Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh yea...We have cows and I have been tagged

Yes we do run cattle on our ranches. My step-dad has cattle year round. He runs them on shares with some locals. We pasture cattle on our other ranch. We was running them in the fall, but are going to have summer cattle this year. Technically, we don't own a single cow anymore, but eventually we will start rebuilding a herd.

This year, Megan got to wrestle for the first time. She is a very petite girl, but is finally big enough to jump in there.
Things have changed a lot since I used to do this. But thankfully, they still rope and drag. Boy does that save on the wrestlers.

A rider rides into the herd of calves and heels a calf. Both heels is preferable, but a single "hocker" is acceptable too.

The roper dallies to his horn and starts dragging the calf out of the pen. At the gate one of the wrestlers grabs the rope and the other grabs the front leg. With a twist of the rope they plop the calf on its side and the roper drags him a few feet away from the gate.

The front wrestler kneels on the calf. One knee on the neck and the other on the rib cage. You bent the front leg between your legs and pull back a little. The rear wrestler sits on the ground, removes the rope, holds one hind leg and uses his foot to push the other hind leg forward.

The branding commences quickly. Vaccinations are given and if it is a bull, they band him. I was disappointed to see that these guys band. I love Mountain Oysters, but won't be getting any this year.

Meg was valient, but these were some BIG, soggy calves so I stayed close. We had a few get up on us, but nothing got away.

Thats us on the front of these calves. I think Meg and I need a little more sand in our pockets-LOL. These calves were lifting us off the ground.

And a group photo of the branding crew...

Now for the Tag...
I was tagged by Carrol Farm and thought I better do it today, because I forgot to do the last one they tagged me with...Sorry guys.

1)What was I doing 10 years ago?

Getting my college diploma(even though I had finished in December '97), moved from ND to NE with my then-husband to work on a ranch and then that fall we moved back to SD(because we hated the people we worked for).

2)Five things on my "to-do" list?

Finish getting the barn ready for Woofer to foal(solid walls need to be put in so the geldings can't reach the colt or she doesn't hurt the colt charging the fence), finish scraping the trim on the house(needs to be repainted, some replaced, drip cap and gutters put on), finish my landscaping around the house(remove old rock from around the side, replace with sand and pepple rock, stepping stones put in and some reseeding in areas), get horse's feet trimmed at ranch(there are only 15 head to do-ugh), clean up the junk rows at my step-dads(I think I will hire Megan and my niece to help with that one).

3)What is a snack you enjoy?

Depends on the time of month-LOL. Chips and cheese sauce mixed with salsa or peanut butter bars.

4)What things would you do if you were a billionaire?

Finish paying off my brothers and my ranch. Build new barns and corrals. Have a round pen at every place. Hire someone to help me ride horses. Make sure my mom never has to worry buying feed and hay again. Set up trust funds for Megan and Chris' kids. Tell Chris he can sell his company so he can come live here with me until Megan gets out of HS and then we can TRAVEL THE WORLD!!

5)Places I have lived?

South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado. Had an extended stay in Montana. Would love to take a year and live all over Texas.

6)Do you have any bad habits?

LMAO-I am a bad habit!! Really though, smoking is the only vice I have left. Only drink once in a great while(ummm...usually caused when my brother and Chris and I get together-LOL), I have my "bad boy" now(so I don't have to chase those anymore) and I never did drugs(don't know how that escaped me-think it has something to do with being a control freak).

7)Jobs I have had?

Horse trainer, ranch hand, worked in a hog barn(whew-those stink), food waitress, cocktail waitress, bartender, pen-back rider at a sale barn, auto body/painter, worked in a bank-loan closer, processor and in the appraisal department, secretary...I am sure I have left some out...Oh yea...that mom thing. Toughest job I ever had(and the most rewarding!!).

That was fun-sheez made me think a little.
Now I tag - Pony Girl and Ranchette. Come on girls - enlighten us on your history.


Mikey said...

Love the pics!!! That is so cool! Glad Megan gets to get in there, I always thought that was the funnest part. A challenge, lol.
You worked in a hog barn?? Whoa. Stinky is right...
Can't wait to see more pics. You girls are having so much fun!!!
Me, I'll be practicing some trailer loading today... ugh

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Loved the story about working the calves! That is fun, expect when you have a rider get off a green horse that is tied off. And I am the one at the head of the calf and the rope rubs the horse across the rear end. UGH! The horse left out with me and calf in tow! But it is rewarding!
Would love to have you in Texas!
Loved reading your list!

Mrs. Mom said...

LOL You are a Bad Habit? Nooooooo!!!! ;)

Never had the chance to work calves like that. Had a few beefers years ago, and they just dropped in our field, and we watched them until it was freezer time...hehehe.... ;)

Love the pics and your tales about branding. Keep em coming!

Pony Girl said...

Those are great pictures! I would love to help out (or watch, ha!) with something like that someday. How cool that Megan got to help out this year. I bet it was quite an experience for her! Did ya'll have a big dinner afterwards!?
Thanks for the tag, I'm working on it as I speak!