Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rock of Love

Day one of vacation time, once the ponies were settled into their rather fancy show barn stalls, included...
Putting on our biker costumes...

And heading to the Rock Jam concert down the road...

Where My Honey and I found ourselves front and center for Poison...
How close were we??

Yea...These are pictures taken without the zoom!!!
Bret is gearing up for Rock of Love III. I guess the last two loves of his life...didn't work out. LOL...not hard to understand when you see his body guards pulling cuties from the crowd for him!

And this morning???
These were lined up beside the bed for our viewing pleasure!
Chris' cats must be trying to impress me...or him...or they are just some killing machines.

Chris just noticed the date stamp on the concert pictures...whoops!!
Now for the really funny part...we didn't have front and center tickets, but since the VIP section of Rock Jam also includes free booze, we figured at least some of the seats would be unclaimed due to the owners out puking in the parking lot. So we just sort wandered down there and picked out a couple of seats in the second row. We assumed that at any time people would come and tell us we were in their seats, so we were prepared to have to leave. Wouldn't you know, somehow, we managed to pick the only two seats that were not claimed. ???? Well, Chris always says he would rather be lucky than good!!

Tonight....Kid Rock!!!!! Think we will be lucky two nights in a row?? We are fixing to find out.


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Yuck!!! a snake and a mouse, not bad but I will raise you one squirrel!!!

You get to see kidrock tonight! I am in love with his new song "all summer long" with that sweet home alabama kick! Let me know if he plays it. I think there is something reall hot about him too! Hey! If Pam Anderson can do it, so can I!! lol Rock on girl! Rock on!

Leah Fry said...

Yeah, rock on, cowgirl! I always though Brett was a hottie, but he's also kind of a pig. I'm not surprised he hasn't found true love. His head's the rock!

cdncowgirl said...

So funny you mentioned Rock of Love III. I was wondering if there would be another one!
That show is soooo bad its good. Like driving past an accident, you have to sneak a peek. lol

When you're back on the ranch do you mind if I e-mail you for some barrel horse advice?

Meanwhile... keep having a good time with your man. :)

kdwhorses said...

Oh good Lord~Brett Michaels!! Woo hoo! I remember listening to him and drooling when I was younger! Man you were close!

Love the pic of you and Chris in your biker gear!

The cat is trying to impress you, he pulled out all the stops! LOL!

Kid Rock-WOW~!!! I just bought his new CD Rock N Roll Jesus today and I'm listening to it as I check blogs. It's a great CD! Have fun and take pics!

BTW-you really look happy! Proud for ya!

Mikey said...

oooo I'm so jealous!!! You guys look great, you look like you're having all kinds of fun :)

fssunnysd said...

cdncowgirl, Rock of Love III = car wreck - LOL! I love it. Have to confess to an evening or two of slightly sick fascination in front of the TV last winter. You have to wonder who thinks of some of these things!

Way to go cat :)

Sounds like you're having a blast, all the way around! And Kid Rock, too.... Sigh. I'm gonna have to buy that CD, I think.

Train Wreck said...

"Cuz You're so Hot" LOL! I like that's a little naughty, so careful who is listening!! You wear bandanas?! So do I!! Everyone always calls me biker chic, or babe! I have most every color!!
Great photo! You hottie!
Creepy snakes and mice! (shudder!)
Have a great time and good luck with your musical chairs!!