Friday, October 31, 2008

Suckn' Up and Dressn' Up

My shoulders are sore-I have painted almost all of the ceilings. I hate painting ceilings, so when I get rolling on them, I keep going until I am done...or run out of paint. Toward the end, I was praying to run out of paint-who the hell knew a single gallon of paint could go so far?? The inside joke will have to be that I no longer can look at the ceiling and think, "Beige, I think I will paint the ceiling beige." Because I just did-LMAO. Sorry honey-you know I am just kidding...Love u!!

Ahhhh, as the week comes to a close...the HR manager emailed Chris that she had located a Policy Manual, but was in the process of updating it. Chris emailed back, "Never mind...LaTonne has a new one done."...ouch!! The SM has been laying low...except for the phone call to Chris to let him know that the office personnel were working on that Policy Manual. To which Chris replied, "Never mind...LaTonne has a new one done."...double whammy!!

So ends the saga of "As The Office Turns"....theeheee! Some days it's good to be....ME(especially since I my wonderful man has my back!).

And tonight?...The old man and I are actually going to dress up and hit a couple of parties. Woohooo!!! A first for us. Heck it has only taken seven years...I am going to enjoy every little bit of it.
***Pictures will come in the morning!!;)


Vaquerogirl said...

Happy Halloween!

cdncowgirl said...

Have fun, you deserve it :)

Hope you get at least a back rub for painting those ceilings.

Train Wreck said...

Well at least I am done with my coffee! I almost lost it when I went to Mikeys page! You have to go see what she and Wade dressed up as!! It's Awesome!!