Friday, May 30, 2008

Nasty Crash

THE COMPUTER. Damn, I was getting such good information from everyone on Woofer and then I let Megan on the computer and she crashed it. Not intentionally of course. She does a lot of Instant Messaging with her friends when I am not hogging the computer for my blog time and she must have picked up a virus that corrupted the Windows program.

So I have been out of the loop the last couple of days. Made a flying trip to Rapid City to pick up some materials(get the computer fixed), grocery shop(get the computer fixed), buy the rest of my "garden"(get the computer fixed) and have lunch with my friend(the one who fixes the computer). Long day-whew. I sure brought home a lot of work(and a pieced together WORKING computer).

No foal yet-but from the information you all gave(THANK YOU!!)I have calmed down and it looks like she is progressing normally.


Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear your computer crashed...and glad you got it fixed! Mine was acting goofy last month and I was having anxiety attacks wondering if I'd be without it. Pretty sad, huh!? lol!

Rising Rainbow said...

I know about those computer crashes. I no longer allow my daughter on this computer. She has her own now. I found out it was cheaper that way. Surprise how careful they can get when it's their computer. lol

Good luck with the foal watch. You've been on my mind and I was wondering how it was going.

kdwhorses said...

UGH computers! LOL! Glad you are back up and running!
I too was wondering about the old girl! Glad she is progressing!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry about your computer crashing. I'm glad that Woofer is progressing nicely...Maybe someday soon you'll just wonder out to the barn and there the baby will be.

Mikey said...

Love your directions, lol. I'll be there in just a minute, lol.
WHY HASN'T THAT MARE FOALED YET???? For heaven's sake, go out there and whisper sweet nothings to her belly, encourage that lil tyke to come out where we can see him or her. I'm getting tired of waiting!!!