Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day One

Well, today I did it, I signed up for this blog. I got this great idea from my friend, Mikey. I thought her blog was wonderful and couldn't resist copying her.
It is another cold, miserable day in SD. Why oh why did I leave Arizona?
To fill everyone in - my name is LaTonne, my daughter is Megan and my better half is Chris. He lives in Colorado. Megan and I moved back to SD the summer of 06' to help the family ranch and I couldn't stand another summer in AZ - the heat was killing me. Oh yea - thats why I left.
Actually, it is good to be home. This is where I grew up and it is a good place for Megan to finish school. She never really liked school before and I am very fortunate that she now loves school and does really well. It stinks only that Chris and I are apart most of the time. He has a business in Colorado so has to be there. My family needs me here and Megan is doing so good in school that I fear moving her again. Four years will go by fast. The last 14 have flown by.
My life here pretty much revolves around Megan, horses and "my boys" (the 2 very spoiled dogs that I would be lonely without). We also have 2 very large and spoiled cats - but they are pretty much only interested in Megan so other than the occasional "pet me now" they ignore me. Chris and I talk on the phone constantly. I actually think we know more about each other's day than most people who live in the same house.
Megan's life is busy with school, friends (and the new boyfriend - god help me.....) and 4-H. She played volleyball this year and is going out for track this spring. I keep seeing cheerleading moves being practiced, so I am guessing that is on the horizon.
Well, looks like it is going to warm up this next week. I need some nice weather. My "honey do" list is getting longer and longer. Since I am the one without a real job in this family - the honey do list is all mine. I actually got to trim horses feet one day last week without my coveralls on. I felt naked...

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