Thursday, May 1, 2008

And Then It Is Gone

One perfect day and then....A tornado on one end of the state, a blizzard on the other and we are stuck smack dab in the middle. Lucky for us, we are just getting much needed rain.

Reading the comments from everyone-I just wanted to let you know that I did not haul all of that stuff I listed out in one has taken the last couple of months to accomplish all of that. The effort is just now becoming noticable.
Didn't want you all to think I was more amazing than I am-LMAO(I hope everyone catches the dripping sarcasm in that sentence).

I think all of the miles yesterday did my pooper dogs in. I figured it out and they did about 10 miles. Determined ranch dogs that they are-I never left the yard on horseback that I didn't have a little black dog at my hip and a fat red dog leading the way. They sure are holding their beds down today though.

Because of the weather that I knew was moving in, I kept The Queen Mother in her stall today. She was NOT happy about it.
Is that an evil eye or what?...

When giving me that didn't work, she switched to nickering sweet nothings to me. That worked. So I let her out to eat for a few minutes.

Only 10 more days to go. O.M.G!!!! I am so not ready.

I wished I had taken pictures of Woofer when I brought her to town last fall. She was not thin, but her belly hung down and her back had no muscle on it. She still had a large adema/edema(sp??) on the right side of her belly from last spring when she strained so hard having the red-bag colt. I never would have bred her back if the vet had not declared her healthy enough to do it. To top it all off, either the stud or the other mare must have kicked her in the knee and when I went to get the mares out of the pasture-it was enlarged. I didn't notice it until she had difficulty lifting that foot to load in the trailer. The black on her legs disguised it.
It took all winter to get the old girl to looking like she should. The knee has never gone down all of the way, but she isn't lame on it anymore. The edema finally disappeared a couple of months ago. I think she is in as good a shape as she can be to have this foal.

The whole time I was out trying to get a decent picture of Woofer, I was being pursued.
This one was letting me know he had had enough of the wet outdoors and he wanted me to stop what I was doing and let him in the house...NOW!!


Jamie said...

Looks like a Mr. Sassy Pants to me! Your mare is really beautiful! I can hardly wait to see pictures of the baby!
I found your blog on Copenhagen Kisses.

Mrs Mom said...

Wow- Momma mare there... geesh! Talk about a belly... hope all goes well with the delivery for her.

Gotta say, Kitty there is giving you some nasty Kitty Evil Hairy Eyeballs going on there.... LOL Did he make you PAY later on? LOL

kdwhorses said...

Man momma mare looks like she is ready to pop! Hoping everything goes well with the delivery!
We are under a severe thunderstorm/tornado watch until about noon or so. It looks and sounds like it may be a doosey! I have kept watch on the horses and they still are munching on the grass! Hubby is tuned into the news! Glad you all are just getting rain. Canton has already been hit here, thankfully only 2 people were injured. I do not like weather like this, so unstable.
Man, you are getting the Evil Kitty Eyes! LOL! I bet she got you back later!

Strawberry Lane said...

Tornado, blizzard ... I feel right at home. Sounds like my Nebraska days as a kid.

Now, how did you get your dogs to be "ranch dogs". We have a 2 yr old Golden that just isn't catching on. Thinks horses are play things. We keep him away from the horses, but geezzzz, where do we start? My other dogs have been perfect.

Look forward to pictures of your new arrival !

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

jamie-Welcome. I came and visited you too. Love your blog.

LOL Mrs Mom-Evil Hairy Eyeballs! Yes that describes "the big fuzz" to a T. I did get "kneaded" into shape later that night.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Kris-nasty weather abounds across the country this spring.

StrawberryLane-we had to use a "check" line on the red dog around livestock for awhile. I started with a leash and just walked through the horses in the pens. His herding instincts were very strong and he was bad about doing a flyby and snap at the horse's noses. When I felt he had some respect for No! and Out! I let him off the leash and carried a buggy whip. If he didn't respect those commands, he got popped.
I am sure I looked pretty ridiculous chasing him around the first few times but he finally got it.

Rising Rainbow said...

Kitties are like that. Entitled they are.

So you don't think we should believe you are superwoman, huh? lol

Good luck with your foaling. Mine isn't going to make her due date but is going to succeed in making me crazy! lol

sue said...

I just enjoy reading your blog so much..... someday, I really need to see your part of the country.....

Pony Girl said...

Can't wait to see the foal!! Mama sure looks ready to bust him out! Tornados? Just watching Twister was enough to freak me out. Crazy weather! Stay safe!