Monday, November 10, 2008

Inspiring Discussions

I have to Thank each and every one of you for your insightful comments. Your assistance is bringing great clarity to the direction I find myself wanting to head.

I tell ya-sometimes having too many horses to work with is just as bad as not having one good enough to take you where you want to go. So to keep me inspired over the winter, I went through the herd and picked out 10 head that I want to accomplish specific goals with. Some of the others I will have to fit into the schedule because they still need to be started riding. Obviously, with no indoor facilities, riding time now becomes a matter of if and when.

Since our lovely little blizzard/ice storm, it's simply a matter of waiting until the ground becomes safe enough to ride again...hell, in this country, that could be next March-LOL. Lots of time to think about what I want to accomplish next year. Small matters that also weigh in is where exactly Megan and I are going to spend our summer. I have discussed the possibility of spending the entire summer in Colorado. One day, my mom thinks that is a good idea and the next, she is all sorts of pissed off about it. That is something that will have to work itself out. I know my mom needs me around for certain things, but I'm finding my little home-town stifling. If I hadn't promised Megan she could graduate from this school, we would so be out of here and living in Colorado with My Honey.

Things are just getting rather weird around my tiny little town. While I would not say that I have very close friends here, there are people that I do get along with and since the "little party" incident over Halloween, I can tell the subtle difference in people. No one has come right out and asked me about it...oh, that would just be to easy wouldn't it?

After some investigation(on my part) into how the party came about and how the cops found out about it...I rather feel that my daughter was set up. I do believe Megan when she says she did not plan that party. Did she handle it right? No, but then she is a just turned 15y/o that was trying not to get certain people in trouble. The little witch that ran her mouth about me being out of town and told everyone that Megan was having a party, managed to get off scot-free, except that my mom and I know she was the instigator. Megan is paying the price in the lose of her cell phone, no attending extra-curricular activities(unless she is involved), no friends allowed and knows that it will be quite awhile before she is allowed to stay by herself again.

I expected a lot more pouting and general pissiness over the new rules, but I think my daughter actually took a deep breath and sighed in relief. She is a kid that gets easily overwhelmed and although all kids initially resent the law being laid down, she is one who obviously appreciates the relief of being able to tell her friends NO-without having to make that decision herself. All in all, she is a good kid, with a good heart and in some ways I would be way more worried if she never tried to break any of the rules. Living life in complete safety and within every rule just doesn't seem like much of a life to me. After it was all said and done, Chris and I did have a pretty good was a pretty sad attempt on the part of those that showed up. And if some of those people who are acting weird are pissed off because their kids got into trouble...they can just kiss my A**. I was 700 miles away and they were right here. I still found out more information that they did. Amateurs!!


ezra_pandora said...

How crazy. I've always told my son, even though he's only 7 :) that if he needed to blame something on someone because he was uncomfortable telling someone no, then to go right ahead and just blame me. I know how that is and I feel bad for the good kids who get hit by the bad ones. It's so good your daughter didn't get in trouble. Darn teenagers!!

Wow, you are going to work on ONLY 10?? Sheesh!! I can barely get to my TWO worked during the week after work and kids stuff. lol That's why we only have two until kids start showing they can do more on their own. Hubby gets to ride tje kids' horse ,lol. My 7 year old is taking lessons and is starting to get a better handle on how to ride, but when my hubby was off work because of hernia and gall bladder surgery, one horse just didn't get rode when we went out because between cleaning stalls and riding the other and a 8:00 bedtime for kids (after getting off work at almost 5:00 and barns 1/2 hour away), it wasn't going to happen. Unless I only rode for like 1/2 hour. How the heck do you do it??

SunnySD said...

I'm with ezra_pandora! I am seriously impressed the the 10 horse goal.

Sorry things are strained with the folks out there. Small communities are weird that way - too many times someone's business becomes everyone else's, and everyone feels they have the right to comment - even if not directly to your face. More so when kids are involved, since everyone always knows that however they'd have handled things it would have come out differently. Bah.

Since no harm was done to kids, livestock, or property, this is something you & Megan will likely look back on & laugh about in a few more years - just wait 'til you're a grandmother to teenagers! Bet you'll smile about this then :) (And long may that day be in coming!)

Melanie said...

Aren't small towns great (insert sarcasm)??? Well...sometimes they are, but other times, they can definitely drive you!!!
I think it sounds like Megan is relieved too.

Is there anywhere around you with a covered arena, or is it pretty much white-out, blizzard-like conditions from here on out?

Flying Lily said...

Never underestimate the amount of jealousy in this world. You and Megan and Chris plus your mom have a great life and a ton of fun. Lots of sourpusses out there who don't. Just keep smiling and let them get over this little (and I do mean LITTLE) episode. Megan honey you can't always tell how a friends' visit will end up and that's as true for adults as for teenagers. True what Sunnyside said above: you will be laughing about this pretty soon.

Andrea said...

Some people?? They were home so why didn't they know where their kid was? You knew where yours was. And that is what is bad about small towns, you get small town talk. I have run into that here too. Sigh.....

Hopefully you will get your projects started. I feel like you. I have a lot of "nice" horses, but non that I could ride in the World show. Sigh.....

I am having two colts next year, so I have my fingers crossed for just one really nice WP horse. I wish we lived closer!! We could ride together.

Mrs Mom said...

Small towns are the reason that I keep to myself and say little around people... and to be totally honest, one of the reasons I feel no need at all to go out and "socialize".

Ten horses... dude. Maybe when my boys are older! LOL I bet I can get them to ride with me! ;)

Beth said...

Ten horses? Holy crap. I am having trouble keeping up with my TWO! and I am not 40.

you can do it!!!! At any age.

Danielle Michelle said...

Good mom! Want to come share your convictions with some of my student's parent's? LOL - seriously.

Gotta love those small towns! What is with these people?

Glad to hear your daughter accepted her mistakes. That's how you learn.

Vaquerogirl said...

I missed the whole Party episode- but when my daughter was sixteen my hubby and I went over night to Reno.
Hubby-the next morning- " Amy is okay but your truck is stolen."
Me- Haha.
Hubby- No really.
Me- WHAT! I just bought that truck!
Hubby- I knew we shouldn't have left her alone.
Me- It's a good thing that we are 200 miles away or I would kill her. GET the car! Lets go home now!
So we get home to find that she has had a party while we were gone, and as happens more people than even imaginable showed up. They stole my truck, my stereo, my camera, and a bunch of small stuff. No guns or jewelry- it was all locked up.
I finally got my truck back- but it was a mess. Everyone in town knew about it- but no one ever had the balls to say they knew about the party or who took the truck or anything!
Needless to say we NEVER left her home alone again!
And we still aren't laughing.
I hope you can face this thing up and defeat it! And I do hope you'll laugh about it someday!
BTW- 10 horses! I hope you have a plan girl! With diagrams and everything!

Callie said...

Small towns can be an ass pain sometimes. I never cared what they thought of me or mine. My Zoe never did get herself in trouble, but hung with a crowd that did at times, but I was lucky enough, lucky the key word here that she never crushed under peer pressure and were't they all suprised when she gradualted 7th out of 200 in her class and walked away with a whole bunch of scholarship money. Ha! I thought to them! Ha!

Rising Rainbow said...

Boy, I know what it's like waiting for the weather to co-operate. I've spent lots of years schooling my horses outside. I don't envy you this one.