Monday, June 9, 2008

Cake, Cuts and...We have a Drip

Pony Girl asked what "cake" was...
Cake is usually associated with cows, but they do make horse cake. That is what this is. I prefer to use this when we are messing with the horses in the pasture. It is easy to throw it out and the horses can pick it up off of the ground easily and cleanly. It beats having to fend off a herd of horses all trying to stick their heads in the grain bucket at the same time. Instead of GiWaNe-Horse Follow Closely, it is Go Away, Go Away-LOL. Megan uses it when she does stretching exercises too.

Here's a lovely picture of Frosty's wound...
This is pre-clean and redress of course. Looks nasty!! Even though it is deep, he avoided injuring any tendons or the hoof wall. Lucky pony! I am running lots of cold water on it, cleaning it out with my fingers, putting some Lamphley's External Rub in it and topping that off with Lamphley's Wound Powder. Just a little cotton bandage and vet wrap to keep the debris out of it. He is on antibiotics but no bute or banamine. The fact that it hurts a little keeps him from walking on it and will speed the healing process. The biggest problem with foot wounds, as everyone knows, is proud flesh. I will be keeping a close eye on that.

And then there is Woofer...
She decided to start dripping milk tonight. Guess what that means...Can't be long now. Her and I have been having a running dialog about this foaling business. Every evening she tells me that she wants her grain, I tell her I will trade her...grain for a foal. I think it is working, that mare dearly loves her grain-LOL.

Megan's cat was being a spazz today...
I don't know what got into him, but he was really tearing the yard up. Crazy cat!

Thank God the DRAMA is over with Mikey and those Warmbloods. We are still without our Mikey fix, but hopefully she will take pity on us soon and start blogging again. It took some back reading on the Fugly thread, but it ended with the lady going ahead and sending the mares to the person Mikey picked them up for. Mikey was just caught in the middle when the (self-proclaimed) Fugly Mafia started calling and sending nasty emails to the lady that was selling the horses. I found it rather interesting that there were a lot of "removed by author" comments on that post. Oh well, I think we all know the mentality of the majority of the "sheeple"(love that word Mrs Mom-I had to use it). Did some of them ever figure out the damage they did by making those nasty phone calls and emails? NOPE...They are just waiting to pick a new target. I still read there and even comment occasionally. Better to know thyne enemy...

Didn't get a single thing I planned on done today. Megan and I were wore smooth out from the last two days of mowing, fixing fence and running here and there. I finally got my "garden" in though. I guess that is something. Tomorrow we will be hard at it again. If I can just figure out what to do and where to go.

To answer your other question Pony Girl. I stay running between three properties. Megan and I live "in town" on a 4 1/2 acre property. "Mom's" is 7 miles out of town and "The Ranch" is my other place, 23 miles out of town. Hence, the need for some sort of a plan to start the day. A person can put a lot of time and miles on driving in between those places and that don't leave much time for getting anything done, not to mention the fuel cost(OMG!!).


Mrs. Mom said...


Drop That Baby Already! LOL

That pic does look like the foal is moving on back now, and in line. Man I hope she goes in the next 24 hrs or so for you BECG.

That cut on the other colt looks pretty damn ugly. Hope he heals up FAST for you there.

Wow you are soooo greeeeeeen there. We are so broooowwwnnnn Hope it regulates soon for all of us....

Isnt it oh so convient how the blame machine has fired up over yonder? They did not waste any time at all did they?.... *eye roll*... As long as we know MIKEY is OK, then life is good. The horses being OK is a bonus. Now, Mikey, come back sooooon!

kdwhorses said...

Girl, still no foal! Just checking up after being off the computer all week! Have been so dang busy!
Hopefully Woofer is going to have the foal within the next couple of days! I guess we were all wrong on the date! LOL!
That cut is pretty bad, good luck with it!
I hear ya on being worn smooth out! It is raining here today, yeah we were really dry! So I guess I can finally get a few things done in the house!
Oh and poor Mikey, I have not been to the site you all are talking about! I just hope she is okay and will be back online again real soon! I miss her!
Have a great day

Kristin said...

Wow, you are so calm about that awful cut. I think I would have freaked!
Maybe you won't get any proud flesh. I just finished treating a coffin bone infection. Vet said I would, for sure, have to deal with proud flesh. And there was none. I am wishing the same for you!
Thanks for the Mikey update. I was worried something had happened to her.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Mrs Mom- 2yrs ago when I moved back here from AZ-it was terrible dry. No rain, no grass. It was the hottest summer in recorded history. Of course we have been in a drought for years-that is why I moved to AZ in 02'. This country is amazing with what it can do with a little moisture.
People always think that being a rancher/farmer is such a great life, and it is, don't get me wrong, but so much of how well you do is completely out of your control. You just have to be able to handle the tough years and make the most of the good ones.
I do hope you all get some rain down that way though-I know what a terrible feeling it is to constantly watch the sky for any little bit of moisture coming your way.

Kris-I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. We can't be losing you too-LOL.

Come on Woofer-no baby yet this morning. I was doing some calculating on the calender. If Woofer didn't settle in her June heat cycle then this week would be the week that she due if she was bred in July of last year. Actually, I really am hoping that is the case rather than her being a month overdue. I am just praying for a healthy foal-she looks fantastic, so that shouldn't be a problem. And the other thing I am praying for is a FILLY.

Frosty's foot-I figure a month to get it healed up and then another month before I ride him again. Looks like he gets another reprieve this summer-crap. His mother will have to come out of pasture ornament status, so I have a show horse.

Flying Lily said...

"Worn smooth out" is a great phrase!
That foot -- scary looking but I hope it isn't very deep. My Johnnie slashed himself above that and towards the front, and was on stall rest for 6 weeks. At the age of 4, full of energy, standing in a 12 x 12 all day and all night. He was so crabby and aggravated. No proud flesh but a big pink-skin patch where no hair will ever grow, and he gets sunburned there if I don't put Desitin on. I used a lot of Blu-kote when it finally scabbed over. Hope it heals fast.

Callie said...

I had a filly with that almost exact wound. It was dressed and cleaned for two weeks and then I stalled her on only rubber mats and left it open. Cold hosed twice daily for about 4 weeks and followed each hosing with a squirt of Betadine and she was on Pennicillin for about 3 weeks. Her wound was on the band and to the bone, but just missed tendons, however, whatever I did, she did not get an ounce of proud flesh or a day of lameness. Once it was all healed, there was virtually no evidence of ever having a wound. Good Luck with that wound!

Rising Rainbow said...

That cut looks nasty to me. I'm dealing with wounds on a yearling's stifles and fighting the proud flesh. The little varmint doesn't want me to touch it and it's becoming a real pain. I wish you luck.

I hope Woofer is going to pop soon. I think she's tormented you long enough. But I'm pretty sure she doesn't care what either of us think. She'll have it when she does. lol

The cat looks content in that pose!

Rising Rainbow said...

I forgot to mention, I saw Mikey commented in a couple of places yesterday. Maybe she is working her way up to coming back.

As for those on Fugly calling the owner giving her horses away where do they get off? I still can't figure out who they think appointed them as god of the horse world.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Ughhh it's going to be one of those days. Thought I had mom's riding lawn mower fixed-Nope and it doesn't look like anything I can handle. Then she hands me a horse show flyer but gets pissed off when I get excited and start figuring out who I can have ready to go in 10 days. I mean come on-these are dinky little shows that are perfect for taking new horses to. Why hand me the damn thing then? Oh yea-it has barrel racing-guess who will be going? Moon! I am anxious to get a time on him and see where we are.
The wind is blowing and a storm is moving in tonight-I am sure Woofer will think that will be the perfect time to foal! Gas jumped to $4.00 and diesel to $4.70 today. That is a 20cent jump from yesterday and is expected to jump another 20cents next week. Lovely day so far!!

Frosty isn't so keen on being doctored either MiKael. Those young ones can be real pills. Prouds Off is a great product to use to take proud flesh off. It just eats it away-gotta keep an eye on it though and stop using it when it gets to good flesh.

Callie-cold water treatment is still about the best thing to do for injuries. I hope Frosty only has to be bandaged for a couple of weeks. That would be nice.

Kristin-I was heartsick to see how badly Frosty was cut-however, once the damage is done, not much to do but doctor. I have a rather weak stomach though guess that is why I never went to Vet school. The one time I really freaked about an injured horse was when a wild mare ran back out of the trailer we were loading her in and caught her shoulder on the gate latch. It ripped the skin right off her whole shoulder. I could go the rest of my life without seeing anything like that again.

Hi Mikey-you lurker you...LOL!!

Pony Girl said...

Thanks much for the cake explanation, BEC! I had heard the term used with cattle, didn't know it was used for horses, too.
With gas prices, you must be busy running back and forth between those properties!
Hee hee, Mikey being a lurker. I love it! Hopefully she will be back super soon. Can she moderate her comments so the Fugly people leave can't get through?

PaintedPromise said...

BEC says "I still read there and even comment occasionally. Better to know thyne enemy..."

Well you are a better man than I Gunga Din (or soemthing like that - i use that quote all the time and don't even know where it's from lol)

me personally i absolute refuse to even THINK about fugly, let alone go there - and to POST! OMG you are brave. my daily prayer is to NOT have anyone jack any of my pictures and lie about them, or for anyone remotely related to that site to even HEAR about me!!!