Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Miles Covered - Alot

Today my friend, Jimmy and I made a flying trip to Rapid City(150 miles), on to Pringle(another 40 miles) and then Hot Springs(about 30 more) to pick up his car trailer and his street rod to bring them back home . This sweet little 49' Chevy was in the middle of a rebuild when Jimmy had to put it in storage a couple of years ago. Oh, how time flies. Now that he is home, he wanted it here to work on. Jimmy is a master at restoring classics and always makes sure there is plenty of horses under the hood. And best of all-he is a die-hard Chevy fan, just like me and Chris.
Jimmy is getting everything lined up - because the steering column is not installed at the moment, it took a lot of huffing and puffing to get it out of the shed and lined up to the trailer.
Almost there. Everything went pretty good. We almost let it drop off of one of the ramps, but by hitting the tires with a "drive shaft", I got them moved over just enough. Good thing Jimmy is easy going - I missed the tire once and left a pretty good ding in his fender. Whoops...I am pretty sure the hole in the sidewall can be fixed too :o
Finally got her loaded and strapped down. Now to see if we can get this guy to fix the light situation....
Well, we got the lights fixed and we are rolling down the road. Sure get a lot of looky-loos. I let Jimmy drive, because if this falls off the trailer, I am not going to be responsible in any way.

PS - Jimmy may build hot-rods, but he didn't pay attention to the power of "The Duramax" - he got nailed with a speeding ticket. He just laughed - said he hadn't gotten into trouble in about 20 years - maybe he will make a comeback. Hope not, I remember those days and am not sure they could be survived again.
He shouldn't have said that because 70 miles down the road another HP pulled us over to let us know our trailer lights weren't working - GREAT!! He did ask us to get off the Interstate, but he didn't say we couldn't take the backroads-LOL. Obviously, we made it home and all in one piece. I knew there was a reason I didn't want to drive on the way back. Always...always follow that gut instinct.


Carroll Farm said...

Cool picture of the shadow. I grew up my dads tool girl while he was rebuilding 'treasures'. My first car was a 1972 red Vette that my dad and I worked on. Unfortunatly, my friend ran his jeep up the hood of the car. I didn't get to drive it to school anymore. Always love the classics!

kdwhorses said...

I agree what a classic! Love the shadow picture as well! Love your blog and will be checking back in!

Callie said...

Love the old truck!