Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mikey said...

Oh this is so cool! Megan is gorgeous, just like her mama!
I love the pics, oh that's beautiful up there!
I can't wait to see more, cause you live the BEST life, even if it is hectic. Keep writing about it and I'll have to come up there :)
I will be back!!!

Anonymous said...

Darn, I tried to post a comment Sunday but had no luck. I also can't do it on Mikey's blog.. will try again.. LaTonne, I'm so sorry to hear you have Vly Fever.. Monique's went in the bone too.. are they putting you on drugs? My dressage instructor Chrissy had it too.. it's from being out there in the dust w/ those horses.. I'm sure. hey, I have a great chance of going back to Bear Stearns as a temp.. no benefits and $5 less an hr.. heck it's something though.. will let you know.. beautiful day today, in the 70s, I rode by myself yesterday.. Tia was funny because she was rolling in the dirt just before I went to get her and when I called her she came running and bucking up to the gate.. I really do think she loves to go w/ me LOL she was also a good girl.. ttyl

Anonymous said...

oops, the above comment is from Angie.. I had to call Mikey and get her help to post this.. wooohoo, I'll be a posting now.. well that wouldn't be the trot.. LOL