Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm On Baby Watch

Big Momma can officially have her baby now!!
Her due date is the 10th, so I was none to early getting her stall finished-Whew.
There used to be a gate where this solid wall is. Actually that is 1 1/2 inch thick Megaboard on the bottom half. The top half is 1/2 plywood and can be taken down later.
My friend, Steve came over and helped me whip this project out. Way to much for me to handle by myself. One of those sheets of Megaboard weights about 200lbs.

While I had just asked him to help me with the mare stall, he was a good guy and said "as long as I am here and we have the tools out why don't we finish putting this up on the rest of the barn?" What a friend!!
So the other two stalls got lined with Megaboard too. Now there is no worry that a horse will kick through the tin.
We ran out of plywood, so I did not get this finished like we want...

I am on my way to Pierre in the morning to get more plywood and straw to bed her stall with. I am going to stand plywood panels up along here so that the geldings cannot get their heads over. I thought 6' foot sheets would work, but I think that Rip can still get his head over that. He is a big boy!! So going with the 8'.
We don't want those boys to try to get a hold of baby or have Momma charging the fence(with baby underfoot) to drive the boys away.

This is harder than child proofing a house!!!

I don't know...she is getting pretty soft over her rump...

Even softer around her tail...

Naaahhh...I got a day...that bag is no where full enough...


Jamie said...

Good luck on baby watch! Maybe she'll have it during the day just to be a good girl?!

kdwhorses said...

What a great friend! Glad you got her stall ready! Good luck and keep us posted and oh get lots of pics!

sue said...

"we" are on "baby watch" too.. actually its my trainer.. but when I got for our lesson, Tonka and I are looking for that baby... be sure to let us know the "second" "it" arrives!!!!!

smellshorsey said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I were on baby watch.

Nice, spacious stall. Good work! And I also send my wishes that she'll have the baby at a decent hour.

As for the poking finger in the rear-end fat to see if the baby is coming soon -- hmmmm. I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies but I do know that my own rear end would not pass the test.

Post pictures as soon as the blessed event is over!

Happy Birthing!