Monday, May 26, 2008

Closer...But Nothing Yet

The old girl is making progress...

Frustratingly SLOW progress. Oh well such is nature.
Moving on...(LOL)
I don't know if the big blue horse knew what he was getting into when he so willingly jumped into the trailer to come to town last fall. See, he is a ranch horse-born and bred...I'm kinda guessing if the other horses could see him now they would all have a good horse laugh.

If you are a horse that "belongs" to Megan---you are not safe from the braiding. Manes, tails, forelocks...they are all gonna get the girlie treatment.

Something tells me that the horses don't mind, because they all follow Megan around like she is a pied piper.

Last Tuesday was the last nice day we had. From then on the wind blew, it rained, it stormed, it was miserable. They predicted tornadoes and large hail on Saturday. Thankfully, that never happened. But the weather we did get put the kybosh on a lot of our plans. Chris brought the mule and his arsenal of weaponry. We had planned on sighting in a lot of his rifles. That didn't happen. Instead there was a lot of laying around...looking out the window to see if it was going to clear off.

Finally it did on Sunday. Not everything was opposed to the moisture though. My irises are blooming like crazy...

The grass that I planted is coming up. Yay me!! Usually I do not have much luck with planting grass, but Chris lent me his expertise and low and behold, new little grass shoots.

The rain also "prettied" up the countryside considerably. This is the entrance to my ranch. Our summer cows showed up a couple of days ago. I like seeing cows on the place. Makes it feel like when we were kids and grandpa's cows were there.

This is my step-dad's place. He has a beautiful ranch.

Yea Megan, I know you need supervision...

That is why her job this summer is riding horses and mowing lawns-right next to me-LOL....

Chris headed back to Colorado today. Earlier than expected. Their new snubbing unit is in from Canada and he wants to get it put to work. Considering the weather is back to being nasty, I can't say that I blame him. I know we need the moisture, but I sure wished it would warm up. I caught a nasty chest cold yesterday and I think I will be spending the day wrapped in blankets on the couch watching Law and Order reruns.


Mikey said...

Feel better soon and check that horse. I believe I did bet today is the day :)
I love your place, dang that is GORGEOUS!!! I'll be right there... in about 20 hrs.. (don't I wish)

kdwhorses said...

Take care of yourself and get better fast!
I agree with Mikey it is beautiful there!
OH Mikey it is not today, it is next Friday! LOL! Glad to see she is making progress even if it is SLOW!!! Doesn't she know we all are waiting to see! Geez!!!

Carroll Farm said...

I was always told the rain brings babies - just maybe not at your house :(
Yes, the Jersey's name is Whopper! Aren't I cruel?!? He was SUPPOSED to be meat in the freezer, but hubby feel in love with him and can't do it. So he terrorizes the kids and chases the goats. He is too friendly and thinks that he is still 80 pounds. :)

Carroll Farm said...
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Pony Girl said...

Oh, I love all the braids. I used to do that to my ponies and horses all the time when I was younger! I hope you get better soon! I am on antibiotics now for the virus I've been stuck with for over two weeks. A lazy movie day on the couch sounds fabulous. I am headed there myself! Thanks for sharing the ranch pictures....I just love open land like that. You are living my dream!

20 meter circle of life said...

I will send you all the rain you want!! I am tired of it, and if I hear one Oregonian say one word about drought this year I will throttle them. Great pics and please tell Woofer to hurry up!

Rising Rainbow said...

I think the horses love all the attention. They don't care about the braiding, they care that she spends time with them. lol

Callie said...

I need Meghan to fix the bad hair cut I gave Misty....LOL

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sorry Mikey-nothing going today-although she sure didn't want to be locked into her stall tonight. ???
But of course you know you are welcome anytime...come one come all. The next time you guys go to Colorado you will have to let us know-we can meet up. That would be great!!

I have explained to Woofer repeatedly that we are all very anxious to see this foal-she headbutted me and loped off as fast as her gargantuan belly would allow-can we say "pleasure" horse?-LOL

You are all right-the horses love the attention Megan gives them. I love the fact that everything always looks so clean and well-trimmed. Good kid that Megan.

A six hour "nap" and I feel better. A big dose of night quil and plenty of sleep tonight and I should be ready to roll again.
I have fence to build and feet to trim. Lots and lots of feet.

Andrea said...

Oh I think she's got a couple of days yet to go. I love the braids too!! I do that to our horses. I think they put up with me.

I love your open space there!! It's beautiful!

A Bit Unbridled said...

Your step-dads ranch is beautiful. I love seeing nothing for miles. It makes me feel so peaceful.

That shirt makes me think ahead to my son's teenage years. As wild as he is at 4 I can only imagine how much supervision he will need then...Eeek!