Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I had to work today. Got the call at 6:00am. An actual paying day-good deal. I am saving up to buy Megan a new english saddle. I actually had to have her sized by someone who knew about these things. My little, long-legged darling needs and extra-long flap. So 6 fruitless months of looking later, I have resigned myself that there won't be a steal on ebay. Who knew?
But I digress....
My paying job is as a substitute teacher in the White River school. I don't specialize. They call... I show up. I have never had a burning desire to be a teacher. Nor would I want to after substituting. But, there are benefits. I am now on a first name basis with all of Megan's friends, most of the high schoolers and I regularly get my leg hugged by the elementary kids. A few "Wazzz ups" and a couple of the new cool knuckle bumps or peace signs and voila... Megan has the coolest mom going. I like being the cool mom. Does that mean all of the kids like me-uh-NO!! I am also considered a hard-ass and I don't cut anyone any slack. Get out of line and it is straight to the principal's office.
Now, do I think that I am particularly good at this job-NOT REALLY!! Patience has never been one of my strong suits. I hate repeating myself and some of these kids' attitudes makes me want to hunt down their parents and beat them, but really I am only there to make sure they don't burn the place down. The advantage of seeing my daughter in her natural habitat - PRICELESS.
I am not a PTA parent. I don't go to all of the sports activities. I don't want to be my daughter's best friend, but knowing what and who she has to deal with on a daily basis has definitely improved our relationship.
And I kinda like my new nickname....La Tiz-zone.

Megan & Strawberry - back when the saddle fit.
PS - If anyone knows where I can find a nice 17" jumping saddle, regualar/medium tree, extra-long flap for less than $800.00 - please let me know.


Carroll Farm said...

I think that ALL teachers would agree with you- there are many parents that we would like to hunt down and beat. There is not a lot of respect out there from a lot of kids. I teach 3rd grade and already the attitudes are showing. That is fun, though, to know their friends and see what the kids these days (wow I feel old) deal with. Happy subbing!

Mikey said...

Omigosh, there's Strawberry! And Megan ENGLISH, I LOVE IT!!! That is such a cool pic. Good luck, lmao, on the saddle. I have the same problem and I tell ya, it's so dang hard to find the right saddle that's affordable. I'm STILL looking after 1 yr.
Love it though, that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Megan looks so good riding English. I can just see her advertising the expensive watches, cars or whatever.. She's absolutely beautiful.. good luck finding your saddle

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys, we sure do miss you down under. I don't think I could deal with the cold ever again. It looks like you both have been staying very busy and you are looking great. Hope to see you next time your down.

Jonel & Nicole