Sunday, August 24, 2008

Breed Em Or Buy Em???

In light of our recent discussions, that question has been on my mind. Megan and I went to a local production sale today and Oh My!! what a beautiful bunch of babies...
Color and Looks to burn!!
If you are a blue roan lover, or a grulla lover or a dun/buckskin lover...
This was a good sale to be at.

Sorry, I got two lousy pictures and the camera batteries died. Here is the ranch website Krogman Horses. Number one reason to go? I'm snoopy! I haven't seen this family's horses sell in years and wanted to see what they were putting on the ground these days.

And...I wanted to see a particular colt. I didn't get a picture of him, but you can find him in the sale catalog, Page 19, Lot 57...Grullo Colt. I wasn't disappointed that's for sure. He was a knock-out. I literally sat on my hands when he came in the ring. I knew the bid caller and when he saw me do that, he started laughing and was trying to sucker me into the bids while the colt sold. LOL-You gotta watch those guys. He sold for $850. Megan's pick was on Page 21. Lot 64. She sold for $350.

You may ask, why I didn't buy this colt...He was gorgeous, baby doll head, great color, cute little markings and will grow up to be a nice, nice horse for a lot of people. There is one simple reason that cutie didn't come home with me...he will grow up to be a nice, average horse that lots and lots of people would be proud to own. The operative word there is AVERAGE! Not conformation wise, not color wise...talent wise. There is no doubt that these horses come from good, solid bloodlines. They just don't come from bloodlines that have outstanding performers. They aren't winning the World. Thats not enough horse for me.

So I will stick with my plain bay, slightly heavy in the neck colt, that I bred and raised...

He has the outstanding bloodlines, the heart and the drive that can take me as far as I want to go. That is my cup of tea...quick, powerful, thinking horses. Can you believe that this "little" hum-dinger is only 10 weeks old? He is as big as the 3-4 month old foals we saw at the sale.

But the type I am hungry to reproduce aren't for everyone. Most of the people that I know need horses like what we saw today. Nice, sweet-tempered foals that grow up to be nice sweet-tempered horses that lots and lots of people would enjoy riding. There is and will always be a market for these horses. Not everyone can handle or wants to deal with the type of horse that can consistently take them to the pay window. There is nothing wrong with that. Don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about what is standing in your corrals. If you like them and they work for hell with what the rest of the world says. You do not have to justify yourself to an internet community whose only goal is to make themselves feel better by bashing other people.

On that note...the young lady that owns the mare Mrs Mom would like to give a home too was kind enough to leave a couple of comments on the Fugly site. She did not breed this mare. She bought this mare and some others, already bred. The owner couldn't afford to keep them anymore and as she put it...she has the place and feed for them. This is what she does...she buys some horses that needs homes and spends her time "fixing them up", so they have a chance at a better life. She is not a "rescue", just a young lady who likes to do this. The "ugly-ites" actually had the audacity to "Thank" her for "clearing it up". Gag...choke...snort. One email from the author of the blog to this girl before posting(throwing chum to the sharks) could have earned the girl the spotlight for being one of the many unsung heroes who actually save "less-than-ideal" horses from a one-way trip...and OMG...she isn't even claiming to be some wonderful, aren't I special, non-profit rescue. Do you think ole' FUGLY will print a retraction and give the girl the credit she deserves?

I'm not holding my breath!!!


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Nice colt! Seriously, I really like the way he is set up. I love his shoulder and how low his neck ties in to his chest (especially for a such a young colt). Nice throat latch too. GREAT ass! lol Seriously, I look for just that kind of angle to a hip and set to a hock. I think he will finish out with a really beautiful topline. I'd buy him!

I agree about the stock horse types that are just good horses. Some (other than Hancock bred horses that I have learned can buck like son-of-a-guns) tend to hit the ground broke. I have touble buying them even when I need one and have to remind myself that the breeding that I like does not make for an "easy" horse, as you mentioned.

fssunnysd said...

Krogmans do tend to breed nice horses, don't they? The name may not say "World's," but they have a good reputation for solid stock you can work a cow off.

But since you already have your own, (and I really like the look of your little guy, too), why stray farther afield. You have good stock of known quality that does what you want it to do. And if you buy a horse, you'll buy with an eye toward what you like, as well. Either way, you have the knowledge and the options to come out on top :)

As to the buy or breed question in general.... I'd say if you have something that you like; that other people like and are willing to pay for; that you have space to feed; and that you have the sense to stop breeding more of (except for your personal use) if people are no longer buying, then more power to you.

The mare owner who really likes her mare, wants a foal, checks into a stallion(s) that complement(s) her mare, and breeds her once or twice through the years - that's reasonable.

On the other hand, being convinced that your spotted wonder horses will sell, and breeding lots of them only to find out that you have no takers, and continuing to breed more.... That doesn't make much sense. Unfortunately, it's common.

So is the person who says: "I've got this mare. She's rough-gaited, nasty-dispositioned, cow-hocked as all get-out, and I've never bothered to do much of anything with her since she bucked me off, so I can't sell her for much. I think I'll breed her, because after all, it's stupid to let her stand around eating and doing nothing!" Usually, that person breeds to the first free stallion that's handy, and ends up with something that has the mare's disposition and the combined faults of the parents.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sunny-you are spot on! LOL-That mare you described sounds like a lot of mares that used to get bred in these parts. My dad was guilty of breeding those types. Can't ride em'? Let's breed more just like them. Ugh!! It is weird though because my dad was really, really picky about the studs he bred too. The old fashioned mentality that the stud could fix everything...uhhh-NOT!

Horse Crazed-You and I think alike. I really like a horse whose neck ties in a little lower than what most people consider good conformation. But, they seem to carry their heads lower and add a nice laid back shoulder to the mix and you get a really good length of stride. That to me = speed!!

Callie said...

Nice colors! See a lot bred for color! Not neccessarily for performance. Shame.........Ditto on the Fugly crap! Annoys the piss out of me.

The Knutson's said...

Your bay colt is HUGE, and there is definitely nothing wrong with a horse that isn't born's why I like to ride Arabians...teeheehee!!!!

See??? I told you that you can ship me over one of your horses anytime!!!

Now I am off to see Boosters evaluation!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Callie-These guys do make good using horses. Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound like they CAN'T perform. Lots of them are used on ranches around here. Most of these foals went to Kansas and Illinois. Some even go on and do quite well, I am sure, but they just don't seem to make it to the higher echelons in the performance world.

TK-This colt is making me nervous. I like medium sized horses-14.3 to 15.1 hands. I figured I was pretty safe because momma is 15H and daddy is about 15.1H. Hopefully he doesn't exceed that.

Andrea said...

Dang girl I would have love love loved to have come with you to that sale. I love blue roans. I owned one once, Smokin Dry Doc, and he was the best horse I have ever ridden. I love him and miss him. I sold him to a man in Wyoming. I would love to have bought one of those colts. Next time they have a sale let me know and you can pick me out a blue roan that is nice and laid back. I dont' like to go too fast!! :)

And those fugly folks are just that, FUGLY. I want to know who she is to judge everyone like that. I can't believe she gets that many readers. She is so negative and it makes me mad just reading what she says. Just remember you will be judged how you have judged others. Just a thought for those Fugly folks. And big props to that girl for saving that mare, who by the way I thought was cute. She would make one heck of a heading horse!

fssunnysd said...

Thanks for the feedback on Sunny, BECG - for the record, his usual attitude is a lot more like the first picture than the second, which is just fine by me (grin).

I didn't comment on the whole Fugly thing earlier, but I think taken in small doses, or for entertainment value, a lot of her posts have some worthwhile stuff in them. If she gets folks off their rears and out to visit some of these places in person, and some horses get better situations out of the deal, then that's a good thing.

I like her Friday features of "good rescue" and if she can educate some non-horsey folks as to what to look for and/or avoid when finding a riding situation, that's a plus.

Being caustic and over the top is how she attracts readers. That grain of salt that seasons most people's posting just isn't there, which can make her fun to read, but it can also be pretty hurtful to the undeserving that end up targets. And it's really too bad, that there are those who are willing to take every word she says as gospel.

Latigo Liz said...

Stop teasing/flaunting with the blue and bay roan horses already! I can't wait to get our fillies home...whever that ends up being! And if Arabs came in those colors I would be even MORE antsy!

Train Wreck said...

I have wanted to go to the "Colors of the Sun" horse sale! Have you ever been? I would have to sit on my hands too! I am partial to Bbuckskins, Paliminos, Grullas! I will have to check out you "picks"
Your baby is getting too big! He is gorgeous! You have a winer there friend!! Keep posting photos so we can watch him grow!!

Jamie said...

In regards to the fugly people...Sometimes people just really really SUCK!

Shooter is getting to be a big boy! Cute to boot too!

kdwhorses said...

Sitting on your hands! LOL! I hear ya girl! But I'm with ya on ranch/work horses!

Shooter is a cutie! Can't wait to watch him grow!!!!

FUGLY~not even going to comment on them idiots! Kiddos to the lady for taking them in, she surely saved them from the killers! But you will never hear them say that!

20 meter circle of life said...

I love Shooter, wanna trade for an Arab gelding?? I will even put him on a cow or two first!!

Anonymous said...

I love the image of you sitting at your hands at the sale ring. Sometimes it's just so hard to be good isn't it? Shooter's looking like a good boy, and wow, talk about power.

JJ said...

On the Fugly horse people - I like her site. It is funny, educational, and, best of all, she features horses that many times get rescued. Not that I agree with everything she says. The mare looks a useful horse in the second picture, not the prettiest and probably not breeding quality, but a good work horse. But in that first picture she does look pretty bad. A lot of it is the brightness on her coat. It washes out her shoulder and just makes her look kind of flat. But most of it is the angle. It is an awful and unflattering angle that makes her look 100 times worse than she is. Angles are SO important. I have a nearly conformationally perfect Arab, but I have some pictures from funny angles that make him look like he should be dying and in pain from all his conformation issues. People need to learn to recognize that it is a bad angle and ask for a better, truer picture. Fugly should have asked for another or emailed your friend beforehand, but she didn't - which is one of the reasons that I can't agree with a lot of the things she says. It is great that your friend rescued this mare and I hope the mare goes to a good working home.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

jj-thanks for leaving a comment. I don't know the person who owns the mare. But it was a friend of mine who was liked her and tried to find a way to get her from Oregon to the Southland.

And as far as fugly being educational?? My ass!! She may post a worthwhile rescue once and awhile, but as for the rest of it-it's a crock of shit!! She and her followers exemplify what is wrong with the horse market today. A bunch of middle aged re-riders who think they are god's gift. Most of them couldn't pick a good horse out of a herd of good horses...well, at least without their trainer's, their veterinarian's and their farrier's okay. And they probably want a lifetime guarantee that the horse will never do anything wrong, or buck, or get hurt or just keel over and die. GAG!!!

Trailboss said...

I've always heard "you can't ride pretty!" It is true. Bloodlines are so much more important than color. Of course it is great to get both!

OneCowgirl said...

with prices like that I would have to sit on my hands too!!