Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Piddley Stuff

I seem to have gotten off track this week. The wind has blown to no end and the temperature went from 50 degrees on Monday to 90 degrees on Tuesday to 40 degrees today.
Monday was frustrating because I started projects and could not get them finished. Today was better. My friend, Jimmy and I went out to my mom's and worked on piddley stuff. It didn't take too long and we got her 4-wheeler running again, a new battery in one of their pick-ups, the oil changed in the push mower, the starter off of one of the rider mowers-determined it is no good and am trying to find the part and not have sticker shock, the repaired tire back on the 76' Malibu(sweet car) and a dead battery out of an old Ferguson tractor my step-dad wants to get running again. It is all little stuff, but it adds up and makes my mom and step-dad happy.
Chris is on his way to SD tomorrow too. Should make for a fun weekend. Of course that is if I can pry him away from my brother long enough to spend any time together-LOL. Chris and Billy love to prairie dog hunt together. The weekend promises to be beautiful so I am sure there are going to be a few less prairie dogs on Monday. I really needed to get them poisoned, but the weather did not cooperate and now it is too late until July. Our government in its infinite wisdom says you cannot poison between March and July because that is their breeding season. So its okay to poison? Just not when they are reproducing? I am pretty sure the reason we poison is to get rid of them. So in July I get to kill off even more of them? After they have eaten the pasture to nothing? WOW!!

Moon has decided that he will stand and eat his hay now. Don't know what caused him to be so neurotic but putting him in the stall overnight for a week has cured the problem. He is filling out again. Now he is out most of the time. I just put him in the corral for a few hours a day, so Rip can get out and eat a little grass. He doesn't need it, but they sure stay happier if they can just graze for a little while. I have started letting Woofer(the bred mare) out during the day too. That makes her a very happy old woman. You would never guess the old bat is 24 and bred. I have to really keep her under control when I let her out because she has always had a bad habit of charging out the gate. At least I know she is feeling good.

On the agenda for tomorrow-go to the ranch and trim Megan's pony. I am betting the stud is going to need a trim too. Check on the rest of the horses and probably do a little cleaning around the yard. We won't even go into how much work that place needs. Yikes!!
I think a good idea for this weekend is getting Roan Dog in and him and I having a come to Jesus meeting about trimming those front feet. I noticed the last time I was out there that one of them is not breaking off evenly and is starting to turn his foot in. Can't have that.
Yea-that sounds like a good idea, at least I will have someone around to call 911 when he does a happy dance on my head-LOL.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Hey! No Tap Dancing Allowed! Least not on the top of your head.

Keep on Keeping On BECG- all those little things add up in the long run,and will leave you feeling pretty damn good there.

Kris said...

Why would that sweet little baby want to tap dance on your head!! They would NEVER do such a thing! LOL!
Great job on the little things, I too agree they are the ones that just pile up!
I have been clipping/trimming trees, overgrown, etc the last couple of days. It looks so much better and very rewarding when you see what you have done. Know I just have to haul it too the burn pile!

Rising Rainbow said...

It sounds like a ton of stuff to me. Actually, I think now I am yawning and you're the one who did the work. Oh wait, I did my own piddley stuff today, maybe that's why I'm tired. I'm just wishing the piddley stuff you finished was finished here. lol

No tap dancing on your head or anywhere else, for that matter.

I'm Mikey said...

Lmao, ummm, can you give Megan the camera while you do this? Cause this is gonna be good!