Friday, July 25, 2008

All The Odds And Ends...

Didn't get a chance to post last night, due to a SEVERE thunderstorm that chased mom and I home, all the way from the Black Hills. It was a nasty one with 70mph wind gusts, pingpong sized hail and torrential rain.

The day started with heavy fog and some mist. Mom and I were cleaning up an old wood pile and desperately trying to the last of it hauled to our neighbor's burn pit before it really started to rain and we couldn't get in or out of there. Sure enough, as soon as we got the last load dumped and headed back to the house-the sun came out. Naturally!! As soon as the sun came out it got hot and muggy so we decided to head to the Black Hills to pick up a load of continuous fence and a car for my brother's family. That part of the trip went well. But we stopped at the training barn, where my aunt's horses are and look at the "natural" trimming job she had someone else do on her horses. Thank goodness they got those awful shoes pulled off the barrel horse and her feet look much better. Upon inspection of the shoes-we noticed that the previous farrier had put a front shoe on a hind foot...WHAT?? Holy crap! I didn't notice that last week. Already the mare looks more comfortable-her frogs are spreading, the quarter crack is gone and the wind puffs on her ankles are going down. Yay!
While we were visiting, the wind come up, so we all walked outside to look at the sky. OMG-it was black and you could see the storm rolling over the hills. Time to go!! So mom and I headed down the road and raced that storm, all the way home(3 hours). I was wanting to beat it home, so I could get my plywood up around my "pot garden". I have veggies that are ready to be picked and I just knew this storm would destroy my plants.
I got the boards up and Megan finished chores just before the storm hit. The lightening was horrible. The wind howled and it poured rain, but no hail. The wind lifted up the plywood and plopped it down on my plants-they are a little crushed this morning, but I think they will survive. I will have to come up with a better windblock for them next year...

Okay, so I finally got up the nerve to take the little black dress test that Train Wreck posted...

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are sexy, outrageous, and daring. You love to push people's buttons.

You are fearless and free spirited. You get people talking... and you don't care what they say about you.

Your style is revealing, trendy, and flirty. You love to look good.

If you were a shoe, you would be: Strappy sandals

Well...I happen to agree with this assessment of my personality. Of course, the strappy sandals would have to have a high, high heel. Ummm...I love super high-heels. It took years for Chris to finally figure out exactly how tall(or short) I was. Heehee!!

Speaking of my Honey...he is in Alaska...on a fishing boat! NO FAIR!! That is a trip I would have loved to have taken. He says he is loving it and is booking us for next year. Now, that will be a FUN family vacation-WooHoo!

On to the "What's wrong with this picture?"
Okay...probably not a fair question. Actually my mom had to point it out to me, years ago!! My dad is "out of stroke" with his saddle bronc. When a bucking horse is kicking out, as this picture depics-the bronc rider is supposed to have his feet in the horse's shoulder. Having his feet back in the cantle, as my dad's are, deducts points from your score-if you make the 8-second whistle. Just a little rodeo trivia.

On to that meme from Mrs. Mom...

1) The "little black dress" test is a clue to my "real" personality. I actually love to piss people off. It's a sickness-LOL. I just can't help myself from blurting out what is on my mind. A genetic defect, that makes my mother cringe-I was born without an inner monologue. Sometimes what comes out of my mouth surprises even me...

2) People think I am crabby or pissed off most of the time, because I don't go around smiling like an idiot. Apparently I have a face that looks pissed off if I am not smiling?!?!

3) I loved waitressing and bartending but actually prefer to be by myself most of the time.

4) I don't look anything like the rest of my family. I am 3/4 German, a little Lakota Indian and a little Scottish(those percentages are disputable-but either way it's not a lot of either) but look very Indian. The rest of my family looks very White(blonde/light brown hair and blue/grey eyes). Mexicans are often confused and speak to me in Spanish. No Comprehende'-LOL.

5) I have a semi-photographic memory. I have noticed that this annoys people-especially attorneys. I have had to testify several times and when I have had to recall things, I can remember tiny details that have blown other people's stories to hell. One time a judge even told the attorney to "shut up-because I obviously knew what I was talking about, unlike his client". I thought that was great-LOL.

6) I fit the persona of "biker chick" much more than I do of "cowgirl". But I am pretty good at fitting into any circle-I change my costume and I change my persona. First class, 5-star, evening gown--no problem...drinking a beer, in a strip-club with my bad biker boy--not a problem there either. Speaking of which, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is coming up...Yay! Can't wait-Kid Rock is going to be there...luv, Luv, LOVE that dirty, white boy's music!!

Well, there you go-probably more than anyone wanted to know...hope I don't scare you all off-LOL.

On the fly again this weekend-I have to leave for Denver this evening-Chris is flying in Saturday morning. I have to take his trailer back to him and want to hang out with him for a day-then I have to haul a** back home, grab my barrel horse and hit an Indian rodeo I am entered in on Sunday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Mikey said...

Dang girl, you's busy!!

You know, I've always thought you looked like Geena Davis. It's the smile :) You have the best smile :)

As for Sturgis, you bitch!! I wanna go too!! Give ol Bob Ritchie a big smooch for me if you get the chance!

And would PLEASE stop saying "pot garden". That always makes me do a double take, lol.

Laura said...

Pot garden! - Mikey's comment almost had me snort water out my nose! lol.

I'm a couple of posts behind here - but congrats to you and your daughter on the 4-H show! She did really well - even if she didn't get a purple. Too bad she missed the backup in the eng. showmanship! Strawberry is a really nice looking horse- I love his colouring.

Hope you have a good weekend and safe travelling!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl it is so cool that you’re going to Sturgis this year, I’ll be there too and I am ready to see to some crazy exciting things this year. I actually just started working with progressive motorcycle insurance and I have been finding out more about the whole motorcycle culture. I find it fascinating. Since delving more into the whole “Motorcycle Culture” I have heard nothing but how amazing Sturgis is and I can’t wait to check it out. We’ll be at Thunder Road at Sturgis giving away a FREE Exclusive Sucker Punch Sallys custom-designed T-shirt. All you have to do is visit, go to where it says Events and Rallies and print out the coupon. Present that coupon at our booth at Thunder Road and get your free exclusively designed Sucker Punch Sallys T-shirt, only given away at Sturgis. We’ll also have some other free fun stuff you got to check out, you’ll see once you get there. Oh, and while you’re there you can also enter to win a custom Suck Punch Sally’s bike. It’s an old school beauty.
Be sure to come by and say hi when you come get your shirt.
Hope I didn’t over step my bounds by posting on your blog, and if you have any questions or want more info please feel free to shoot me an e-mail!
Hope to see you there. Ride Safe.
Gia Anderson
Brand Ambassador

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Girl, I am with Mikey on the pot garden too...lmao.... You didnt scare me... not one bit ;)

Glad that you posted alla that... its pretty neat "getting to know you" here!

Be safe travelling this weekend, and have fun with Da Man. FIshing in AK.. dude sounds WAY cool.

We used to know a guy who worked security at Sturgis... wonder if he is still around. He is a tall bugger- could hunt geese with a rake and used to ride a 13.3 hand heeling horse. His header was a bit taller- but he had to retire him after an injury- big ol yellow horse..

ANYWAYS. Have fun!!! Catch ya on the flip side there woman!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww Mikey-you make me blush.
Oooooh-I would LOVE to give Robby a big old smooch-okay two-one from me and one from you.
(Sorry honey-you know I think he is hot)

laura-no snorting liquids on the keyboards-it's very bad for them-LOL.

gia-thanks for posting-We will try to stop by your booth and say hi-we are only going for a day, specifically to see Kid Rock. I have done Sturgis so many times that I really only crave to go to see a couple of concerts and sit somewhere for a couple of hours, just to "feel" the rumble.;)

MM-He is bringing back over 200lbs of fish for the freezer. Yummm! He booked us a 5 day trip for next year-YAY!!

Sorry guys-no can do on leaving off the pot garden comments-LOL. I have lurkers and I love giving them a startle. I just know they are trying to read between the lines to see if I am up to no good-hehehe. I'm in constant amazement at the people who are suddenly soooo curious as to what is going on at my house. That's for another post and I hope that I can talk about it soon.

kdwhorses said...

Oh girl what a great post! Glad to hear you made it home before the storm hit!

Loved the LBD test, I've not been brave enough to do it!

Loved your list! You didn't scare me off! I have p*ssed someone off with my music, but you know what makes me mad, is they posted annoymous. If you are going to dish someone, have the b*lls to leave your name! I am cowgirl to the core, but I like to rock out on occasion! The person would really love to hear my MP3 songs then! BTW-say Kid Rock singing his new song on Ellen the other day. I really liked it! Hubby has listened to him for years!
Hubby is known for looking p*ssed off most of the time as well, he doesn't smile much either! LOL!

Have a great trip to see Chris! Be careful and keep some butt at the barrel race! We are doing a rodeo tomorrow:events are wild cow milking, branding, doctoring, sorting and cowhide race. Should be FUN!

Pot garden-I crack up everytime you say it!

Train Wreck said...

Oh I am scared! LOL!! I have been accused of having that same look! Whatever! We are confident, secure, who needs to have more wrinkles from smiling, kinda girls.

If you can't blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bull#@*%! Right?
Becareful on your trip!!Enjoy, Don't forget the camera...say cheese!

cdncowgirl said...

FINALLY! I've finally caught up and read all your posts. Well, serves me right for not checking out your place sooner. lol
So instead of commenting on old posts I'll put what I remember wanting to say here:

Don't leave out the pot garden comments, I like it!

Shooter is a total babe. :)

Your family is lucky to have you... you do alot for them and have made a sacrifice some wouldn't.

I too have the "bitch face" lol I don't go around with a big ole fake smile. And people think I'm a bitch or grouchy if I'm not smiling.

What kind of barrel racing do you do? Rodeos? NBHA? I belong to SBRA, built similar to the NBHA model. I don't have the time, horse or $$$ to rodeo right now.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Holy Cow CC-you went back and read them ALL?? I'm honored that you did that. Thanks!

I "build" rodeo barrel horses. You know-the one run wonders-LOL. That is the goal for Moon. I believe he has what it takes. That being said-I run anywhere I can-NBHA, open rodeos, playdays-to get horses seasoned. In Moon's case-I do not do the double headers(2 runs in one night).

We breed specifically for arena horses-hence the strong "foundation" bloodlines. I'm very lucky that I have accumulated a varied background in training-our horses do not have to fit a mold-I go any direction they seem suited for. So some that were destined to be rodeo horses have ended up in the show ring. I just keep trying different events until I hit on the one the horse seems the most happy with-makes for well-rounded, happy horses...thats the main goal.

cdncowgirl said...

Hmmm... how far is SD from here? lol
Seriously though, I will be in the market for a barrel horse if I can ever get Phat Boy sold. He's just a tad crazy for me. *sigh*
At least then my hubby could get his horse back! lol

And I HAD to go back and read from the start. Makes me crazy when stuff pops up that aludes to something said earlier and I have NO clue what is going on. :)
Besides, I enjoy your posts... they're a good read.

Pony Girl said...

Hey BEC~ I love your spirit, girl! ;)

I used to have people tell me (i.e. in the mall) to "smile." It was so annoying. I guess I walk around looking serious and unhappy. I am not, I just look intense? Concentrating on my shopping, perhaps!? Hee!

Sounds like you've been battling some major storms! Didn't know SD was known for them at this time of the year.

Have fun w/the honey and good lucky at the rodeo!!