I feel your pain. I dont really get why some simple things seem so difficult to people that appear reasonably intelligent. I had the same problem this past summer except it was with the lady I boarded off of and it was the hottest day of the year! Horsekeeping 101- not rocket science!!

Rant on, my friend. You are justified!

MichelleSG said...

Go on with your venting woman, we are here to listen. And completely understand where you are coming from. My mom is a really intelligent lady. Except she fails to use her brain. ALWAYS. She took me to a business meeting (as her work partner) and then proceeded to introduce me to the city council and tell them that she brought me there to entertain them. I had no idea that I was no longer a business partner but a hooker. Fancy that! Hello did she not turn her brain on? Oh of course not, she doesn't use her brain! Life is sooo much easier when you use it you know. Not that I could tell her that, she's all up on her high horse about being the mom and always right. Right? Raising a hooker and all. Right?

Krystina said...

I hear ya girl! (And love the new format by the way...) Don't ya just love it when "if ya want something done right, do it yourself" comes into play?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Well, I have calmed down some. The cold weather and lack of water hasn't affected the majority of the herd. Tomorrow is going to be a peach of a day though...I am going to get the stud up-he's loosing a bit of weight and wouldn't you know that the red dun mare is coming back into heat-3 years in a row now that she has not settled(not my problem anymore!). My barrel horse, Moon looks atrocious-he's coming back to town and my poor sweet little crippled mare is not holding up this winter-it's time to call the vet. I've listened to my mom long enough on that too. I will not watch one of my horses suffer because my mom can't stand to let anything go. I swear-that woman is turning into a hoarder!!!

Thanks for the compliments on the blog changes Horse Crazed and Natarojo!!
Horse Crazed, you made me chuckle-thank you for the compliments on the mares. Of course you know us horse people...complimenting of the ponies is never inappropriate-hehehe ;)

Jocelyn said...

Oh I hear ya !!! Vent away sister!

Like today I come home from work and the dogs are still inside where I left them at 8 am this morning after their potty break.

I ask teen son, when was the last time the girls went out?
Uh I dont know...
Did you give them water??
Uh no they have some
Like 2 inches worth.


If were not for me, those dogs would be bony carcasses. Even my husband will feed them but no water ALL THE TIME. Now I know why gerbils eat their young.

cdncowgirl said...

WOW. I'd be seriously P.O'd too.
Vent as much as you want hon, we all understand.

BTW love the new colours and header. And thanks for the pics of your bee-yoo-ti-ful (but slightly thirsty) ponies :)

Leah Fry said...

Love the new header photo and glad you got there as soon as you did. Poor ponies!

Laura said...

Venting is allowed!!! Love the new layout and pic.

Not plowing a field for a couple of days is one thing - or something, but leaving animals without water is totally different! It drives me crazy when people do that.

Ah, family.

Callie said...

Holy Mackerals! That is ridiculous! No water? Yikes! I guess someone wants some colic vet bills.........I'd go balistic too! You might even have a few extra surprises in the spring? Holy man! I don't blame you for being pissed, I'd be pissed too!

Trailboss said...

I have one word for that, well 2 words really.....animal cruelity. There is absolutely no excuse for him acting like that. I wouldn't put up with it either sister. I vote to kick his ass all the way to town.

ezra_pandora said...

What, snow doesn't provide them with enough water?? (totally sarcastic) That would be horrible. I hate going to the barn and seeing my mare with anything less than 1/4 bucket of water. I get all pissy. We had that problem during the summer. Everyone would water the big gelding pastures, but not the little mare pasture (that has all of three horses in it). Must be just too much trouble for everyone. At least you found out hopefully before too much damage was done.

love the top picture there too :)

SunnySD said...

Chiming in late, but vent away - beautiful pictures, too! I love the new banner photo :)

Did anyone trot out the old, "But horses can always eat snow" platitude? Grrr... And they wonder why the horses learn to let themselves out. Glad they were all okay, and none of them colicked on you! Hopefully you won't have any really late babies out of the deal.

Andrea said...

How very annoying, to always have to follow up on things that others should be doing. It gets very aggrivating and very old really quick.

Your mares look really great. And your stud looks really happy to have been left out with the lovely ladies. I love how big and chunky all your horses are!!

I hope you all get things worked out. Maybe an automatic waterer would be good for those ponies!!

Love the new header!!!

Flying Lily said...

Nothing makes me angrier than horses in winter without adequate water - colic can happen so fast in this cold. There's no excuse. At my previous boarding the tank heaters were always breaking and the hose freezing, and even though the barn owner was quite well off, she did not want to spend money on 'non-essentials' like plumbing and tank heating.

kdwhorses said...

OMG! Vent away girl, we are hear to listen! I would be p*ssed as well! You should tell brother he should go without anything to drink for that long and see how he likes it! :O

Love the new look and header!

Of course your mares look great and the stud, I'm sure he isn't minding the extra time with the ladies!

Hope it gets better!

Danielle Michelle said...

Got back from Vegas to the same situation. Thank God is was only over a few I hear ya.

Your brood mares look great!!!

20 meter circle of life said...

Arrg I would want to KILLL!!! You vent whenever you need to thats one of the great thing about blogs!!
I love the new colors, very snazzy

Vaquerogirl said...

Oy Vey ! I know about Family! You can't change 'em, and you just can't kill 'em! ( What? Was that on the outside?)
Er... perhaps your Mom is having some mental issues? I know my Mom started taking some new meds, didn't tell me and I went crazy for months trying to figure out what was going on with her. Finally she told me about the new meds! I flipped! Made her go back to the Dr and fix things! She's still a nut, but a more predictable one. Just a thought.
And I dearly love the new Header! Ponies in a row! Kewwl!

C-ingspots said...

Yikes!! I would be pissed too. But, thank God for that spidey sense of yours or who knows...venting is a wonderful thing and totally socially acceptable!! Go kick some worthless brother ass girl!!
I too think that your horses look great and are beautiful.
Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. As much as I do not like winter, I do enjoy the photos of horses with their dark coats and white settings. Nebraska is now in a snow/ice warning. Not looking good weather wise.

I'm sorry about your herd and the water. Sounds like they are all okay. Its frustrating when others can't care for them like you do. I'm lucky we live on a farm with our horses. I've been traveling for work all week. Trust husband to do the chorse and all, but he just doesn't love 'em like I do! Can't wait to get home to them, even though the weather is something to be desired!

Anonymous said...

I know what! Leave your brother without water and his drink of choice for three days. I won't go so far as to suggest leaving your mother with a handsome stud for several months, though....

I'm really glad and surprised you didn't have colic or other health issues. Horses have to have water.

Beautiful pictures -- especially if I didn't know they were thirsty!

Your venting is justified since they can't speak for themselves. Well, not exactly.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Enjoy the pics SH-I was too busy working on the water to take pictures at first. So by the time I got the camera out-everyone had gotten a good drink...can't you see the smiles on their faces-LOL. ;)